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Mark almost breaks Canberra jinx

Five Roseville shooters attended the Canberra Queens Prize held over 19 to 21 November 2010. Mark Buchanan also shot the RA Rolph Aggregate lead up shoot.

Mark won Day 1 of the Rolph Aggregate with a possible 200.24 winning the final 600m match with 50.8 in the process. Mark scored 147.19 on Day 2 coming second at 700 metres with another 50.8, but dropping 2 points at 800 metres to finish second in the Rolph Aggregate with 347.43 to Spencer Dunstall on 348.40.

Results of the Queens Prize were as follows.

Mark Buchanan.
First Stage
300 50.8 4th
500 50.9 1st
600 50.5 3rd 150.22. Winner of the First Stage.
Second Stage
700 50.9 3rd
800 50.5 11th
800 47.4 65th 147.18 27th
Third Stage
500 50.8 9th
600 50.6 8th 100.14 3rd
Queens Aggregate 397.54 5th.

Rolph Aggregate 347.43 2nd

Grand Aggregate 744.97 2nd

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National Queens and Gosford Prize Meetings

Mark Buchanan and Tim Walter shot the National Queens in Brisbane from 14 to 16 October 2010.

Heavy rain preceded the Championships and the first day of the lead up Presidents shoot was cancelled. Rain threatened for the rest of the shoot and it was wet underfoot but it did not rain during the rest of the shoot.

Mark shot 149.19 on Day 1 of the Queens to be placed 20th in the Day 1 Aggregate. Tim shot 144.9 to finish 131st! What a difference 5 points makes.

The first range of the second stage was actually fired on Day 1 as rain was forecast for Day 2. The windy was gusty and tricky on Day 2 of the Queens as witnessed by the scores. Mark shot 49.8, 47.3, 47.3 for 143.14 for the Day 2 Aggregate to drop to 59th place. Tim shot 137.5 to drop to 143rd place.

Day 3 of the Queens saw 16 knot variable winds at 900 and 1000 yards and scores were the worst Tim have ever seen, especially at 1000 yards. Mark shot 48.4 at 900 yards and 34.0 at 1000 yards. Tim Walter shot 43.2 at 900 yards and 36.0 at 1000 yards which made Tim feel good as he has bettered Mark’s score! This gave Mark 82.4 on Day 3 of the Queens and Tim 79.2! This gave Mark a Queens Aggregate of 374.37 for 56th spot and Tim Walter 360.16 for 133rd spot, a 10 place improvement on Day 2 for Tim!

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Last season shoot

Roseville’s last shoot for the shooting year was shot on 29th May at 700m.

The weather was threatening and there was a strong possibility that it would be called off due to rain. It stopped raining though and the decision was made to start shooting. Only 3 brave souls shot though with others warming them selves in the clubhouse. Soon after shooting started the weather cleared up and the wind died off, it was like a very soggy shooting gallery. Mark started off in fine form shooting a near perfect 50.9, young C grader James then shot a very impressive 50.4. Andrew not to be left behind posted a great 50.6.

Some Roseville members of Team No 1

Mark had a goal in mind and set about beating Ian H’s “Cock of the Walk” for 700m of 100.17, he started strongly as ever and blitzed Ian’s previous score to shot a perfect 50.10, in doing so made it a clean sweep of top scores for this year on the final shoot! Well done Mark.

Andrew shot well again in his second shoot and scored a great 50.7 for a 100.13 for the day. James started off very strong after his 50 and the first 8 of his shots were bulls or centres, then unfortunately he shot two inners to finish. Still 98 is a magnificent achievement for a C Grader who hasn’t been shooting long at all. James had a couple of rounds left to shoot and guess what, they were a bull and a centre, which proves he can do it.

The Arn Hammond Team Shoots were dominated again by Roseville with Team #1 winning the Off Rifle Comp and the F Class team winning their comp. So well done again to all on another fine achievement.

So ends another shooting season with Mark once again raining supreme with an 1195.170 out of 1200, second was Ian H with 1190.127. B Grade was won by Grahame with 1151.87 and second Richard L with 1219.62. C grade was taken out by Alex shooting 1109.54 and Roger was second 624.30 (not shooting all ranges). F Class was blitzed again by Don with a great score of 1408, Don also scored 3 perfect 120’s during the year, and Marilyn was second with 1348.

Text and photos – Phill Hodder

Roseville leading Arn Hammond Competition

Roseville is in a strong position after several successful team shoots at 800m. With only

one range to left to compete for the season both Roseville “1” (Fullbore) and the Roseville F-class Standard teams are leading the competition ladder. Roseville “2” team are also pushing forward with some exceptional scores and are currently placed third.


Text and photos – Matt Bennie