Dmitri conquers Mt Barker 2014 OPM!

Early Friday morning, 21st February around 6am, Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov (Roseville RC) and Ted Boreham (Gosford RC) departed from Sydney for the long 1400km drive to Mt. Barker Rifle Club  for their No2 DRA Open Prize Meeting  which was not incident free.

Ted was “unsuccessfully”  breathalysed by our “Friends in blue” just north of the Vic border. Following that everything went  smoothly until we pulled into Tooleybuc Pub for dinner at about 8pm. We had another 400km to go.

Flat tyre on the way to Mt Barker OPM


After dinner we decided to leave, however somebody entered the pub and joyfully, looking forward  to the entertainment, announced that the trailer in front of the pub had a flat tyre and that all the service stations had already closed as it was Friday afternoon, and  everyone from the service and petrol stations were already in the pubs!

Someone made a call to the “nearest” service station (10km away), and we slowly start rolling in that  direction. On the way one truck overtook us. When we stopped in his driveway we asked the driver if he had some air. We  were  lucky and he pumped up our tyre (it was a valve problem) and we continued the trip.

However our adventure was not finished yet.  We called our pre-booked lodging  in Murray Bridge to inform them about our problem and that we  would be late. We asked them to leave the keys somewhere but they refused to do so. The fact that we were going to stay on the street did not bother them much!

Ted B.(Gosford RC), Dmitri K. (RosevilleRC) and Mark B (RosevilleRC)

Ted B.(Gosford RC), Dmitri K. (Roseville RC) and Mark B. (Roseville RC)

While we were looking for a place to stay overnight, we received  a call from the hotel.

They offered the accommodation if we will pay an extra $94. This sounded OK and so we agreed. Only after we checked out they sent us the invoice, and we realized that it was $94 per day. This brought total cost to $700!

The next day we enjoyed the Club working bee in preparation for the OPM. At the end of the day we were shooting 600y to check the targets functionality. The weather was excellent but the wind was patchy and unpredictable, therefore the shooting was a bit tricky.


The OPM starts with very nice weather with  little wind.

Dmitri & Mark shot a practice’s at 600 yards on the Sat afternoon. Five targets were configured for accuracy testing of the HEX Systems which had all concerned very interested in the outcome.
The special stable paper was attached to each target following a single stage on each face.

Each shot hole on each target was measured for the x & y co-ordinates and compared to the Log file generated with the electronically generated coordinates. The results were then tabulated and taken to the range the next morning for all to see. The results speak for themselves! Approximately a 1mm variance !!!!

No, this is not Mark receiving the First Prize this time…

Sunday morning and 61 shooters prepared for the first of 3 x 600 yards matches. The targets were shaded by large gum trees to the right which the sunlight randomly scattered light across the target faces making the sighting somewhat difficult. Dmitri stood out from the crowd posting a fine 49.6 followed by 50.6 which put him in the lead by one central. The wind conditions were light but variable with changes across the zero regularly occurring causing many scope shooters grief on the small ring. Mark had a few problems with hold & sighting, picking the changes OK but firing a bad shot on each stage. He finished with 3 x 49’s & out of the running as several shooters had finished with 148’s.

Dmitri was last to shoot on target No.3 & the conditions remained challenging. Drawing a crowd to watch, Dmitri showed excellent control with his first 5 shots near perfect waterline. Then a quick breeze from the right caused a wide inner. Not perturbed by this, he soldiered on finishing with a 49.4 (see HERE), taking out the day by several centres with the highest aggregate score of 148.16. I believe that the electronic V’s mechanical measurements results made Dmitri a very happy boy and added to his confidence in a great result.

The next morning at 5am we took off from Murray Bridge, where we had stayed 3 days, and returned to Sydney safely at 11pmWay home

Tim Walter, Captain; Mark Buchanan, President

Fernando and Allan Kings at Lithgow!

Following on from topping Hornsby Range last Saturday at 500m with 100.12, Fernando Gregorio finished top TR male at the Blue Mountains DRA shoot at Lithgow on Sunday 2 February 2014.

Fernando shot 50.5, 50.7 and 50.3 at 500y, 500y and 600y, to come second at the second 500y range, second at the final 600y range and second in the A Grade TR Aggregate, with 150.15, 2 centres behind the winner, Queen, Kathryn Kent on 150.17.

