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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2012

Dear Friends,

It is the time of year where many people relax, and try to forget about everything and celebrate the holidays.
Roseville Rifle Club want to take this opportunity to wish everyone good health, happiness and great achievements in the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

NSDRA OPM Hornsby Rifle Range 6th Nov 2011

65 competitors signed in to compete in this years NSDRA Open Prize Meeting. The morning started off overcast, but this soon burnt off and become sunny and hot by starting time. Shade tents were at the ready as shooting commenced in earnest at 9am.

Hornsby 500m mound


Six 50’s were scored at 500m in A Grade, the best being John Krill from Mosman Neutral Bay with 50.6. Phill Hodder from Roseville shot a 49.5 to win the range in B Grade, C Grade was won with a great score of 50.6 by Robert Stevenson from Nth Sydney. In F Class Std Dennis Smith from Gosford won that range with a 60.6. Rod Davies from Cessnock shot a 60.4 in F Open to win that distance.

At 600m conditions must have been a bit tougher as only 4 50’s were recorded over all the grades and no 60’s in F Class. First in A Grade was Dmitri Kazakov from Roseville with a 50.6. James Martin also from Roseville shot brilliantly in B Grade with a 50.7.   Robert Stevenson from Nth Sydney shot well again in C Grade with a 48.1. In F Std John Peters won that range with a 58.4. F Class Open was won by Ben Ferrara from Nth Sydney with a score of 59.3.

Lunch was served in Nth Sydney’s clubhouse with cold drinks sausage sangers, salad, cakes and slices on offer. The temperature was still hot so a decision was made to erect the shade tents over the mounds. After they were put up some looked to the sky and decided they would be better served as protection from the rain, which was fast approaching.

700m was going to make or break competitors in the final shoot. With the storm coming fast those who shot early had some good conditions, those in the middle got some what wet and those shooting last got a shooting gallery.

A Grader Peter Theobald from Nth Sydney shot very well with a 50.7 to win that range. Phill Hodder from Roseville won in B Grade also with a 50.7. Gail Roberts from Gosford shot a wonderful 50.3 in C Grade to dominate that range. Stephen Hart from Rail and Tram was first in F Std with a 59.5 F Open was won in fine for by Rod Davies with a near perfect 60.8.

After the results were calculated the top 8 TR shooters regardless of grade shot off in the Masters Competition, another 10 shot match at 700m. Mark Buchanan from Roseville came home triumphant with a 50.8 followed closely by Josh Gordon from Nth Sydney with 50.7.

Mark Buchanan winner of the Masters

Dmitri Kazakov, A Grade Winner, Raffle, Lucky Bull, Pairs Match Winner

The final top 3 placings of all grades are:
A Grade: Dmitri Kazakov, Roseville 149.18, Richard Jones, Manly 149.17, Peter Theobald, Nth Sydney 149.16.

James Martin, B Grade Winner

Gail Roberts, C Grade Winner

John Peters F Class Std Winner

B Grade: James Martin, Roseville 149.14, Phill Hodder, Roseville 148.15, Grant Roberts, Gosford 144.12.

C Grade: Gail Roberts, Gosford 142.10, William Fu, Nth Sydney 142.10,  Robert Stevenson, Nth Sydney 141.10.

F Class Std: John Peters, Cessnock 174.14, Dennis Smith, Gosford 172.12, David Vivian-Jones Alpine 172.11.

F Class Open: Rod Davies, Cessnock 178.14, Lewis Reynolds, Cessnock 175.11, Ben Ferrara, Nth Sydney174.11

Rod Davies, F Class Open Winner with Hornsby Mayor Nick Berman

A big thank you to Hornsby Mayor Nick Berman for coming and participating in the presentation and also a huge thanks to his wife and daughter who also helped.



All results listed below, more photos please see the Photo album link.

