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Adelaide Adventure

Club Captain Jan Wikstrom and Ian Palmer recently drove to Adelaide to compete in that State’s Rifle Shooting Championships.

In 2003 the South Australian Rifle Association’s main rifle range was re-located to Lower Light which is approximately 50 kilometres north of Adelaide on the Pt. Wakefield Highway. The range itself is located in very open country approximately 7 kilometres off the Highway.

In the Queens shoot Ian was second in the 500 metre shoot on the first day in A Grade. For the three days of competition during the Queens, the winds were particularly tricky and neither Jan or Ian were able to excel in these conditions.

The lead up shoot is the Hunt Aggregate and Jan was second in the 300 metre competition in B Grade and Ian won the 300 metre A Grade competition.

Ian also equal top scored for the day 1 aggregate with 148.16 and was successful in the shoot off that was conducted on the following day. On day two of the Hunt Aggregate, competitors were greeted by particularly strong and buffeting winds estimated to be around 40 to 45 kilometres an hour. Jan won the morning shoot at 600 metres in B Grade with a very creditable 50.6. The long range shooting was cancelled in the afternoon due to the possible damage that could result to the targets and the final range in the competition was held at 300 metres.

Both shooters are looking forward to the opportunity of competing in Adelaide at some time in the future.

Ian Palmer

Annual Presentation Day

On Sunday the 23rd September many Members, their Wives and Friends gathered at Hornsby Rifle Range for Roseville’s Annual Presentation Day

The major winners this year were:

A Grade and Club Champion – Ian Palmer
B Grade Champion – Dmitri Kazakov
C Grade Champion Graham Coote.

In addition most other Members won Monthly Trophies, Handicap Trophies or one of the many specialist trophies that the Club Members compete for throughout the year.

At the conclusion of the presentation Phill Hodder manned the barbeque and cooked to perfection, the steaks and sausages that the Club had purchased for the occasion. Many of the Ladies attending had bought salads and side dishes and a wonderful feast was arranged. The weather was perfect for dining outside and the tables were arranged in shaded areas in the open for a very pleasant and enjoyable luncheon. Members seemed reluctant to leave and the conversation and fellowship continued well into the afternoon, no doubt helped by the odd glass of ones favourite beverage.

The Club Captain Jan Wikstrom and his Committee are to be congratulated on a well organised and run event.

Ian Palmer

Roseville Members at the N.S.W. Queens

A total of nine Members contested this year’s N.S.W. State Championship that was shot in near perfect weather conditions from the 12th to the 16th September at the Anzac Rifle Range at Malabar.

In the McIntosh, the lead up series, four Members featured prominently in the final aggregate. Ian Palmer 6th, Keirin McCamley 11th, Mark Buchanan 13th and Phillip Hodder finished 17th.

Mike Hodder won the 600 metre match in B Grade

Good shooting continued in the Queens series for many more of the Members.

C Grader Stuart Buchanan was 3rd in the 300 metre match and 2nd at 700m.

In B Grade Mike Hodder was 1st at 600 m, won a special trophy for the combined 600 metre matches and finished 10th in the Grand Championship.

Our Captain Jan Wikstrom was 2nd at 600m, 3nd at 800m and finished 3rd in the Day Two Aggregate.

In A Grade, Mark Buchanan was outstanding, finishing 2nd in the Queens and 4th in the Grand.

Keirin McCamley endured a particularly nasty period in the wind at the final 800 metre shoot and still managed to finish 26th in the Queens and 11th in the Grand.

Phillip Hodder shot consistently well all weekend and won his first Queens Badge, finishing 38th in the Queens and 19th in the Grand.

Ian Palmer won an 800 metre match and finished 20th in the Grand Championship.

All Members who participated in this year’s event will savour the memories, and the camaraderie that was a feature this year, and are already planning for the event next year.

Ian Palmer

Congratulations Champions!

Saturday the 2nd June was the final day of the shooting year for Roseville Rifle Club. All the competitions that are conducted throughout the year were finalised on that day. Competition in all Grades was very close this year and winners were not known until the end of the day.

The A Grade Champion this year was Ian Palmer who fired a score of 100 on the last day to just beat Phillip Hodder who had led the competition throughout most of the year. The B Grade Champion this year was Dmitri Kazakov who has shown steady improvement this year being promoted from C Grade last year. The C Grade Champion was Graham Coote, a newcomer in his first full year of competition, who also scored 100 on the last day to finish in front of an unlucky Gordon Marquette.

All things considered a very successful year for the Club and all of its Members.

Ian Palmer

Congratulation, Keirin & Tim!!!

Keirin McCamley wins Cessnock OPM 29/4/2007 with an impressive 150.22

300yds 50.8
500yds 50.8
600yds 50.6
Tonal 150.22

Tim Walter second with 150.8

Maureen Shepherd third with 149.8

Well done.

New members are WELCOME!

For folk who wish to ‘give shooting a go’ we have a number of rifles available…

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What is Full-bore Target shooting?

Full-bore Target shooting is from the prone position using single shot .308 or .223 calibre rifles with the majority of shooters opting for the larger calibre of the .308. Basic rules and regulations apply to a rifle concerning the overall weight and trigger pressure.

Kerin McCamley

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At the election, 24 of March, the Shoters party won 2.45% of total votes, which is 5th position in the list after LABOR, LIBERAL, THE GREENS and CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY. They left behind AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS and even the FISHING PARTY

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