Rosevilles Rising Star Shines Bright at North West New England DRA OPM

On Sunday the 17th of March, Nigel Russell, Skye Russell, Ross Webb and Adrian Bonanni entered the North West New England DRA Open Prize Meeting. There were 54 entries for this one day prize meeting at Spring Ridge Rifle Range, showing that long range target shooting is strong in this part of New South Wales.

Adrian waits to shoot at the first match

We recongnised a couple of familiar faces who also made the trip from the North Shore District – Matt Paroz from Hornsby RSL and Gavin Mitchell from Hornsby Manly TRC. With only 4 HEXTA targets – the competition organisers were keen to get going so the first 500 yard match started at 8:30am.

Skye Russell was forced to enter TR B-Grade because no C-Grade competition category was offered. She was the first of our Club to shoot at the 15 shot match at 500 yards and she posted a very credible 73.4. Not wanting to be out-shot by his daughter Nigel shot next and was relieved to notch up a 74.8 continuing his good form from his recent Tasmanian Kings win. Ross got down and learned the wind at 500 yards posting an 80.2. Last to shoot at 500 yards was Adrian Bonanni. The mirage started to play-up by this time as it was mid-morning and Adrian dropped on inner 4 more than he would have liked posting a 72.9 – with two inner fours only just out at 3 o├žlock – one where he had wound a quarter right. Doh!

Ross relaxing while he waits to shoot at the last 600 yards

It was back to 600 yards and the combination of wind and mirage in the middle of days had everyone spooked. It did not look like the flags and mirage were doing very much, but you really had to be careful as the flags shifted from 12:30 to 1:30 – across zero. Skye maintained her focus and racked up and impressive 49.2 in the 10-shot match – coming 3rd in TRB. Ross got down and was pleased with his 54.4. Nigel let Skye get around him getting up with a 48.4. Adrian new he could not afford to drop any more points, given his bad start, and he got down and shot the only possible in Target Rifle posting a 50 with no centres. The combination of mirage and wind plus some wind reading kept him in the bullseye and he won the match in TRA.

Nigel, Skye and Adrian were in the hunt and it was going to come down to the last match. Skye made it look easy at the 15 shot 600 yard match – effortlessly racking up a 72.7. Nigel was feeling some match pressure and tried his best to move up the ladder – but he was only able to post a 71.3. Ross was a bit tired by the afternoon – given we were up at 6:30am and on the road by 7am to make start-time and he shot a 78.2. Adrian was up for not dropping any more points, and posted the highest score in TRA at the match with a wonderful 75.8

No smiles – all business – Skye prepares for the last 600 yard match

Half a smile – she must be pleased with her shooting at the last 600 yard match

So in the wash-up at the end of the day – Skye Russell our TRC shooter rose to claim Number 3 badge in TRB at the competition with an aggregate of 194.13 – only two points behind the winner in TRB.

Nigel and Adrian’s shots at the 2nd 600 yard match

Adrian picked up two wins in TRA at each of the 600 yard matches staying clean at that distance. Nigel and Ross enjoyed the shooting – with some things to reflect on and experience at Spring Ridge under their belt. It was an great prize meeting with two 15 shot matches in the mix – and I would encourage more Roseville Members to head north to the competition next year.

TRA Scores

TRB Scores

FSB Scores

Adrian Bonanni

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