Photos and text: Phill Hodder

Aggregate – Match 4
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Kazakov Dmitri Roseville A     49.006      50.006      50.006     149.018
Jones Richard Manly A     49.007      50.004      50.006     149.017
Theobald Peter Nth Sydney A     50.004      49.005      50.007     149.016
Ballantyne Bill Hornsby RSL A     50.006      49.006      48.005     147.017
Gordon Josh Lyndhurst A     48.004      49.004      50.007     147.015
Buchanan Mark Roseville A     49.004      48.004      50.004     147.012
Leckie Hugh Nth Sydney A     48.007      48.002      50.002     146.011
Roberts Tim Gosford A     49.006      49.003      48.001     146.010
Waters David Katoomba A     49.005      50.005      46.003     145.013
Jones Evan Manly A     50.004      46.004      49.004     145.012
Parkins Brendan Kempsey A     50.003      46.002      49.006     145.011
McDougall Alastair D Nth Sydney A     47.001      48.002      49.004     144.007
Bright Graeme Bathurst A     47.005      47.004      49.006     143.015
Kril John MNB A     50.006      44.005      47.006     141.017
Martin Andrew Roseville A     50.004      45.001      45.001     140.006
White Barry Wingham A     48.006      42.002      49.007     139.015
Walter Tim Roseville A     49.005      44.000      45.002     138.007
Caple Doug Hornsby RSL A     47.003      39.001      46.001     132.005
Halnan Clive Roseville A     49.006      46.002               –       95.008
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Guest Mark Alpine OC     26.000      46.004      50.004     122.008
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Martin James Roseville B     49.002      50.007      50.005     149.014
Hodder Phill Roseville B     49.005      49.003      50.007     148.015
Roberts Grant Gosford B     47.004      47.003      50.005     144.012
Riley Alan Katoomba B     47.002      49.006      48.004     144.012
Wheeler Lachlan Manly B     46.003      49.005      48.006     143.014
Gregorio Fernando Roseville B     47.004      48.005      47.004     142.013
Maguire John West Wallsend B     48.002      48.002      46.001     142.005
Wooton Gary Katoomba B     46.003      47.003      47.003     140.009
Trevathen Ian Yorkshire B     46.002      44.003      49.002     139.007
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Roberts Gail Gosford C     47.003      45.004      50.003     142.010
Fu William Nth Sydney C     47.004      46.004      49.002     142.010
Stevenson Robert Nth Sydney C     50.006      48.001      43.003     141.010
Muffett Kevin Aberdeen C     46.002      46.003      48.004     140.009
Bartlett Robert Wingham C     43.000      46.002      48.003     137.005
Kilby Marcus Manly C     47.000      44.001      46.003     137.004
Jones Rex Alpine C     46.001      43.000      47.004     136.005
Hannaford Peter Hornsby RSL C     44.000      43.002      47.004     134.006
Van Soest Roland Hornsby RSL C     42.001      41.002      46.003     129.006
Way Stephen Alpine C     31.000      24.001      45.002     100.003
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Ireland Bede 18th Btn MB     35.002      24.000      28.000       87.002
Bell Andrew 18th Btn MB     30.000      15.000      11.000       56.000
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Davies Rod Cessnock FO     60.004      58.002      60.008     178.014
Reynolds Lewis Cessnock FO     58.004      58.002      59.005     175.011
Ferrara Ben Nth Sydney FO     59.005      59.003      56.003     174.011
Rigby Steve Rail & Tram FO     58.003      55.000      59.003     172.006
Brown Paul Nth Sydney FO     58.002      55.001      58.002     171.005
Bowyer-Tagg Alan Hornsby RSL FO     56.002      57.001      56.002     169.005
Henry Michael Rail & Tram FO     52.001      54.001      51.001     157.003
Blewitt Jamie Cessnock FO     53.000      43.000      57.004     153.004
Competitor First Name Club Grade  Rng 1  Rng 2  Rng 3  Aggregate
Peters John Cessnock FS     59.006      58.004      57.004     174.014
Smith Dennis Gosford FS     60.006      56.003      56.003     172.012
Vivian-Jones David Alpine FS     60.006      54.003      58.002     172.011
Seaman Alan West Wallsend FS     58.006      52.001      59.004     169.011
Rigby Chris Gosford FS     58.002      54.004      56.003     168.009
Beavis Andrew Hornsby FS     55.001      56.002      56.002     167.005
Paroz Matt Nth Sydney FS     57.003      52.000      58.001     167.004
Hart Stephen Rail & Tram FS     54.003      52.000      59.005     165.008
Martin Rochelle Roseville FS     55.002      55.003      55.002     165.007
Moss Michael Hornsby FS     53.002      49.000      56.003     158.005
Duff Paul Hornsby RSL FS     53.002      50.002      55.001     158.005
Smith Heather Hornsby RSL FS     52.002      53.001      52.000     157.003
Fenton Ron Hornsby FS              –      53.001      58.002     111.003
Gregg Daniel 18th Btn FS     44.000      30.000  N/A       74.000


Gosford District Rifle club Annual open Prize Meeting 2011

The day started foggy and muggy. While driving to Gosford I passed through some very heavy fog. This was not very promising. However the road was empty and I arrived at Gosford Rifle Range half-an hour earlier than I expected, so I was able to enjoy the beautiful view to the National Park valley.

Unfortunately from Roseville RC only Fernando and I were able to attend this event. However I noticed many other North Shore District shooters from other clubs.

