Armidale OPM 2021

The Armidale OPM was held on the on the 6th and 7th of November with 5 members attending. First up was a sweepstake, the target was at 500yds with the computer set at 300yds. Mental calculations of adjustments were the major handicap of the range for the shoot, it was a 10 and 2, with an Armidale shooter taking the winner’s purse. Dmitri started the generous ways of the club members for the weekend by donating a high scoring shot to the next target.

The first shoot of the competition was 500yds, starting at 7:30pm, the shoot was in the pitch black with targets lit up with LED lights. The shooters had some trouble as they had to adapt to shooting with barely any light and the frog’s lit up next to them, note to Dmitri, backlit screens please?

Nigel and Sam where kind enough to give their V and Xs to the nice shooters in the adjoining lanes.

The winner: Peter Tollis from Inverell R.S.M.

Paul’s younger eyes helped him stay on his target, getting a 47.4, Dmitri getting a 50.6 with the help of all the Roseville team by being the last to shot on the night gaining tips and advice from the others when they finished, and Mark getting a highly ranked 49.5.

The first shoot of the second day was at 500yds and the star of the range was Mark, getting a 45.9, with the generous Roseville club again donating an X to other competitors. Nigel and Sam making up for their lost shots with 46.1 for Nigel and 47.4 for Sam. Paul with a 45.2 maintaining his lead in the C Grade.

The final two shoots of the day were at 600yds. In the third detail the wind started to pick up and some of us didn’t do as well as we hoped, with Dmitri and Mark both getting 48.4 and Sam getting 47.4.

The final shoot of the competition was a 15 and 2 at the 600yds, with Nigel shooting the best score in C grade at this range, trying to make up the points he lost in the first shoot, but couldn’t catch Paul. Mark and Dmitri getting 73 but Dmitri getting 3 more centres in the shoot. Overall Paul came first in C grade with Nigel close behind in third, Sam placed narrowly into second in B grade, and Dmitri and Mark coming third and fourth in A grade.

Our Roseville representatives flying the Club Colours. Mark, Sam, Nigel, Paul and Dmitri

Paul Russell

The NRAA Nationals Queen’s competition 2021

2021 and Covid was at bay long enough for the comp to go ahead. It was sunny for 4.5 of the 5 days with a thundershower disrupting day 2 of the leadup. Very very cold in the mornings, sunny and warm in the middle of the day, and very long shadows at the end of the day which comes early this close to the winter solstice. Winds varied from very light to 24km/hour. Distances over the Leadup and Queens comp were 300yds x 2, 500yds x 3, 600yds x 3, 800yds x 2, 900yds x 4 and 1000yds x 3 (i.e. 17 details of 2+10). As one person puts it, all the other ranges just creates the handicap for the 1000m where anything can happen….and anything did happen.

Janet had a trigger failure, got caught mid shoot when the thunderstorm struck and then had a wet breach at the next range. Dmitri copped an earful from a disgruntled shooter who blamed his bad shoot on Hexta when it was in fact a few seconds delay due to maximum capacity of the network being used (3 monitors at each of 22 firing points). Adam tried out the “lets bleed over one eye” trick (due to rear sight)…an eventful time.

Overall, it was a talented field of 180 competitors (70 in TR-A! and 25 in each of FTR/F-STD/F-Open). The State teams TR competition coming just after the Queens ensured that most of Australia’s top TR shooters were present (including a large percentage of the National TR teams
(Palma/Vets/U25/U21) and a large percentage of the National FTR and F-Open teams were in town for a team practise.

Our RRC representatives did well in this very talented field.

In TR-A:
• Adam Beale scored 6 possibles, and took home a 20th place badge in the 3 day Queens with a 98.1% accuracy over the 5 days of competition
• Dmitri Kazakov scored 4 possibles with a 97.8% accuracy over the 5 days
• Mark Buchanan scored 3 possibles with a 97.2% accuracy over the 5 days

• Janet Beale took home 3 first place range medals and a 3rd place daily
aggregate medal with a 96.1% accuracy over the 5 days

Lovely NRRA Queens Badge – Adam Beale

A bag of medals – NRAA Queens June 2021

Congrats to our associate member Gary Faulkner who took home 3 first place range medals and a 1st place daily aggregate medal and 2nd place in the 3 day Queens.

The Roseville Gang enjoying Pizza June 2021

Roseville’s good friends Ben Emms and Matt Paroz won the Queens (TR and F-Open respectively) and we congratulate them both.

Wingham Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting 2021

This year the Wingham Open Prize Meeting, already being one of the largest prize meetings in NSW, was expected to have grown even larger due to the dry period of prize meetings in 2020. 2021 did not disappoint, with well over 100 shooters attending, 19 of which representing Roseville Rifle Club as listed below:

In Target Rifle

  • TR-A: Angus Martin, Adam Beale, Phil Hodder, Alan Patrick, Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Patrick Jacombs
  • TR-B: Mike Hodder, Robert Trodden, Andrew Martin, Sam Houston
  • TR-C: Angus Langsford, Hugo Friend, Nigel Russell, Paul Russell

In F Class

  • F-Std A: Allan Humber, Janet Beale, Patrick Eva
  • F-Std B: Micah Friend

With Roseville representing almost 20% of the shooting cohort, you would hope some good results would be delivered, and there were.

