Congratulations Champions!

Saturday the 2nd June was the final day of the shooting year for Roseville Rifle Club. All the competitions that are conducted throughout the year were finalised on that day. Competition in all Grades was very close this year and winners were not known until the end of the day.

The A Grade Champion this year was Ian Palmer who fired a score of 100 on the last day to just beat Phillip Hodder who had led the competition throughout most of the year. The B Grade Champion this year was Dmitri Kazakov who has shown steady improvement this year being promoted from C Grade last year. The C Grade Champion was Graham Coote, a newcomer in his first full year of competition, who also scored 100 on the last day to finish in front of an unlucky Gordon Marquette.

All things considered a very successful year for the Club and all of its Members.

Ian Palmer

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