I spent some time talking to a few people and finding out that some local shooters do not like Target No1 and prefer Target No7 as it is above the valley and less affected by side wind. Target No 1 however is very close to the slope and wind can not only be left-right, but also may have a vertical effect. I have not used my scope for almost a year while shooting on the electronic targets at the wind-protected Hornsby range, so I sat for a while with my scope watching the wind flags and trying to remember how to use the scope and correlate the mirage with the flags.

The competition was opened by Wayne Bunting and Dennis Smith.

Then target numbers were drawn and I was lucky to shoot my first stage on Target 3, which is 2 targets away from scary Target 1. I finished the 1st stage with 50.6, however the draw for the second stage put me on Target 1.

The wind was consistent and I was able to shoot my second stage with 50.4.

At the third draw I was again given Target 3 and managed to shoot a very good result of 75.8.

Michael Green form Kambalda (WA) was shooting with me and managed to get an unbelievable result 75.12!!!


The competition was very well organized. The only confusion I had was, as I haven’t participated in such an event before I did not put my number on the score card. When the target was drawn and announced I did not know what target I was on. The range Officer kindly helped to rectify my confusion and competition started.



The weather was unstable and twice the shooting was interrupted by heavy rain. Shooters were given optional sighters.

I would like to specifically mention Gosford’s markers! They were unbelievably quick and reliable. There were only a few times that the Range Office called to examine a target. On my last shot on the last stage, when I removed the bolt from my rifle, I missed the target being pulled, marked and lifted up again. Knowing my habit to fire my last shot onto the wrong target, I was really afraid when I was watching and waiting for the target to go down, but it does not. However the check scorer reassures me that everything is alright and I was lucky to get 75.8 on the last stage.

Fernando Gregorio was very disappointed with his results which actually were very good as he took 3rd place in B grade with the aggregate result of 169.12 and won a medal.

It was a really great event with a lot of friendly people around and I want to thank my Club and everyone who supported me in my first Championship outside our range.

D Kazakov

World Veterans Teams Match 15 OCT 2011

The Australian Veterans Team have come away winners in the World Veterans Teams Match held yesterday at Belmont Rifle Range QLD, shot over 300,600,900 and 1000 yards.

Shooting with very stiff competition they sealed the victory with a combined score of 1947-171 from the USA on 1936-167 and third was Canada with 1933-145. The day was hot and humid thanks to the early morning thunderstorm which struck about 3am. All the team should be very proud of themselves.


2011 World Long Range Shooting Championships QLD

Please follow the link:

Day 1: 11th Oct 2011

Well Mike and I arrived intact and mostly with our baggage. After we received our precious cargo,and waiting at the prescribed area we had to proceed to another ill informed area to collect the remaining baggage.

We arrived at the Belmont Rifle Range to organise our caravan, which was more spacious than anticipated. Then we went to get supplies for the remaining 14 days or so, I imagine we will need to gain more supplies later on.

The main presentation had already been sorted by the time we got down to the venue, prizes were handed out, lots of clapping etc.

Had a lovely dinner at the range cafe come restaurant. Lots of great food.

Now time for bed and dreams of the days ahead.

2011 Coonabarabran OPM 1-2 Oct

Phill and Fernando headed off to Coonabarabran on Friday afternoon looking forward to a big 5+ hour drive to the country. They stopped at Lithgow Workers Club for a well earned meal and continued on to their destination arriving just before midnight.
Coonabarabran Pub
It was easy to find their lodging at the Coonabarabran Hotel/Pub as there are only 3 pubs in town and they are all on the main road. They tried unsuccessfully to gain entry as all the doors to the pub were closed and the publican wasn’t going to let anyone else inside, especially two obvious non-locals, Fernando had to call the female owner to explain they were outside waving at them, and needed to get the keys and get some sleep.

The room/closet was just big enough to fit two kid-sized single beds, one small 1940’s sink and a bottle opener. That was OK because they only wanted a roof over their heads and somewhere to freshen up.

The loud swearing and yelling stopped about 45 minutes after the 3 pubs closed, and the locals found their way back to where they came from, after drinking and gambling their dole cheques. A very exciting welcome to Coona township.

The guys were able to sleep in and grabbed some breakfast and coffee at the nearby coffee shop. On arrival at the Rifle Range, which was on one of the club members property’s, they saw the large barn shed which was the clubhouse, and many people who were camping on the range.

They weather looked menacing, and rain and some hail made it possible to only shoot 800m, the officials decided to try and shoot 4 ranges the following day depending on weather.

Phill managed to shoot a 49.2 (needing 3 sighters) for 3rd place, and Fernando shot a 43.3 in B Grade for 3rd place also.

A bush tucker dinner was on the menu for those staying around, consisting of lamb on the spit and veggies cooked in the camp ovens.


