President’s Match and National King’s Prize 2023 at Belmont

So who would be crazy enough to drive 900km to shoot in Brisbane in late October in temperatures of 30-36c for a King’s competition where 45% of the counting shots are from 1000yds – a distance Roseville Rifle Club members never get to practise on? Oh and did I mention the sweeping field requiring four columns of flags (sometimes pointing in all different directions with irregular 180 degree changes) where even the top order people who have won Queens/Kings in the past were leaking points like mad in the tricky conditions. So who is THAT crazy to do the trip? Three RRC target rifle shooters: Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Tim Walter and one FTR shooter: Janet Beale.
Our people tried hard, but things didn’t always work out to plan … We are happy to report that the final results attest to the mettle of our people to withstand the punishment of Belmont:
Dmitri (TR-A): possible at 800yds … 94% accuracy in leadup and 95% in the King’s


Mark (TR-A): possible at 600yds and 800yds, first place at 600yds…93% accuracy in leadup and 95% in the King’s


Janet (FTR): possible at 800yds, second place at 800 yds… 93% accuracy in lead up and 92% in the King’s.


Tim (TR-B): second place at 600yds… 87% accuracy in Lead up and 87% in the King’s
There was a distinct home range advantage for those based in Belmont, and an advantage for Queenslanders in general with 60% of people who ended up in top 5 scoring positions coming from Qld. As for our club members, all four (Mark, Dmitri, Tim and Janet) joined the “miss” club by donating at least one counting shot to another target – and each did it at 1000yds…such an easy way to leak valuable points.
Ah well, certainly could tell we weren’t at our lovely home range.  At least there were Koalas to be seen, an evening fire pit and much comradery.
Special thanks to Dmitri who was super helpful getting gear on and off the mound.
Janet Beale

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