Annual Presentation Day

On Sunday the 23rd September many Members, their Wives and Friends gathered at Hornsby Rifle Range for Roseville’s Annual Presentation Day

The major winners this year were:

A Grade and Club Champion – Ian Palmer
B Grade Champion – Dmitri Kazakov
C Grade Champion Graham Coote.

In addition most other Members won Monthly Trophies, Handicap Trophies or one of the many specialist trophies that the Club Members compete for throughout the year.

At the conclusion of the presentation Phill Hodder manned the barbeque and cooked to perfection, the steaks and sausages that the Club had purchased for the occasion. Many of the Ladies attending had bought salads and side dishes and a wonderful feast was arranged. The weather was perfect for dining outside and the tables were arranged in shaded areas in the open for a very pleasant and enjoyable luncheon. Members seemed reluctant to leave and the conversation and fellowship continued well into the afternoon, no doubt helped by the odd glass of ones favourite beverage.

The Club Captain Jan Wikstrom and his Committee are to be congratulated on a well organised and run event.

Ian Palmer

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