The following day it was decided to shoot 3X 600m, have lunch then if the weather agrees to shoot 1000y. The gods were with the shooters and the rain held off, but strong, freezing and gusty front on wind prevailed during the course of the day, causing scores to lower as the day went on.

Phill managed a 48.5 in the first 600m for 2nd place, and Fernando shot a wonderful 49.5 in the last 600m for 1st place.

At the conclusion of the two day shoot Phill was lucky to gain 4th place, and Fernando 2nd place. All and all this was an excellent prize shoot and the country shooters showed their hospitality and mate ship to make it a very enjoyable experience for all.


Roseville Rifle Club Annual Presentation

This year’s presentation was held under a sunny fine sky. We had a special guest to help with the day, Irene Marquette attended to unveil 2 special items. In memory of Gordon Marquette we had one of Gordo’s trusty Omark’s mounted in the club house.

In memory of Gordon Marquette we had one of Gordo’s trusty Omark’s mounted in the club house.

Also a plaque was mounted to the BBQ wall next to Jan Wikstrom’s.

The prize giving was held on higher ground due to the recent rain making the area outside the clubhouse too soft. The Club Champion Ian Hutchinson collected his hoard of prizes and thanked everyone for letting him beat them. Congratulations to all the winners and good luck next year.


After the prize giving we all moved to a shadier location and sat down to a feast of steaks, snags and salads. There were also some liquid refreshments to wet the whistle.

Hutcho Club Champ

MMM Steak

Roseville Rifle Club new website

Dear Members and Visitors

We would like to introduce the new website, which is also based on the new hosting.

Apart from the new format/look there is a forum available where Roseville members can register then log in and have access to discuss and comment about current club and other matters.

Unregistered users can see all the website except the forum.

Registered user can see forum except Club Member internal forum, which is accessible by Club Members only.

Users can submit the request to be registered on the website and then will be approved by administrator.

All posts and comment to the posts are approved by administrators and moderators.

The policies are flexible and can be changed.

Please feel free to add comments about any issue you think needs discussing or informing other members.

Any questions please don’t hesitate contacting Phill or any of the Club Committee.

Important anouncement from HEX Systems Pty LTD

Sundays Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets

HEX Systems Pty Ltd had the following announcement on their website:

HEX Systems Pty Ltd is proud to announce that at 9am on this Sunday, 26th June 2011 at Hornsby Rifle Range, Hornsby Rifle Club will host the Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets. This will be the world’s first shooting competition in which the results are automatically published and available for viewing online, world-wide, live and in real time!
Please stay tuned! The link will be announced on HEX Systems website ( on Saturday.
Note: You will need to use only FireFox or Google Chrome browsers as it does not work with Internet Explorer yet.

HEX Systems Pty Ltd website is hosted by USA corporation IXwebhosting

Today at about 5pm IXwebhostic published an announcement which states that their web server web403 is down. They can not give an indication as to when it would be restored. (see announcement and progress)

This problem will not affect the functioning of the electronic targets on the range. All spectators monitors, which will be connected on the range will not be affected. Read the rest of this entry »

The Champion of Champions Shoot 2011

The Champion of Champions shoot was shot on 4th June in near perfect conditions on a clear and sunny afternoon. The wind only came up slightly in the last 2 ranges.

Mathew did an outstanding job in F Class and scored two 60 possibles at 500 and 700m to finish with 232.12. This is the first time Matt has shot a 60, a great achievement. He was narrowly beaten by Dennis Smith from Gosford RC with 236.18.

Alex did very well also, shooting 182.8, to come second in the juniors behind Evan Jones. Alex has only recently started using a new rifle and he has showed some early promise with it, good luck Alex for next year.

2010-2011 Season Final results: Full Bore

Title: Full Bore 2011 final results

2010-2011 Season Final results: F-Class

Title: F-Class 2011 final results

Online results section is implemented on the Web Site

From today the Roseville Rifle club shooters will be able to see and print the shooting session online.

Currently the system is being tested with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. The HEX Systems Engineers have been working to achieve the compatibility with Opera web browsers.

The page is very familiar to the shooters using the HEXTA-001 electronic targets terminals, which are working in the slave (scorer/spectator) mode. In this mode they can switch online between the targets (button “Target”) and between the current and the previous sessions (“Back” and “Forward” buttons).

“Zoom” button allows to zoom the scoring sheet in exactly the same way as on the range terminals. A user using touch screen devices can use the screen buttons to control the scoring system.

Members can print out these scoring sheets using their browser’s built in print function.

Roseville shooting Australian made Electronic Targets

Roseville is shooting the first commercially available eTargets HEXTA-001
Designed and Manufactured in Australia by HEX Systems Pty Ltd