ACT Grand Championships – 15-20 November 2023

Mark, Nigel, Paul, Phill, and Tim arrived in Canberra on Tuesday 14 November ready to shoot the Rolph Aggregate. Paul was taking part in the GPS Swimming Championships over the following weekend, so he and Nigel were unable to shoot the Kings. Sam arrived on Thursday night to shoot the Kings.

Phill set up his tent behind the 800m mound and Tim, Mark and Sam camped at the Eagle Hawk site.

Generally, the weather was pretty kind. Still some mornings, before shooting started that is, cold one other morning and warm and breezy on other days. Still, no rain throughout the shoot.

In the Rolph Series, Paul and Nigel usually finished in consecutive places in the top ten of the B Grade shooters on Day 1. On Day 2, Paul came third at 700m and Nigel came fourth at 700m scoring 50.7 and 50.6 respectively.
At 800m Paul scored 49.4 at 800m to again finish in fourth place and he scored 70.7 at the second 800m again finishing in fourth place.

This resulted in Paul coming third in the Rolph Day 2 B Grade Aggregate with 169.13 with Nigel a little further back in ninth place with 164.15.

Overall, Paul came 4th in the Rolph B Grade Aggregate with 338.31 and Nigel ninth with 332.37.

Well done to both shooting on a range with very tricky wind conditions which we at Roseville are not used to.
In The A Grade Rolph Aggregate Phill finished in twentieth place with 341.26 and Mark in twenty fourth place with 338.31.
In the Kings A Grade, Phill, started at 500m with a 49.8 and Mark a 49.4. In B Grade at 500m Tim scored 48.3 and Sam 45.1, however at the second 500m Sam made up for this with 50.5 to finish second in B Grade with Tim back at eighth place with 49.3. Mark decided to donate a bull to another shooter at 600m to finish with 67.5!
Overall, not much more to report for Day 1!

On Day 2 Phill scored 50.7 at 700m to finish 16th in A Grade which shows the strength of the competition. Sam shot a very creditable 49.8 to finish 7th. Tim shot on the wrong target to finish last in B grade with a 43.3! Scores in A Grade in Stage 2 ranged for 151.8 to 175.20! In Stage 3 of the Kings I guess we were all feeling a bit tired, however Marked opened with a 50.5 at 600m having changed his butt place and Phill a 50.4.

The wind got nastier at the second 600m and Mark closed with a creditable 73.4 and Phill a 70.5. Tim finished with 65.4 after a bad start and Sam was unfortunate to plonk one on the wrong target for a 60.0. The Great Ben Emms won the Kings finishing with a 75.6 for 474.51 his 5th Queens/Kings. The rest of us were a little behind that!

However, Mark won second prize in the Calcutta after Ben Emms decided that he really needed to buy at ticket! I am sure we all learned a bit down there and good times were had at dinner especially at the Chinese restaurant in Dixon. I attach a table with a summary of the Roseville members results plus a former club mate I used for comparison purposes.

Range Sandy Tim Mark Sam Phill Nigel Paul
Rolph 47.7 48.2 48.6 49.0 48.5 49.4
500m 47.1 39.1* 47.5 50.7 48.1 48.2
600m 73.8 72.7 75.7 74.5 72.6 72.7
700m 50.4 48.2 49.4 49.5 50.6 50.7
800m 46.4 46.3 47.5 49.5 45.3 49.4
800m 68.3 63.4 72.4 70.4 69.6 70.7
Aggr 327.28 316.19 338.31 341.26 332.37 338.31
500m 48.4 48.3 49.4 45.1 49.8
500m 46.2 49.3 47.3 50.5 48.2
600m 74.5 67.4 67.5* 72.3 72.7
700m 49.4 43.3* 47.4 49.8 50.7
800m 46.5 46.4 46.2 46.2 48.6
800m 64.4 61.2 73.4 68.4 71.6
600m 46.5 46.2 50.5 47.3 50.4
600m 71.2 65.4 73.4 60.6* 70.4
Aggr 444.30 425.25 452.31 437.27 458.45
Grand Aggr 776.51 741.44 790.6 799.71

* Means a shot on the wrong target or in Tim’s case at 500m in the Rolph his peep coming loose.

Tim Walter

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