Which Sport?

Are you interested in a sport where –

  • Men and women can compete on an equal footing
  • Physique type and physical strength are not an issue
  • Club Members are aged between mid teens and eighty plus
  • You can compete at Club, District, State, National or International level , or just to have fun
  • Everyone can compete in their own grade against shooters of similar ability
  • Individual and Team events are available – the choice is yours
  • You would not feel alone if you are shooting for the first time

If the above has something to interest you, why not try Competitive Rifle Shooting by coming to the range and seeing for yourself. Experienced shooters will be happy to demonstrate the sport of Full-bore shooting. You will feel safe and see the enjoyment of this sport. Read more….

Why Roseville?

  • You can come to us as an unlicensed beginner (completing a P650 form), as a newly licensed novice, as an ex-school shooter, or as a licensed seasoned shooter.
  • Our club is vibrant and all-inclusive consisting of new shooters (less than 1 year of shooting) as well as masters in the sport who generously lend support and insight. In fact our most experienced shooters have recently represented Australia abroad in world competitions (Under 21’s, Under 25s, open age and veteran categories), with others representing the State of NSW and/or the club at various prize shoots across the state. Yet others in the club don’t compete  – it is up to the individual.
  • We have high school students, university students, singles, parents, and retirees in our club. We also have male and female members from all walks of life.
  • We have a good broad mix of shooters in “Target Rifle” (jacket shooting with a sling) as well as “F-Class” (rifle supported by a rest in F-TR and F-Standard classes) with some people crossing 2 or more disciplines.
  • While most people use their own equipment, some of the newer people make use of our club equipment (jackets, rests, rifles etc) to get into the sport.
  • We shoot long distances 300m-800m at the Hornsby Rifle range every Saturday afternoon (1pm-4.30pm).
  • We use the top electronic scoring system available in full-bore: the HEXTA electronic targets. This allows you to see your shoots in real-time or study them later when off the range. In fact the HEXTA targets were developed by one of our club members!
  • We have a graded club competition that begins in July and ends in May encouraging members to do their best and to progress up from C-Grade to B-Grade and onto A-Grade. This club competition includes range prizes by grade and discipline as well as cumulative annual aggregate score prizes by grade and discipline.
  • As mentioned above, there are various prize shoots across the state that some members attend so weekend jaunts to Wingham, Cessnock, The Blue Mountains, Gosford etc are also fun parts of the shooting calendar for many people. In fact there is a large variety of locations to visit for shooting and you quickly get an extended family by shooting with us.
  • We generally use full-bore .308 calibre and .223 calibre rifles with the occasional “military bolt” fun shoot. Some members also belong to the North Sydney Small Bore and Air Rifle Club which is next door so that they can practice with small bore using .22 calibre (50 metre range – subsonic ammunition).
  • Our clubhouse has recently been renovated and is a pleasant hub for the after shooting socialising.
  • While our names says “Roseville” we draw members from across the whole of the North Shore of Sydney and we are conveniently located in Hornsby (behind Mount Wilga Hospital).