In the Friday before the competition, a few of the Roseville members to have a bit of practice before the main competition gave the Sweepstakes a crack. Patrick Jacombs won, and Angus Langsford placed top 5. The first day of the competition was highly contested and time pressured with the last 2-15 detail having to be shorted and almost shot in the dark due to the sheer amount of people attending the prize meeting. With this unexpected start to the prize meeting, here are the results that followed:

In Target Rifle:

Patrick Jacombs had some amazing shooting. On the first day Patrick got a 50.4 at 400 metres and 600 yards, and a 50.7 at 500 yards, not dropping a single point during the day one aggregate. Patrick continued this winning streak getting both a 50.7 at 600 yards, 50.8 at 500 yards putting him in 4th place for the Grand Aggregate in TR-A, shooting the same number of centres as 1st place, which is outstanding.

Noticeable Mention to Angus Martin for shooting a wonderful 50.9 in TR-A in the 1st 600-yard match on day 2 and Mark Buchanan for winning the 400m match in TR-A with a 50.7. Phil Hodder at 500 yards shot a 50.5, only pacing him in 10th showing how competitive TR-A actually is.

Sam Houston placed 5th in TR-B, also getting the same number of centres as 1st place, being closely followed by Mike Hodder in 6th being beaten on countback.

In TR-C, Angus Langsford won the Grand Aggregate, being a competitive field as well as Hugo Friend shooting his first possible at 600 yards being a 50.4! Hugo won that range! Amazing efforts all round. In TR-C, Paul Russel showed his old man Nigel who is in charge, consistently beating him at every range. Well done!

In F Class:

Janet Beale in F-Std A grade, being a highly contested field, managed to place 4th overall, winning match 3 at 600 yards with a 60.4. Micah Friend, although he retired early still managed to place 9th in F-Std B in his first ever prize meeting!

Well done to all our Roseville Rifle Club shooters, it was overall an amazing effort and a great weekend. See you all next year.

Angus Langsford

North Shore District Rifle Association Open Prize Meeting 2021

Roseville take out 4 of the 8 Grand Prizes at the North Shore District Rifle Association Open Prize Meeting

8th and 9th of May, 2021

Hornsby Rifle Range

It was a very good weekend for the Roseville Rifle Club on the weekend of May 8 and 9 2021 when the North Shore District Rifle Association held its 2021 Open Prize Meeting. It was a happy return to competition, after the 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Even though Mothers Day was celebrated on the Sunday, competitors came from all corners of NSW to participate, as well as a good number of competitors from the “home” clubs at Hornsby. There were a total of 95 competitors on the range over the course of the two-day event.  I am pleased to report that the Roseville Rifle Club had four members who took home number 1 badges in the Grand Aggregate:

  • Phill Hodder – TRA #1
  • Adam Beale – TRB #1
  • Janet Beale – FTR #1
  • Rob Trodden – S/H #1

It was a wonderful 2 days of intense competition, but camaraderie was also in plentiful supply. The weather was mostly kind, with a few intermittent periods of drizzle on Sunday but for the most part, conditions were perfect for shooting.

Day 1 – Saturday the 8th May

A fine day greeted competitors and the programme commenced with a stand-alone 300M ISSF match – shot on the challenging ISSF 300M target with a 100mm 10 ring.  There were two divisions in this match: Target Rifle and Scope Rifle with competitors allowed to use any calibre up to 8mm. Each competitor had unlimited sighters and then shot three strings of  10 shots to complete a 30 shot match.  The field was split into two squads with 12 TR shooters competing shoulder to shoulder in Squad 1 and then 9 Scope shooters and 2 TR shooters competing in the second squad.   There was a slight breeze coming in from the south west which would catch you out at 3 o’clock if you did not watch it.

In Target Rifle, the winner was Duncan Davies of West Wallsend Rifle Club, with a score of 296.11, closely followed by David Wright from Goulburn Rifle Club on 295.14 and Matt Shepherd of Endeavour Rifle Club on 295.12. In F-Std, Kris Wilson of Hornsby RSL Rifle Club won with an impressive score of 300.24, just pipping Janet Beale of Roseville Rifle Club by one centre, on 300.23, followed by Chris Hodges of North Sydney Rifle Club on 299.16

There were several impressive scores in the 10 shot strings: In Target Rifle David Wright with 100.6 and Duncan Davies with 100.3 impressed and special mention should be made of schoolboy shooter Angus Langsford with a 99.5. In F-Std Kris Wilson was outstanding with scores of 100.10 and 100.9, as was Janet Beale with 100.9 twice.

So from the ISSF 300m event, the competition moved onto the first of the main OPM matches, at 400m. Traditionally a tricky distance and the gentle breeze from the south west continued to play with the competitors. As it would turn out – these were the only conditions for any of the matches over the two days.  Competitors showed their mettle with some fine scores in all disciplines and grades. Phill Hodder of Roseville Rifle Club got out of blocks early with a 50.7 in Target Rifle A Grade, as did Wu Lau of Hornsby RSL Rifle Club in F-Open with 60.7. Sandiswa Nzimande of Gosford District Rifle Club gave an early glimpse of what was to come with a very impressive 60.5 in F-Std B Grade.

