The Katoomba Rifle Club Inc (“KRC”] held its first Open Prize Meeting in 5 years last weekend, the 9th-10th March 2024, to contest the historical Paterson Trophy (since 1938) and Peacock Cup (since 1906). This OPM was a grand occasion, as it was also the first sanctioned Fullbore competition for the KRC since being reopened by the NSW Police Firearms Registry, after significant capitol works and an agreed bi-partisan risk assessment, in November 2023.  To mark this return to competition, the KRC have created a new perpetual trophy called the Katoomba Phoenix. The Katoomba Phoenix trophy marks the dawn of a new era, with new range works, new club works, new club philosophy but an absolute goal of maintaining the KRC competitive traditions and achievements (that include over 90 years of perfect safety).

Saturday 9th March — Paterson Trophy (since 1938).

Competition started on Saturday after a briefing by the CRO David Waters, and an introduction to the KRC range and club executive Robert Logue (Capt) and Daniel Moore (Vice Capt). The crowd were made up of shooters from many ranges in NSW, stretching from Wagga to Tamworth and many ranges in between.

The Saturday event was to contest the Paterson Cup. Mr R.J.(Bob) Paterson was a member of Katoomba for 60 years, popular and longest-serving Captain, then President and Patron. He was also elected to the NSWRA (1921), Vice President (1947) and was made a Life Member.

All seemed a perfect start to weekend competition – the weather turned on a magnificent day for all shooters, to the delight of the hosts who had planned for wet weather with many tarps, ropes and poles at the ready. This meet was going ahead no matter what…

At the morning sign-on, we were blessed to have Chris Roberts in attendance. Chris has made a significant contribution to KRC by recording the club’s long history and has published a book on this subject. Chris is an expert on the clubs ancient trophies, origins and the personalities involved. He was instrumental in tracking down Paterson’s involvement and actively promoted the club recognising his achievement. Chris stayed on for whole of the weekend event. It was wonderful to have Chris participate in our presentation ceremonies.

The Paterson course of fire was:

  • 300 yards TR (2 and 10)
  • 500 yards TR (2 and 10), F-Class (2 and 15)
  • 600 yards TR (2 and 15), F-Class (2 and 15)

The 600 was originally set for 2 and 10, but little was it realised that TR 2 and 15 was the 600 tradition at Katoomba, so 2 and 15 it was, after all the competitors agree to the 5 round increase. The shooting and match structure history of the KRC on this picturesque Leura based range goes well back. Some may balk at the 300 stage, but 300 is of significant historical importance to our club foundation, as part of an aggregate 300, 500 and 600 competition. The KRC is dedicated to, at least for these historical trophies, keeping this historical 300, 500 and 600 course shot well into the future.

Saturday placings for the Paterson Cup were:

PATERSON Target Rifle
Winner Alan Patrick – Roseville Rifle Club – 169.10
Runner Up David Xuereb – Explorers Rifle Club – 168.11
3rd Place Robert Logue – Katoomba Rifle Club – 167.11
PATERSON F-Class Winner Chris Davis – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club –  176.14
Runner Up Ryan Urguhart – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 174.10
3rd Place Rowan Uguhart – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 172.08

The Paterson medals were presented by Robert Logue and the trophy cup was presented by Chris Roberts, and long-time member of the KRC and a considerable benefactor as he personally wrote about the great Katoomba Rifle Club history in the book “From Cascade to Wentworth Creek” L Alan Patrick, R Chris Davis, Winners of the Paterson Trophy.

The Saturday finished with a good presentation, out front of the refurbished and clean clubhouse thanks to the hard work of Roman Copot, Gordon Stephens and Frank Gasparini, and a few others, where medals and prize money were handed out to the deserved winners and place getters. Ray Wilson gave some history of the Paterson Trophy to the shooters, and some of the stories that have lived on in regards to competition many years ago through the Blue Mountains region and Katoomba’s place in that Paterson Trophy history. Paterson Trophy was awarded and appropriate down-range photos were taken.

The day concluded with a bite to eat, some important hydration and lots of chatter amongst many new friends…it was a grand occasion for the KRC…but there was more to come…tomorrow…Sunday…

Sunday 10th March — Peacock Cup (since 1906).

Sunday morning came, and the KRC cook Gordon Stephens was on the job satisfying the hungry bellies of those that would soon do battle against and a decent northerly headwind with some slight fishtailing providing some tricking points of left and right of movement, that it seemed to affect some less than others over the course of the day.

