Gosford OPM 2023

Gosford is just 45 minutes away and is clearly a favourite for Rosevillians as it is the closest OPM to our home range. So it was on Sunday 15th Oct that 14 Roseville competitors took their chances at Gosford’s 500m range (3 details of 10, 10, 15). Highlights (other than the great company, ample food, prizes on offer, and lack of rain)
included. Unfortunately not everyone could come home with prizes, so these were the Roseville winners and grinners:


Phill Hodder who decided rather than drive up on the day he could camp out…in the “no camping zone”. But camping must have worked as he scored a 50-7 on his first detail. TR-A: one 1st place medal.

Dmitri Kazakov who decided he had places to go and things to do so left early.

Janet Beale who didn’t stay to collect her loot instead kicking on to Brisbane once she had finished shooting. FTR: two 1st place medals, one 2nd place medal, 1st overall, top lady, top vet, won a door prize

Chris Sefton who did an amazing 49-8 in TR-C: two 1st place medals, one 2nd place medal, 1st overall


Mark Buchanan who scored 2 possibles but no glory on the podium

The Russell clan doing their own mini family competition – who can beat Dad? Skye Russell who, having only been shooting TR for less than 5 weeks and using her new TR ladies jacket for the first time, came 3rd in TR-C: one 2nd place medal, 3rd overall. Paul Russell. TR-B: one 1st place medal, 3rd overall Nigel Russell. TR-B: one 2nd place medal.

Christian who proved the force is with him in FTR – so watch out people (especially Janet who lost out on countback!!). FTR: one 1st place medal, one 2nd place medal, 2nd overall.

Sam Houston

Alan Humbert. F-STD: One 2nd place medal, 3rd overall

Adrian Bonanni and Nicholas Bonanni who looks like he has grown a foot in the past week and is almost hard to recognise in the cool shades. TR-C: two 2nd place medals.

We hear that Gosford is moving their OPM to earlier in the year next year because of the potential for fire danger closure….so watchout Gosford, Roseville will come again to steal as many prizes as we can in 2024.

Janet Beale

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