Tasmanian Grand Championship and Kings Prize 2024

Most of you will have heard, as good news travels fast, that Phill Hodder won both the Kings Prize and the Grand Aggregate in TR/A Grade shot at Campbell Town Range Tasmania over 7 to 11 March 2024. Not only that, but Nigel Russell won the B Grade Kings with a convincing performance as you will see from the table below.

It must be a unique occurrence for two members from the same Club to win a Kings Prize in both A Grade and B Grade at the same competition. Go Roseville!

Phill Hodder and Sam Houston shot the Lead-Up Priory Ridge Wines Series as well as the 1,000 Yard Tasmanian Championship to gain experience for the main event. Phill finished in Third Place in TR/A Grade and Sam finished in Second Place in TR/B grade.

In the 1,000 Yard Championship Phill came 4th shooting in difficult wind conditions with 68.4/75, only 3 points behind the winner.

Match Phill – A Grade Sam -B grade
500 Yards 48.5 47.2
600 Yards 49.4 – Third 47.4 – First
700 Yards 48.6 43.1
800 Yards 48.6 46.4
900 Yards 50.6 50.3 – First
1000 Yards 48.4 46.4
Aggregate 291.31 – Third 279.18 – Second
1000 yard Aggregate 68.4 – 4th A 60.1 – 2nd B

Nigel Russell and Tim Walter entered for the Kings Prize Series only.

The First Stage of the Kings was shot over 500, 500, 600, and 600 yards. Conditions for the first two ranges were reasonable with some cloud cover keeping the temperature down a bit but became more difficult after lunch for the two 600 Yard ranges.

Phill signaled his intentions by opening with 50.3 and a 50.6 at the 500 yards ranges to win the second range. At the 600 yards ranges Phill did not let up, scoring 48.4 to place third at the first 600 yards range and a 49.5 to again win the second 600 yards range. This gave Phill a score of 197.18 to win the First Stage of the Kings Prize!

In B Grade, Nigel shot a fine 49.6 to win the first 500 yards range with Tim just behind on 48.5 and Sam on 48.4. Nigel was consistent, scoring 47.2 at the second 500 yards range to finish third and a 47.2 and a 46.3 at the 600 yards ranges finishing in second place at both ranges.

Sam picked up second place at the second 500 yards range with a 48.4.

Day 2 was hotter and provided all competitors with the most difficult wind conditions of the competition over the 700, 700, 800, and 800 yards ranges. Conditions were not too bad for the first 700 yards range.

Phill showed perfect form to win the first 700 range with a staggering 50.9 followed by a 49.6 to maintain his high scoring consistency. At 800 yards the wind was coming from the right with shooters needing up 7 points of wind, but Phil managed a 48.5 at the first 800 yards range. Phill’s main challenger, Michael Millen from the Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club, threw down the gauntlet at the second 800 yards range with a 50.7, which could have been a tipping point, but unfazed, Phill replied with a 50.7 of his own finishing the shoot with a 5 to finish in the range third place. This gave Phill a score of 197.27 to finish in third place in the Second Stage Aggregate. At this stage of the competition Phill was equal leader in A grade with Michael Millen, both on 394/400, but with Phill having a handy lead of 9 central bulls.

Meanwhile, Nigel continued to wreak havoc in B Grade, shooting 50.3 to win the first 700 yards range, 47.3 to win the second 700 yards range, 50.5 to win the first 800 yards range and 48.3 to come third at the second 800 yards range. This gave Nigel a 10-point lead over his nearest competitor in B Grade, David Phippard from Murwillumbah. I don’t think Nigel was worrying too much about his 5 central bull lead! Not surprisingly, this gave Nigel First place in the B Grade Day 2 Aggregate.

Sam shot a 48.2 at the first 700 yards range to finish second and Tim shot a 46.2 at the first 800 yards range to finish third.

We all packed up just before it started to rain, which continued moderately through the night.

Day 3 dawned cloudy and overcast with a few drops of rain. At least it was cool and there was little in the wind.

At 900 yards Phill was heard to say he was going to do what he enjoyed and proceeded to post a 50.8 to win the range! At 1,000 yards Phill kept his cool to shoot a 49.4, unfazed by an inner on the 7th shot. This gave Phill an aggregate of 99.13, sufficient to win the Day 3 Aggregate by 2 central bulls. It also gave him the Kings Prize with 493.58 and the Grand Aggregate with 784.89. A truly momentous win! To say well done Phill is an understatement!

Back in B Grade, Nigel shot a 48.4 to win the 900 yards range and Sam shot a 48.3 to finish second.

Tim shot a 47.2 to finish third, dropping his last two shots which he need not have fired if he had set his elevation correctly giving him sighters of 0 and 1! A 50 gone begging!

At 1000 yards, Nigel shot a 47.4 to come second at that range and to win the Day 3 Aggregate with 95.8. This gave Nigel the B Grade Kings Prize with 479.35. Altogether, Nigel won 5 ranges, came second in 3, and third in 2, thus placing at every range. Nigel also won the Day 1, Day 2. and Day 3 Aggregates in B Grade. Well done, Nigel!

Sam shot a 47.3 to come third at 1000 yards.


Match Phill – A Grade Nigel – B Grade Sam – B Grade Tim – B Grade
500 Yards 50.3 49.6 – First 48.4 48.5 – Third
500 Yards 50.6 – First 47.2 – Third 48.4 – Second 42.2
600 Yards 48.4 – Third 47.2 – Second 43.3 42.1
600 Yards 49.5 – Second 46.3 – Second 40.1 41.1
Day 1 Agg 197.18 – First 197.18 – First 179.12 173.9
700 Yards 50.9 – First 50.3 – First 48.2 – Second 46.4
700 Yards 49.6 47.3 – First 44.3 42.2
800 Yards 48.5 50.5 – First 45.2 46.2 – Third
800 Yards 50.7 – Third 48.3 – Third 48.3 44.2
Day 2 Agg 197.27 – Fourth 195.14 – First 185.10 178.10
900 Yards 50.8- First 48.4- First 48.3 – Second 47.2 – Third
1000 Yards 49.5 47.4 – Second 47.3 – Third 39.4
Day 3 Agg 99.13 – First 95.8 – First 95.6 Second 86.6
Kings Agg 493.58 -FIRST 479.35 – FIRST 459.28 437.25
Grand Agg 784.89 – FIRST

It was a great honor and pleasure to Chair Phill to the presentation with bagpipes played through an iPhone as there was no Piper!

Nigel, Sam, Tim, Bill Ballantyne, Tony McGuigan and Bill Naismith formed the Chairing party. Don’t miss the Video!

A most unforgettable and enjoyable time was had by all.

Tim Walter.

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