Next up, the competitors moved all the way back to 800m for a 15 shot match and by this time the breeze disappeared and Hornsby unusually became a shooting gallery. The only challenge for competitors was the late afternoon Autumn sunshine – with the sun coming straight down the range.  This is one of the peculiarities of the Hornsby Rifle Range – which faces West North West – the only range in NSW to do so.   Mark Buchanan of Roseville Rifle Club showed his superior group shooting with a superb 75.13 in Target Rifle A Grade. There were many high scores in F Class, including 90.11 from David Li of North Sydney Rifle Club and 90.10 from Bruce Rowlands of Lyndhurst Rifle Club in F-Std A Grade, as well as 90.10 from Greg Emms of Lyndhurst Rifle Club in F-Std B Grade, along with Andrew Beavis of North Sydney Rifle Club in F/Open with 90.10. In Sporter/Hunter, William Davis again excelled with 75.12

One of our newest members – Craig Vermeulen gets advice from the Great Duncan Davies


So the first day finished with the aggregate of the 400m and 800m scores, with the leaders being:

Target Rifle A Grade – Phill Hodder from Roseville and David Morton from Port Macquarie Rifle Club on 125.14. This required a shoot off on the second day, which was won by David.

Target Rifle B Grade – Steve Horvath of Gosford District Rifle Club on 124.9

Target Rifle C Grade – Doug Rawson-Harris of Hornsby Manly Target Rifle Club on 113.7

F-Std A Grade – Daniel Galea of Nowra Rifle Club on 149.16

F-Std B Grade – Stuart Nimmo of North Sydney Rifle Club on 147.10

F/Open – Wu Lau on 150.14

F/TR – Janet Beale of Roseville Rifle Club on 149.11

Sporter/Hunter – William Davis on 125.19

There were four sponsors at the Day 1 Presentation to award prizes and represent their organisations who donated so generously to our Open Prize Meeting:

John Warren – Director of the Hornsby RSL Club

Andrew Martin – Director of Peak Investments

Matt Shepherd  –  Director of the NSW Rifle Association

John Leask – Director of QBN Insurance Services

The presentation was held out on the lawn in front of the Memorial Wall – with competitors enjoying light refreshments while they cheered on their fellow Club mates and competitors who made the podium in the matches and the Day 1 aggregate.

Relaxing at the Day 1 presentation – Mark Buchanan, Mike Hodder and Sam Houston


Day 2 – Sunday the 9th May – Mothers Day

The North Shore DRA were pleased to welcome a large contingent of shooter from the Sydney Boys High School who turned up to compete in the second day of the competition.  Sunday was even better for shooting than Saturday afternoon – with no wind at all and cloud cover providing the perfect light for getting a brilliant sight-picture.   It was clear this was going to be a day for possibles on an unusual day when the Hornsby Range was more like a shooting gallery.

The day started with a 10 shot match at 500m. Clearly a distance that appeals to many shooters, if the scores were anything to go by! Mark Buchanan showed everyone how it’s done with a perfect 50.10 in Target Rifle A Grade. Daniel Galea in F-Std A Grade and Sandiswa Nzimande in F-Std B Grade were also impressive with scores of 60.9 and 60.8 respectively. In F/Open John Alp of North Sydney Rifle Club led a group of 4 shooters who all scored 60.9 and in F/TR Janet Beale posted 60.5. Rob Trodden of Roseville Rifle Club impressed in Sporter/Hunter with 60.9

At the conclusion of the 500M match, Phill Hodder from Roseville Rifle Club and David Morton from Port Macquarie Rifle Club had a shoot off for the Day 1 Aggregate tied on the previous day. After 5 shots the pair still could not be split – both posting at 25.3 and so an extra shot was fired. David Morton put up a V-Bull to win the shoot-off – with Phill firing a bulls eye – but both shooters till stayed clean showing fine marksmanship skills under pressure. Next up was another 10 shot match at 600m. By this stage many competitors had found their shooting rhythm and more good scores were recorded. Damon Livermore from Sydney Rifle Club led Target Rifle A Grade with 50.9. Jackie Wu from Sydney Boys High School was equally impressive in Target Rifle B Grade with 50.9. Chris Rigby from Gosford District Rifle Club led the F-Std A Grade shooters with 60.8 and Warwick Gordon from Hornsby Manly Rifle Club scored 60.4 in F-Std B Grade. Michael Difford from Cessnock Rifle club led a group of 3 shooters in F/Open who scored 60.9 and Janet Beale from the Roseville Rifle Club led F/Tr with 60.8.

With all the excellent scoring across all disciplines, the final range distance of 700m would prove the difference between a winning aggregate score and a “close second”. A 15 shot match is a great way to finish the competition and the tension was clearly in the air as the competitors went about their business.

Duncan Davies from West Wallsend gave a tremendous exhibition of long range shooting in Target Rifle A Grade with 75.14.  In Target Rifle B Grade, Adam Beale of Roseville Rifle Club showed why he was about to move up a grade with a very impressive 75.13. Special mention should be made of the 3 Sydney High School boys (Jackie Wu, Ruiyu Zhang and Cameron Young) who each scored 75 points in Target Rifle. In F-Std A Grade David Li from North Sydney emulated Duncan Davies’ efforts with 90.14. In F-Std B Grade, Sandiswa Nzimande from Gosford District showed why she is a future star with 90.10. In F/Open, Kris Wilson from Hornsby RSL also matched Duncan and David with 90.14 and Janet Beale closed her excellent campaign with 90.11. Rob Trodden from Roseville Rifle Club finished the weekend with 75.12 in Sporter/Hunter.

So from beginning to end, competition was intense and incredibly close. In the final reckoning, consistency across all range distances would prove the difference.

