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Armidale OPM 2021

The Armidale OPM was held on the on the 6th and 7th of November with 5 members attending. First up was a sweepstake, the target was at 500yds with the computer set at 300yds. Mental calculations of adjustments were the major handicap of the range for the shoot, it was a 10 and 2, with an Armidale shooter taking the winner’s purse. Dmitri started the generous ways of the club members for the weekend by donating a high scoring shot to the next target.

The first shoot of the competition was 500yds, starting at 7:30pm, the shoot was in the pitch black with targets lit up with LED lights. The shooters had some trouble as they had to adapt to shooting with barely any light and the frog’s lit up next to them, note to Dmitri, backlit screens please?

Nigel and Sam where kind enough to give their V and Xs to the nice shooters in the adjoining lanes.

The winner: Peter Tollis from Inverell R.S.M.

Paul’s younger eyes helped him stay on his target, getting a 47.4, Dmitri getting a 50.6 with the help of all the Roseville team by being the last to shot on the night gaining tips and advice from the others when they finished, and Mark getting a highly ranked 49.5.

The first shoot of the second day was at 500yds and the star of the range was Mark, getting a 45.9, with the generous Roseville club again donating an X to other competitors. Nigel and Sam making up for their lost shots with 46.1 for Nigel and 47.4 for Sam. Paul with a 45.2 maintaining his lead in the C Grade.

The final two shoots of the day were at 600yds. In the third detail the wind started to pick up and some of us didn’t do as well as we hoped, with Dmitri and Mark both getting 48.4 and Sam getting 47.4.

The final shoot of the competition was a 15 and 2 at the 600yds, with Nigel shooting the best score in C grade at this range, trying to make up the points he lost in the first shoot, but couldn’t catch Paul. Mark and Dmitri getting 73 but Dmitri getting 3 more centres in the shoot. Overall Paul came first in C grade with Nigel close behind in third, Sam placed narrowly into second in B grade, and Dmitri and Mark coming third and fourth in A grade.

Our Roseville representatives flying the Club Colours. Mark, Sam, Nigel, Paul and Dmitri

Paul Russell

Captain message. 18 June 2020. 3rd month of COVID

Good Afternoon Rosevillians,

As there is a lot happening at present, I thought I’d send an update about various matters.

This Sat 20/6 – Hornsby Range Shooting Arrangements

NSDRA had a committee meeting on Tuesday evening, so amongst the matters discussed, it was decided that Covid-19 protocols needed to continue for the foreseeable future. As such the new range calendar for 2020/21 is still being worked on, so in the interim we will be shooting in two groups. One full bore club will shoot in the morning @ 300m along with the Schools and the other three full bore clubs will shoot in the afternoon at a longer range with duties broken up into morning and afternoon sessions.

The good news is, this week RRC will be shooting in the afternoon starting @ 1pm  but we will not have any range duties –  we will be shooting along with Nth Sydney and RSL @ 800m and located in lanes 6,7 & 8.

Next Sat 27/6 we will also be shooting in the afternoon, but @ 700m in lanes 6,7 & 8 but we will be responsible for RO and BO duties from 2.30pm till finish, as well as packing up at the end of the day. Of course Covid -19 social distancing protocols will need to be observed at all times, so please ensure that your chairs are spaced accordingly. We will also be introducing a few new minor protocols on the mound, but nothing too intrusive.

As soon as we have more information about the range calendar for 2020/21, we will let everyone know.

Breach Flags

It is understood that the use of breach flags is going to become a new mandatory requirement for all NSWRA members – we believe a new rule has been introduced that will require a breach flag to be inserted into a rifle’s breach when not in use, irrespective if the bolt is in or not. We are awaiting further details and will advise accordingly.



New Member – Adrian Bonanni

I am pleased to announce that we have a new member – Adrian Bonanni, previously with Hornsby RSL Rifle Club, has recently joined RRC and bings a wealth of experience having been an active full bore Target Rifle shooter at Hornsby range for over 30 years and being a distinguished A Grade shooter for most of that time. Adrian has held a number executive roles at both a district and club level, including Club Captain, Vice Captain, Statistician, Secretary and Treasurer, so please join with me in welcoming Adrian.





Arn Hammond, EM Nye & AJ Leighton 2019/20 Results

Final results for the 2019/20 Arn Hammond, EM Nye and AJ Leighton Championship have been tabulated and it gives me great pleasure to advise that once again Roseville distinguished themselves. In the Arn Hammond series (O/R) Roseville TR 1 came 1st, with Horn/Manly coming 2nd and Roseville TR 2 taking 3rd place. In O/R Roseville also took first place in FTR, but came second in FS (I reckon due to the series bing cut short 🙁 ).

A complete wrap up including Arn Hammond H/C results, EM Nye and AJ Leighton series is contained in the attachment below – special thanks to Allan Humbert who complied this so efficiently in his capacity as NSDRA Statistician.


2020 AGM – Sat 27/6

Just a reminder that our 2020 Annual General Meeting is being held next Saturday June 27th, 2020 @ 10.30am at the RRC Clubhouse. Phil Jacombs sent out formal Notices sometime ago, so if you can make the meeting it would be good – as all office bearer roles will be declared open, please let either Phil J or myself know if you are interested in nominating for a role. As mentioned in my last update, I will not be standing this year, as I have to focus on my business as well as family issues.


Annual Awards Presentation Day

Ian Palmer has recently complied the results for the RRC 2019/20 Club Championship (thank you Ian), so we will be setting a time soon for our Annual Presentation Day. For those who have never been before it’s a great day where we present awards to all those members who have distinguished themselves at a club level in the shooting year just passed. As is customary, we will be having a big BBQ lunch, together with refreshments, so I’d encourage everyone to attend if possible.  We’ll be sending a notification about this soon.

If anyone has any queries in respect to any of the above matters, please feel free to let me know, otherwise I look forward to seeing as many members as possible this Saturday….