Allan Humbert topped F Class at Lithgow

Allan Humbert topped F Class at Lithgow

Only Kathryn and Fernando posted 50’s at the difficult 600y range and they were the only shooters on the day who posted 150 in the Aggregate.

This was quite an achievement, given the presence in the field of such top shooters as Jim Jeffries, Rob Sweegers, Les Fraser, Tony McGuigan, Steve Williams and our own Mark Buchanan.

Allan Humbert topped F Class (B)  to take out the FB Grade Aggregate with a fine 171.8 (59.3, 58.3 and 54.2) which was impressive given the strong entry and tricky wind conditions which prevailed all day.

Allan seems to come to the fore when he travels away!

Well done Fernando and Allan!

Tim Walter, Captain

Roseville scoops the pool at Christmas shoot!

The NSDRA conducted the annual Christmas shoot on Saturday 7 December 2013.

In target rifle, the top 5 places were as follows; Stephen Tofler, Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Fernando Gregorio and Tim Walter.

There could be a question as to whether Stephen Tofler is eligible to win anything in a Christmas shoot! Well done Stephen on a welcome return to form. Angus Martin also was a winner.

In F Class Standard, Allan Humbert had a return to form to finish in top place. Well done Allan!

Many turkeys and hams found their way into the hampers of Roseville members.

Robert Kozminski was delighted to win  his first ever trophy in F class.

Congratulation Robert!


 Tim Walter. Captain

Fernando Scoops The Pool at Lithgow!

On Sunday 1 December 2013, Fernando, Mark and Tim (AKA The Three Muscatears) attended the Lithgow Prize Meeting on a clear, mild, sunny, Sunday.



The course of fire was 500y, 500y and 600y.

Fernando started with a 49.3 at the first 500y and followed it with a fine 50.3 at the second 500y

Mark started off in winning form with a 50.3 at the first 500y, followed by 50.8 at the next 500y.

Tim started with a 48.4 at both the 500y ranges and continued with the same score at 600y!

Unfortunately, Mark struck tricky conditions at the final 600y and finished with an uncharacteristic  46.3.

Fernando had a high first sighter, but was in the centre for the next 3 shots and finished with 49.6.

Fernando won 500, 500 and 600 yards in B Grade and of course, blitzed the B Grade Aggregate with a total of 148,12, which would have placed him 8th in A Grade.

The top three places in A Grade all fell to Lyndhurst shooters, namely, Ben Emms, Rob Sweegers and Les Frazer.

TGJB (The Great Jim Bailey) came 4th!

So, as they say Fernando, “Congratulations and welcome to A grade”.

I am sure you will soon be making your mark there, even using that bloody bloop tube!

Well done mate!

Tim Walter, Captain.

NSDRA Presentation on 23rd November 2013

At the conclusion of shooting on Saturday 23rd  November 2013, the NSDRA conducted a presentation of trophies for the 2012 – 2013 year.

Roseville dominated the results in several ways.

#1 Team members

#1 Team members

W.S.Josephson Shield

W.S.Josephson Shield

The first trophy presented was the trophy for the Josephson Teams Match which was won by NSDRA Purple Team from a strong MDRA Team.

#2 Team members

#2 Team members

NSDRA have not beaten the MDRA in this event, for some years. Tim Walter was Captain/shooter and Phill Hodder was also a shooter in the team.

Roseville Number 1 won the Arn Hammond Teams Match convincingly with a score of 1714.177 from Hornsby Number 1 with 1690.138.

Roseville FS topped their event with 1515.054 from Hornsby RSL Blue with 1506.053 with a strong finish at 800 metres.

Matt Finlay recipient

Matt Finlay recipient

Roseville Number 2 came second in the handicap event with 1736.095 , which was won by Gosford with 1741.107.


Finally, Dmitri Kazakov was awarded the Matt Finlay Award for the shooter who has contributed most to the sport of rifle shooting on Hornsby range during the

current year. Obviously this is a major achievement well deserved by Dmitri for his continuing development of the Hexta-2 electronic target and his continuing assistance on a weekly basis to fellow club members and other club members as well.