The Sunday 3 match aggregate for Day 2 winners were:

Target Rifle A Grade – Duncan Davies from West Wallsend Rifle Club with 175.28

Target Rifle B Grade – Jackie Wu from Sydney High School with 175.24

Target Rifle C Grade – Cameron Young from Sydney High School with 172.15

F-Std A Grade – David Li from North Sydney Rifle Club with 210.30

F-Std B Grade – Sandiswa Nzimande from Gosford District Rifle Club with 209.23

F-Open – Evan Aspiotis from Kempsey Rifle Club with 210.30

F/TR – Janet Beale from Roseville Rifle Club with 210.24

Sporter/Hunter – Rob Trodden from Roseville Rifle Club with 173.30


The winners of the Grand Aggregate, and therefore the Open Prize Meeting Champions for 2021, were as follows:

Target Rifle A Grade – Phill Hodder from Roseville Rifle Club with 300.40

Target Rifle B Grade – Adam Beale from Roseville Rifle Club with 297.38

Target Rifle C Grade – Melbourne Lucas from Coonabarabran Rifle Club with 273.10

F-Std A Grade – Daniel Galea from Nowra Rifle Club with 359.45

F-Std B Grade – Sandiswa Nzimande from Gosford District Rifle Club with 355.35

F-Open – Wu Lau from Hornsby RSL Rifle Club with 360.38

F/TR – Janet Beale from Roseville Rifle Club with 359.35

Sporter/Hunter – Rob Trodden from Roseville Rifle Club with 295.39

A very happy Phill Hodder take #1 Badge in TRA – presented by John Alp

In addition, there were special presentations to:

Top Under 25 Target Rifle competitor – Adam Beale

Top School Target Rifle competitor on Day 2 – Jackie Wu

Top Under 18 competitor – Sandiswa Nzimande

Rob Trodden won Sporter Hunter with an off-the-rack hunting rifle. Presented by Adrian Hall

The presentation was attended by Paul Britton – Director of Terry Hills Gun Shop – one of our sponsors – who was on hand to give out some of the prizes.  There were many proud Mums in attendance at the presentation and every lady present was given a beautiful single stem flower in celebration of Mothers’ Day.

Janet Beale was led from start to finish to win FTR presented by Adrian Hall

Adam Beale wins TR B – presented by Phil Jacombs

The Roseville Gang – all smiles.

The North Shore District Rifle Association would like to thank all our sponsors and partners whose generous support made for a wonderful presentation of prizes.

Major Sponsors

Hornsby 300M ISSF – Shooting every Wednesday @ Hornsby Range

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John Alp – Member – North Sydney Rifle Club Steve Wilson – Member – North Sydney Rifle Club

Partner Sponsors

Coffee Shop

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Mt Wilga Private Hospital

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Jeff and Cathy Burnitt – Members – Gosford District Rifle Club Adrian Bonanni – Member – Roseville Rifle Club Michael Cuda – Member – Roseville Rifle Club
Len Brown – Member – North Sydney Rifle Club Andrew Martin – Member – Roseville Rifle Club

So ended a very successful Prize Meeting, with some exciting new talent having been discovered, new sporting friendships made and plans already being made to return in 2022 and enjoy the friendly hospitality (and range conditions!) offered at Hornsby Rifle Range

Adam Beale and Michael Cuda both podium at the ANZAC Range on ANZAC Day

It was a glorious Autumn day on the ANZAC Rifle Range on Sunday – with 88 competitors turning out for the annual MDRA ANZAC Day OPM.  Roseville had a contingent of 7 Club Members who entered and competed, with myself, Phill and Adam in Target Rifle, and Bobski, Allan, Janet and Michael in F-Class.

Bobski enjoying the sunshine

Bobski enjoying the sunshine

Allan relaxing while he waits.

Allan relaxing while he waits.

There was a dignified Service of Remembrance held at the Memorial Gates outside the NSWRA Headquarters.  Each entrant in the OPM is provided with the details of one of our fallen soldiers with their cards.   My Entry featured Private Robert Poate – from 6 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment who was killed in Afghanistan on the 29th of August 2012.  Lest we forget.

After the service – all competitors proceeded to the 600M mound to be greeted by quite a challenging southerly breeze.   T

Phill and Adam share a joke.

Phill and Adam share a joke.

he wind was quartering from 1:30pm, switching to 2pm and would strengthen and then drop quickly.  There was not much of a “prevailing” wind and in this scenario – only one possible was shot in the first match across all disciplines by –  you guessed it – Jim Bailey of Holsworthy who posted an incredible 75.9.   I would love to take him out for a beer and pick his brain on how he did it.    There were no fantastic scores from our Roseville gang – but Michael Cuda came 2nd in FTR

with an 85.3 and Adam Beale came 5th in TRB with a 72.6.

The beginning of the second match served up much the same tricky conditions – although the wind started to push around to 12:30 and sometimes crossed over to 11:30 just to make it interesting.   It must have been an easier match – because 4 people out of the 88 competitors, myself included, posted a possible

Michael Cuda takes aim in the late afternoon sunshine

Michael Cuda takes aim in the late afternoon sunshine

score.   I was definitely the beneficiary of shooting late in the day – when the wind was only switching between 11:30 and 12:30 – so if you held well you would still clip a bullseye at either 3 or 9 o’clock if you were out of step with it.  I was pleased to get up with a 75.7.

Adam Beale put a good performance in to record a 74.7 and this put him into 3rd place in Target Rifle B-Grade with an aggregate score of 146.13 – the top score in TR for Roseville.  Michael Cuda was Mr Consistency – posting another 85 which put him into 2nd place in the Aggregate for FTR – with 170.8 – 4 Super Centres behind Alexina Bunt from Hornsby Manly TRC.

