Phill Hangs Up his Roseville Hat

One of Roseville’s long-standing members, Phill Hodder is hanging up his Roseville hat and leaving Roseville Rifle Club for fairer shores….and that would be Tasmania? Yes!  Phill has been a Roseville member since 2000 – so that is easy maths – it is 24 years. What a 24 years it has been. Lets cover off some of his accomplishments:

  • Moved through the ranks ending up in Target Rifle A-Grade (TRA)
  • Multiple wins at various distances at OPMs across the state
  • Roseville Rifle Captain, re-elected unopposed for many years until he chose to step down (leaving big shoes to fill!)
  • Coached 3 of our junior shooters so well that they ended up at the World Championships representing Australia (Angus Martin, Pat Jacombs, Adam Beale)
  • Coached Shore Rifle Club so that they went from last place to champions within a couple of years (and incidentally helped grow the RRC membership as a result).
  • Regular Arn Hammond shooter / coach in Target Rifle and, this year, also in F-Standard.
  • He has been Roseville’s top TRA shooter and NSDRA District Champion.
  • Tasmanian Kings Champion 2024 (Target Rifle A Grade)


We could go on, but you get the gist. He is very good shooter, a very good wind coach, and a very good performance coach.

More importantly, Phill has been generous with his time; a mentor to many of our shooters and P650s Try-Shooters; and a friend to everyone. It is because of people like Phill that Roseville has become the success it is. We have a huge mix of ages and skills across many disciplines including novices, intermediate shooters, and seasoned shooters. We are probably the most successful club on the Hornsby Rifle Range. A large part of the Roseville success-formula has been Phill.

Our loss will be Tasmania’s gain. We are excited for him in his new “overseas” adventure. We will watch and cheer him on to new heights from a distance. To help send him on his way, Roseville came together for an evening at the Curry House in Thornleigh. He was presented with a parting gift and notification that he was made an Honorary Member of Roseville.

Before he goes, Phill has some unfinished business, the last Arn Hammond of the shooting year and maybe (hopefully) representing Roseville again as our top TRA shooter to compete at the District Championships.

Adieu Phill, but not goodbye – you may hang up your “Roseville Hat”, but you will forever have Roseville DNA.

Janet Beale

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