Up for grabs on this day was the Peacock Cup. Arthur Peacock joined the Katoomba Rifle Club on 17th January 1899, from Wentworth Falls Rifle Club. In 1906, he donated a silver cup (minted 1868) to the KRC for competition — the most well-known trophy in KRCs 131-year history. Peacock was a President, Patron and life member in 1912, a year before he died, a great benefactor.

A repeat of Saturday’s course of fire for Sunday took place, continuing with the KRC tradition.

The Peacock course of fire was a repeat of Saturday:

300 yards TR (2 and 10)
500 yards TR (2 and 10), F-Class (2 and 15)
600 yards TR (2 and 15), F-Class (2 and 15)

Sunday aggregate for the Peacock Cup placings were:

PEACOCK Target Rifle

Winner Damon Livermore – Sydney Rifle Club – 170.15
Runner Up Alan Patrick – Roseville Rifle Club – 170.14
3rd Place  Adrian Bonanni – Roseville Rifle Club – 167.10


Winner Chris Davis – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 175.15
Runner Up Ryan Urguhart – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 175.11
3rd Place  Bruce Rowlands – Lyndhurst Rifle Club – 173.09

The Peacock Cup medals presentation was made by Chris Roberts, again with his extensive knowledge of the KRC and this incredible trophy. Chris gave us some stories of the Peacock Cup, and expanded into talk about the Explorers Trophy that Chris wishes to track down (great for KRC).
For the Peacock Cup trophy presentation, Graeme Bright from Bathurst Rifle Club was asked to present the trophy to the top TR and F winner. Graeme kindly accepted, recognising his long affiliation to the Blue Mountains district for rifle shooting competition and his association with the Peacock Cup, and how he had contested in many times, and at the KRC range, and shared his recollection of breaking C grade as a youngster (a lot of ands, but…there is just so much history). Graeme provided some interesting anecdotes on the history of the Peacock Cup and the hard-fought competition with his Bathurst Rifle Club and other clubs, and the many individuals that was a hallmark of its long history.

Adrian Bonnani receiving 3rd Place in the Peacock Cup. 167.10
L Damian Livermore, R Chris Davis, Winners of the Peacock Cup.

Sat-Sun agg — KRC Open Championship — The KRC Phoenix Trophy.

KRC’s new Phoenix Trophy was for the grand aggregate of Saturday and Sunday, and presented to the top of both TR and F. David Xuereb of the NSWRA was present to make this presentation, which was only fitting given Davids continued interest and support of Leura range re-opening and his understanding of the greater sport of target shooting.

PHOENIX target Rifle
Winner Alan Patrick – Roseville Rifle Club – 339.24
Runner Up Robert Logue – Katoomba Rifle Club – 334.20
3rd Place David Xuereb – Explorers Rifle Club – 332.21

Winner Chris Davis – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 351.28
Runner Up Ryan Urguhart – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 349.21
3rd Place Rowan Urguhart – Tamworth Peel Valley Rifle Club – 343.15

L Alan Patrick, R Chris Davis, Winners of the Inaugural Phoenix Trophy.

At the close of the presentation, David Waters put the offer to the shooters to change the program for the KRC second 2024 OPM to be held in September. After some consultation with shooters and subsequent calls, the September OPM is set, for Saturday 7th Bronger Shield (since 1900) for a 300, 400, 500 and 600 course. Sunday 8th will be the Carrington Cup (since 2005) to be a double 500 followed by a double 600. Both matches open to TR and F, again…and, pending numbers, F may break up into multiple classes.

This shoot was a major success, for all in attendance and for the KRC. The KRC members stepped up and did well to put this event on in 10 weeks — helped by Danny Van DyWs excavator to fill and level the newly topped 500 and 600 mounds just 2 day before the shoot.

Another winner was the Blue Mountains region, to host an incredibly prestigious and historical cup event, in their backyard, with shooters from around NSW bringing support to local cafés, restaurants and services, doing a bit of sightseeing and leaving the place as they found it, safely.

One of the take-aways is how great the shooter attention to the competition was, while remaining a very light a vibrant atmosphere. Maybe it is the wonderful fresh Blue Mountains air, or perhaps it was because the shoot was run the way a shoot should be run…who knows…but we are grateful for all the wonderful feedback and correspondence we’ve received since the event. The KRC thank the encouragement we’ve received for the works done on the facility, the work to be done, and the pledges for the coming September OPM. All shooters will be made welcome.

Regards, Dave Waters.


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