As for the rest of our Club Members:

Janet was cheering on Adam – a proud mum

Janet was cheering on Adam – a proud mum

  • Janet Beale picked up 4th place in FTR with 164.5;
  • Allan Humbert came 6th in FTR with 158.6;
  • Bob Kozminski came 7th in FTR with 157.6;
  • Adrian Bonanni came 10th in TRA with 144.12;
  • Phill Hodder came 16th in TRA with 139.5
Adrian B

Adrian B just doing nothing 🙂


It was a wonderful day on the range – learning how to read the tricky wind at Malabar.   Michael Cuda was commenting after the shoot that it would be great for us all to get more experience at Malabar in conditions like that – to enhance our chances of success in major tournaments there.   I fully agree – and I will also be inviting Jim Bailey over for a steak and a bottle of shiraz sometime soon!


For more information on scores – go here:

Written by Adrian Bonanni, Photos by Phill Hodder

Vic Queens 2021

Last year, due to Covid, the 2020 Victorian Queens was postponed from Easter to end of 2020; then it was cancelled due to yet another Covid outbreak, but four RRC members (Mark Buchanan, Tim Walter, Adam Beale and Janet Beale) travelled to Wellsford Rifle Range at Bendigo to compete in the Victorian Queens 2021. It’s a pretty range that the kangaroos enjoy as if they were also shooters. The Roo’s think nothing of hopping across the field of fire (mid shoot) at 4pm when they think it should be their range…and no the shooting does not cease – we just have to shoot over their heads.

This is apparently the last place in Australia that you can still shoot a Queens on paper targets.

There were 151 competitors that made it to Bendigo despite Covid restrictions on some areas of Queensland.

The first morning shooters contend with sun (like 4pm in winter at Hornsby); and there are unexpected wind changes with flags & mirage not necessarily telling you what is going on. When one of the very big names in TR (who normally shoots 50-9) is shooting a pair of wild 3’s in what looks like relatively mild conditions (scoring 44-4) and he cant explain it, well you then have to wonder how us mere mortals could even hope to read the range. Most often you get to the firing position to shoot and hope it goes somewhat in your favour.  You know it is changeable when “Speedy Gonzales” Adam Beale gets a 3 minute warning and has to do his last shot in the final seconds of his 17 minute round.

So how did our RRC competitors go?

  • Adam Beale (TR-B) spent the most time on the podium coming home with a handful of medals of all varieties. He won 3rd place in the Queens TR- B and 2nd in the Grand Aggregate TR-B. He top scored in TR-B a couple of times (600yds and 900yds). Overall accuracy was 94.97% in the Queens
  • Mark Buchanan (TR-A) also made a podium position coming 3rd at 700yds with a 50-6 and scored quite a few 50’s. Overall accuracy was 95.72% in the Queens
  • Tim Walter (TR-A) didn’t return with any medals but he had an overall accuracy of 93.21% in the Queens
  • Janet Beale (FTR) also didn’t return with any medals but her overall accuracy was 93.13% in the Queens.

What a challenge this range is. Congrats to our RRC competitors for giving it a go. Congrats to Jim Jeffery (Lyndhurst RC) for winning the Queens and Mark Horsnell (Werribee RC) for winning the Grand Aggregate – they triumphed at a very tough competition.

NSW Ladies Team 2021

It was late 2019/early 2020 when the NSW Ladies State Team was being selected with the aim to compete in Bendigo at Easter 2020. This was to be the first composite (mixed discipline) NSW ladies team competing for the inaugural Shepherd Trophy (4 ranges 300y, 600y, 900y, 1000y  with each of 5 shooters having 10 counting shots). The competition was trialling the MCSI scoring system that does an equivalence between the various disciplines. Team Captain was Rebecca Shepherd, Wind Coach was Maureen Shepherd, and shooters were Alexina Bunt, Linda Sweet, Isabelle Cameron, Emma Kent, and Janet Beale (the sole Roseville RC rep on the team). Renee Hooper was the Reserve.

But due to Covid, things didn’t go to plan. Firstly, it was Easter 2021 when the 2020 match was actually held in Bendigo (which meant some substitutions to team members). Secondly, due to a last minute covid-hot spot definition, Queensland was unable to attend the competition, but the competition did proceed.

The wash up: ‘Victoria Blue’ won the competition on their home range, NSW came second due to some great wind coaching at 1000yds by the very experienced Maureen Shepherd. So how did our Roseville competitor do? Janet Beale was the top shooter in the NSW team (using the MCSI equivalency) and she was both the top scorer at 1000yds and top F-STD shooter across all teams.

Roseville RC looks forward to 2023 when some of our other lady shooters may also represent the State in Queensland.

Report from Glenrowan

“Spend Easter at Glen Rowan” (Victoria) the poster said…so two intrepid Rosevillians did just that driving the 7 hours to do so. Janet Beale and Adam Beale competed at the one-day Ovens and Murray District OPM and the one-day Wangaratta Prize meeting which is shot on the same range therefore they also have a combined two-day aggregate. A picturesque range running 3 Hextas and 6 paper targets with a good tree line on each side and a large treed hill as the backstop.  It was sunny both days with a light mirage and some interesting flags that sometimes couldn’t decide which way they wanted to fly.

There were 72 competitors on day 1 and 63 on day 2 of which 11 competitors came from NSW (not the usual faces either!) with a good mix between TR and F-Class (biggest class was F-Std) So how did RRC do?