Congratulations Dmitri!

 Tim Walter. Captain.

Merry Christmas from Roseville Rifle Club

Merry ChristmasRoseville Rifle Club wishes all a safe and prosperous festive season and New Year.

Former junior member gaining special award.

Aden Mann

Aden proudly displaying his badge.

Aden Mann was a member of Roseville Rifle Club up to a few years ago. He left the club with a view to gain entry to the Australian Air Force. He was very focused on his dream and we could see the steps he was taking to help gain entrance in the Defence Force including joining a model aeroplane club, to practice his flying.

Last month we got notice from Aden’s father, Brian, that he had achieved a very special award,  the Skill at Arms Marksmanship badge, Aden is one of only two in his year to achieve this badge and subject to another shoot next year, will be able to wear the badge while ever is in service.

Brian’s comments “Aden and I will always be extremely grateful of the excellent coaching at Roseville and the tremendous support provided by everyone at the club.

It was great to take Aden back to those wonderful Roseville memories on the final day of the Skill at Arms shoot in Canberra. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to everyone. And my personal thanks to you for taking my boy under your wing and teaching him the fundamental skills which he drew upon to receive this commendation.”

Phill Hodder

Canberra Rifle Club 100th Championships Shoot.

Mark Buchanan, Fernando Gregorio, Gary Faulkner, Angus Martin, Andrew Martin, and Allan Humbert attended the Canberra Rifle Club 100th Anniversary Championships between 13 and 17 November 2013.

Former member Keirin McCamley also attended.

Mark at Canberra 2013aOnly Mark Buchanan shot the whole of the Grand Championship, coming third in the 600 metre match during Stage 1 of the R A Rolph Aggregate and finishing 20th.

Mark came first in the first 800 metre match in Stage 2 of the Queens and finished with 391.36 to win Number 12 Queens badge. Mark finished 6th in the Grand Aggregate.

Fernando Gregorio finished Stage 1 of the B Grade Queens in 4th place and did the same in Stage 2, however, in the progressive aggregate3, he was coming in second place, only 1 centre bull behind the leader, Shaun Wingrove, on 287.25.

Angus at Canberra

Angus at Canberra

Stage 3 saw Fernando shoot a 48.3 to Wingrove’s 49.3 at 500 metres, however, at 600 metres Wingrove shot 46.3, while Fernando struck a horror patch to record 42.0. Fernando finished 4th in the B Grade Queens with 377.27 with Sean Wingrove winning with 382.31.

Angus Martin shot a 44.01 at the final 600 metre range, to finish second in the C Grade Queens with 372.16, only one point behind the winner, a very experienced looking Richard McRae, on 373.24.

Along the way. Angus won the silver medal at 300 metres, the gold medal at 600 metres, and the bronze medal in Stage 1.

Angus won the gold medal at the first 800 metres range in Stage 2 with a fine 50.03, a feat which eluded most A Graders. At the second 800 metre range, Angus won another silver medal with a fine 47.04. This was enough to see Angus win the gold medal for Stage 2 with 142.12, a clear 2 points above second position.

Angus won the silver medal in at 500 metres in Stage 3 with a 48.00 and with his 44.01 at 600 metres this saw him finish Stage 3 in third place for a bronze medal.

Tim Walter came seventh at the second 800 metre match with 49.04. Tim finished in 53rd place in the Queens with 381.24 after shooting a 45.03 at the last range.

Andrew Martin finished with a strong 48.03 at 600 metres finishing in 83rd place in the Queens with 365.19.

Gary Faulkner shot consistently well, coming 7th in the Queens Stage 1, 4th on Day 3, which included a silver medal at 600 metres, and finishing 7th in the F Standard A Queens with a score of 451.27.

Allan Humbert, shot 417.13 to finish in 33rd place in F Standard A Grade.

Keirin McCamley shot 387.28 to finish 28th in the Queens and to win a Badge.

Canberra 2013 003a

Congratulations to those who attended this shoot and escaped a wet Sydney weekend.

Roseville members were a bit unlucky not to come home with the B Grade and C Grade Queens, but Fernando and Angus must be proud of their achievements as must Mark, Gary and Keirin.

Tim Walter, Captain