North Shore District Rifle Association 2014/15 Arn Hammond Competition & A.J. Leighton Teams Match

The Arn Hammond Memorial Shield is an inter-club championship held on the Hornsby Rifle Range between each of the Clubs of the NSDRA. It is held over the shooting year, on each range from 300m to 800m. Unfortunately this year the 500m shoot was cancelled due to rain, so the competition was decided over the remaining 5 ranges.

Team No1, left-to-rigth: R. Trodden, P. Hodder, D. Kazakov, M. Buchanan, T. Walter., S. Tofler., I. Hutchinson

Team No1, left-to-right: R. Trodden, P. Hodder, D. Kazakov, M. Buchanan, T. Walter., S. Tofler., I. Hutchinson

The Roseville No 1 team put in a commanding performance by achieving on the highest score at each individual range. The final result was a convincing 34 point lead over the 2nd placed Hornsby Team, with Manly coming in third only a further 23 points behind. The solid core of this winning team was Mark Buchanan with an average of 69.5 out of a possible 70, Phill Hodder with an average of 69, and Dmitri Kazakov with an average of 69.2. Mark’s average centre count was 9 out of a possible 14; a very commendable result.

The Roseville No 2 team needs to be congratulated also. They are often left with whoever is available and have a constant re-shuffle of members. In spite of this they came in 4th place out of the seven teams, with some outstanding performances. At 700m they came in 2nd place to the No 1 team and helped stamp Roseville’s superiority on the District. They also provided constant pressure as to who was going to be included in the No 1 team; a very healthy situation for our club.

On the Handicap results, Manly secured first place, Roseville No1 second place, and North Sydney third place. Roseville No2 was in 5th place.

The AJ Leighton Memorial Shield used to be shot separately and from memory, on a Sunday. In recent years it was decided to score in concurrently with the same shoots as the Arn Hammond, but only over 600m, 700m and 800m. With Roseville No 1 winning each range, they obviously took first place in this competition also on 1036.96, Hornsby No 1 was second on 1007.75 and Manly third on 1000.78. Roseville No2 again came in 4th place, at 990.68.

Roseville’s F Class Team did extremely well  again this year beating Hornsby by a margin of over 30 points, 1593.086 to their 1561.080! They had a steady performance all year and showed again what a strong F Class membership Roseville has. The main core of the team was Graham, Ian, Michael, Bob and Gary.

I would like to note here a special thank you to those who have put their hands up for these teams events as Captains, entrusted with organising the rabble, and as Coaches to be used as the fall guys. You know who you are, and your efforts are very much appreciated.

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