Adam (shooting TR-B) scored 2 possibles (one on each day); and took home

  • 4th place badge on day 1;
  • 2nd place badge on day 2;
  • 1st place two day aggregate badge and prize money
  • Top Junior Target Rifle cash prizes for each day

Janet (shooting FTR) scored 2 possibles (one on each day); and took home

  • 2 range prizes – one of these was a nail-biter 90-5 and the other was a phenomenal 60-9.
  • 4th place badge on day 1;
  • 4th place badge on day 2;
  • 4th place two day aggregate badge (only 3 points behind the winner)

The presentation speakers said this is the best country prize meeting in Victoria and the Beale’s agreed that it was up there with Wingham as a competition worth the drive for.


Lyndhurst 2021 OPM

3 eager and highly optimistic (some may say silly!) Rosevillians set out on Fri from Sydney at various times to compete in the Lyndhurst 2021 OPM.

They weren’t put off by the atrocious rain conditions forecast for Sydney and the west and were rewarded on Fri evening with slightly overcast but dry conditions with some strong wind gusts. Phill arrived about 5pm at the campsite where Captain Adrian’s Father in-law, Ross, was busy setting up his caravan and tent. Dmitri arrived shortly afterwards.

The modest camp site

Unfortunately Adrian had car troubles before leaving the BIG smoke with a blown heater hose. This was mended in a short time by the friendly mechanic just near where he broke down. This set their journey back a bit and he and his son Lucas (the score card runner for the weekend) arrived at 10.30pm to the happy smiles of Dmitri and Phill who were eagerly waiting for their arrival.

See, no rain!

The next morning after a few rain showers throughout the night, the guys were greeted by a lightly overcast and windy morning, but no rain on the horizon! The first day’s shoot was 2 stages of 15 shots at 500 and 600y. The wind was predominantly from the right with strong gusts and lulls a plenty. Although some great scores were shot by the competitors, some found the variable conditions hard if they weren’t vigilant in watching the flags.

Phill started off with a 74.9 and both Adrian and Dmitri shot 73’s, with 5 and 3 centers respectively.  The BIG boys showed us how it was done with Alex Davies showing his dominance from the first shoot with an impressive 75.13 followed by Commonwealth Games rep Jim Bailey shooting a 75.12!  At 600y the conditions seemed similar, Dmitri pipped Phill with a 72.5 vs 72.4, Adrian found the conditions a bit tougher and shot a 66.7. The Roseville contingent finished the day with Phill 18th, Dmitri 20th and Adrian in 27th spot. Work to be done tomorrow!

The place to be on Sat night is on the range and the Lyndhurst Clubhouse. Many stay back to see the days results and wait eagerly for the Famous Calcutta (an auction of the top 10 TR shooters presented by Master Auctioneer Ben Emms) and the well cooked dinner that is served (and even a Cornetto ice-cream for those that stayed around). The Calcutta lived up to it’s hilarious reputation with Ben quick on his feet with funny puns and stories about the lucky 10, trying to up the bids. Being an auction, if you don’t want to bid you don’t move, but even this didn’t help some surprised bidders from the floor! For the first time the top 10 didn’t have any local shooters in it and most were up and coming Jnr guys, it says something about the talent coming through.

Dmitri developed a theory that ice cream causes the headache the next morning 🙂

The intrepid 3 had an early night, ready for the next day. During the night there was no rain, but the wind was picking up, so much so that Dmitri‘s 5 star hotel (his trusty Ford Station Wagon) was rocking and rolling in the gusts!

So day 2 begins with the Rosevillians needing to pick up some points. Dmitri showed the way at 500y with a fantastic 49.7! Phill couldn’t find the center after deciding to keep the group center on the right of the bullseye due to what he thought were the wind conditions, he scored a 49.1, the only center was when he decided he had to move the group! Captain Adrian recorded a respectful 48.4. The guys were collectively happy with their first range scores, especially because of the very changeable wind conditions. The competitors then moved up the hill to 600y.

Happy runner Lucas

Dmitri again showed the way from the 3 with another great 49, this time with 6 centers. Adrian and Phill both managed 48’s with 3 and zero centers respectively! The organizers decided to keep shooting and not stop for lunch, trying to finish early and help the competitors leave as early as they could to drive back home. The day was won by Jim Bailey, only one point down. The 2nd 600y yards had Dmitri and Phill both scoring 48.3 and Adrian a credible 47.2. These scores from the Roseville 3 did in fact help them to move up the leader board as they wished.

Dmitri was the best of them finishing the day in 7th place only 3 points behind 1st place and 10th in the Grand Ag! Well done Dmitri!

Phill was placed 12th on the day and for the Grand, and Adrian placed 17th on Day 2 and 25th for the Ag, Day 1 scores unfortunately hindered his final results.

The winner was Alex Davies from West Wallsend Club shooting a fantastic score of 297.36 beating his Dad Duncan by a point (I wouldn’t of wanted to be in that car for the trip home!). Next was another father and son combo, Jim and Mitchell Bailey, this time Dad won. There was also one more father and son in the match, Andrew and Nick Sims, they also finished after one another, very rare to see!

This was a fantastic weekend away and congratulations to Lyndhurst Rifle Club and all the people that made it an excellent and very well run event.

The Roseville trio

Results can be found @

Phill (aka “The Cool Guy”)

NSDRA Presentation 2019-20

Saturday 27 Feb 2021 and the NSDRA Arn Hammond participants gathered on the lawns to celebrate the previous shooting year 2019-20 in the much anticipated – but COVID delayed – presentation BBQ.  We were lucky that the weather was amenable and the NSW Covid safety protocols were relaxed the night before to allow the BBQ to go ahead.

Our first winners to be announced were the Roseville Target Rifle Team #1 (Mark B, Adam B, Dmitri K, Angus M, Stephen T, Patrick J, Rob T, Phill H). They took home 3 prestigious and very old range prize trophies and the overall 1st place in the Arn Hammond 2019/20. They were 5 points ahead of Hornsby/Manly.

Our F-Standard was next up to the podium (Peter W, Adam B, Dmitri K, Allan H, Michael C, Graham C, Janet B). They also took home 3 range prize trophies and the overall 2nd place in the Arn Hammond 2019/20 just 5 points behind Gosford.

Our FTR team (Allan H, Robert K, Ian P, Rob T, Janet B, Adam B, Eva P, Alan P, Michael C) also took home 3 range prize trophies and the overall 1st place in the Arn Hammond 2019/20 and dominating the field.

It is interesting to see how many of our shooters above were in more than 1 team. This shows a broad range of skills in the club. Unfortunately Roseville did not leave a lot of team trophies on the table for other clubs or the other Roseville teams. But our congrats go to Gosford TR for their range prize; Gosford FSTD for winning the division and taking home a range prize; and, Hornsby/Manly for their range prize.

Special congrats go to Dmitri who received the trophy for the top-off-rifle score fired over the duration of the Arn Hammond Teams match – recording 296.30 over the four stages that were able to be completed.  Given the number of competitors and the high calibre of shooters this was a well-earned award!

The district’s Proficiency Award which was well earned by our own Allan Humbert. He earned this for his shooting, his support of the club and, the support of the district. Well done Allan!

Finally, there was the recognition of champion of champions. Roseville had two great outcomes in this individual category – Angus Langsford the Target Rifle Junior Champion for the district and Adam Beale the F-Standard Junior Champion for the district. Well done to our junior champs! Thanks should go to Phill Hodder who continues to support our junior shooters.

The camaraderie (and the snags) were terrific. Thanks to all that had a hand in bringing the day together.

Janet Beale

Roseville Rifle Club 2021 NSW CoVID Catch-up Queens Report

The catchup Queens had a great roll-up from RRC members.

Mark, Phill, Angus M., Uncle Mike, Sam and Adrian competed admirably in the TR discipline.

Sam managed to put all shots on the right target over 3 days which was a big improvement on his Narromine performance.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for all of our TR reps…with Adrian having his first cross-shot in a Queens.  As they say – there are those who have and those who will….

Michael “Barra” Cuda, Janet Beale, Allan Humbert and our associate member “Gosford” Gary Falkner all competed in F-TR. Peter Walters was our sole entrant in F-STD

Weather was fine, and while we often had 7-9 minutes on, it was fairly consistent.

Michael, Janet and Gosford Gary all require special mention, and were our leading lights in this Queens.

Michael Cuda Janet Gosford Gary
Range winner on first 500m  Range Winner on first 600m  Range Winner 2nd 800m
Range winner on first 600m  Range Winner on first 700m  2nd in Queens Grand Agg
Winner Day 1 Agg  Day 2 Agg Winner
Range Winner on first 800m  3rd in Queens Grand Agg
Range winner second 800m
Day 3 Agg Winner
Queens Grand Agg Fantastic score of 533.41 in the


For our TR guys – thanks for turning up – and better luck next time!

Sam Houston

NSDRA Christmas shoot 2020

It is December and that must mean it was time for the annual NSDRA Christmas shoot – a time when we pit club against club to see who can pick up the best prizes from the table. The weather was actually pleasant – cloudy without heat and also without much mirage. The rain held off but I don’t think anyone expected it to as there were a few tents on the ready.
The shooting for this day was 2+10 and then a 1+11 which could easily confuse some people who are used to 2 sighters. Both details were shot at 600m. So with a drum roll lets see how Roseville went….Stupendously!!!!! Out of 9 disciplines and grades, Roseville totally won all the disciplines we competed in and also made up over half the field in each of those disciplines as you will see below…

In TR-A:
–          Angus Martin top scored with a double possible 105.14 out of 105.21 max points.
–          In fact we had 5 people in the top 7 (Angus M, Mark B, Alan P, Dmitri K, Tim W) and almost all of those had scores over 100.
–          Over 50% of TR-A shooters came from Roseville!

In TR-B:
–          Andrew Martin top scored with an “A” grade score of a double possible 105.7 (which would have put him 4th in A Grade!)
–          Sam H. also had an “A” grade score over 100 and came 3rd
–          50% of TR-B shooters came from Roseville!

In TR-C:
–          Angus Langsford (our top junior) scored with an “A” grade score of 104.8
–          Hugo F and Chris S put in very good scores which shows they wont be in C grade for very long!
–          Nick K had a rough go with equipment failure but was a great sport and stayed to the end to get things righted by the club A graders (Alan P and Mark B).
–          Over 50% of TR-C shooters came from Roseville!

–          Michael Cuda (aka Santa Cuda) won the division with 126.16 out of 126.21 max points
–          Not too far behind was Janet B, Eva P and Allan H – well done!
–          50% of FTR shooters came from Roseville!

Interestingly we had no one shooting in FSTD-A or FSTD-B; however congrats to Alan Ashworth (Hornsby Manly) and Stuart Nimmo (Nth Syd) for their wins.
We also had no-one competing in SH-STD or SH-Open congrats to Brian Kirkman and Peter Wilkins (both Hornsby RSL) for their wins
In F-Open we say congrats to Kris Wilson (Hornsby RSL) for his win.
A day like this owes a lot to the helpers both in front and behind the scenes – thank you to everyone for the big and little jobs that you did. But, in particular we should call out Phil Jacombs who was the event director for the day; Allan Humbert the statistician and of course our very own Santa Cuda! Well done everyone for making this a memorable shoot.

Merry Christmas all!

Janet Beale

Narromine-Dubbo Rifle Club – 2020 Gunpro Unmasked Invitational Prize Meeting

A great weekend was had by The Patriarch and chief lunch-maker: Uncle Mike, Phill Hodder, El Presidente: Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov (Komrad) and Sam.

We travelled in tightly packed vehicles – Uncle Mike and Phill in Linda’s car, and Mark, Sam and Dmitri in Mark’s car.

Leaving Sydney around 12-1230 on Friday, we hit a heavy storm just outside Lithgow.  A very nice pub meal was had on the Friday evening with a few light refreshments.  Weather over the 2 days was clear, but quite hot on the Sunday.  Everyone in bed by 10pm Friday ready for competition on Sat.

As well as the overall 8 ranges at NDRC, we held our own “RRC high-stakes handicap competition” with handicaps provided by Chief Statistician Ian Palmer before departure.  Competition consisted of Sat: 800yds, 900, yds, 2x 1000yds.  Sunday competition consisted of 2x300m, 400m, and 1000 yds.  Day1 RRC handicap – Mark won 3 out of 4 ranges and the day agg.  With Phill stealing 900yds.    Conditions at 1000 were tough, and not many good scores with strong cross winds reversing directions – it was easy to get caught.  Mark was the only one in RRC to have nothing worse than an inner at 1000 on day 1.

We all enjoyed Uncle Mike’s home-made Cornish pasties, but ensured that he ate his first and had no adverse reactions as they were made on Monday….:-)

Some managed to develop quite a thirst on the Saturday night due to the dry and relatively warm day on the range.  We went to the Narromine Bowlo Chinese on the Saturday night after a few quenchers back at the ritzy Narromine Stockman motel.  Food again was delicious, and the camaraderie of course was second to none.   After a few whites with dinner, some felt that red would serve as a nice nightcap back at the ranch….There were some dusty faces on Sunday morning….

Day 2 RRC handicap Phill won the first 300m with 50.6 off the stick.  Komrad got the second 300m.  Phill got the 400m, and Mark winning the 1000yds.  Phill also got the day 2 agg.  The only prize that Sam won in the RRC comp by some considerable margin was the highest number of cross shots.  In fact he would have won this across all disciplines across the entire field!  Unfortunately this had no monetary value, only the glory and reputation.  He was however not the only name on the cross-shot hall of fame, with both Phill and Komrad also making entries on that unenviable board.

Uncle Mike had made us all nice ham, cheese and tomato sangers for Sunday lunch which went down well.

RRC comp aside, RRC did bring back a number of overall prizes:

 Mark Buchanan  Sam Houston  Phill Hodder  Dmitri Kazakov
800yds  Day 1 – range winner
1000yds (1) Day 1 – range winner
Day 2 Agg (Clearly Saturday nights excess did not affect performance too much!)
Grand Agg Winner
1000 yds (2) Day 1 – range winner TR(B) Sam Houston – on his first range without a cross shot!! 300m (1) Day 2 range winner
3rd in Grand Agg
Dmitri scored a nice stash of wines for all his help with database clean-ups and corrections due to people not entering the right info.

4x Hexta targets were in use, and the NDRC folks were very happy with not just the excellent technology, but also having on hand support from the inventor was very well received.

The results of the competition are HERE

Dmitri also upgraded and tested the range server software for them.

Sam Houston

Hornsby Range Program Revisions for the rest of 2020

Hi Everyone,

 I am pleased to issue a revised Range Programme for the rest of 2020. Key changes in the program are:

  • Setting catch-up dates for the 300M and 500M Arn Hammond Teams Matches;
  • Changing the remaining 700M fixtures to 400M as there will be maintenance performed on the 700M mound;
  • Confirmation of Goondiwindi ET Shoot scheduled for the 7th of November – with the details of this shoot attached.  A chance for us all to compete for badges.

The range program link has been updated.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Bonanni

Roseville Club Captain

Roseville Juniors prevail in a windy Champion of Champions match

COVID-19 has played havoc with 2020 schedules and the annual NSDRA Champion of Champion competition was no different. It was delayed…then date was reset…then days beforehand it was cancelled due to new State sport guidelines….then it was un-cancelled with extra precautions put in place…..but yes we finally got there … but only JUST. With such a lead up – it was never going to be a “routine” competition, so of course Mother Nature wanted to have her say too.


Our champs (Phill Hodder – TR, Angus Langsford – Jr TR, Allan Humbert – FTR, Adam Beale – Jr FS) had their work cut out for them battling Mother Nature. For many it felt like you were at Canberra with the wind gusting and howling then dropping off causing both elevation shots as well as windage shots – the centre of the target was certainly hard to find and to keep! The normally sedate Hornsby flags were all over the place and that wind was very cold despite the sunshine. But, each of our RRC champions did us proud and topped at least one range – Well done in trying to tame the beast!

At the end of the day, our two Juniors (Angus and Adam) won their division and were allowed to have a seat in the champion’s chair. Phill and Allan did an admirable job coming second in their divisions. All our Champions were well supported by RRC mates who were working on the day (no spectators allowed). Alas there was no “chairing” ceremony or BBQ or high-fives or handshakes this year – COVID preventing close contact between clubs and people. So this Champion of Champion shoot goes into the record books as one of the toughest and one of the strangest ones on record.


Congrats to Angus and Adam – you earned your spot in the limelight and we are all proud of your dedication to the sport and your accomplishments!

Janet Beale