The National Veteran’s Teams Match

While it was planned to be held in Sept 2022, Covid meant a postponement of the National Veteran’s Teams Match. So it was that on 23 January 2023, just days before the NSWRA 147th Open  Championships / Kings Prize, that two of our Roseville stalwarts, Mark Buchanan (TR) and Janet Beale (FSTD), represented NSW in the TR and F-class Veteran’s teams. The blazers and shirts may say 2022, but the hat bands and calendar says 2023….who is confused?

Due to the 4 month delay, there were fewer states represented at the comp, but that does not mean the effort or will to win was diminished.

Day 1 was the “Masters” in Target Rifle and the “Earnie Mace Match” in F-Standard (both competitions are shot at 800m as a 2+15 shoot for each of 5 shooters). Conditions meant the wind coaches had their work-hats on to glean every point they could out of the fickle Malabar winds. In F-Standard that also meant shoot as fast as possible to catch the right moment.  In both classes, NSW prevailed and took home 1st place medals – congrats to Janet and Mark (ok – yes – and the rest of their respective team-mates) on their win – particularly also congrats to their wind coaches who pulled out mini-miracles. Mark Buchanan was also the top shooter for the day in TR and therefore took home an additional prize medal.

Day 2 was the “Don Cook Match” in TR and the “Rob Richards-Mousley Match” in F-Standard. These were details of 2+10 for each shooter, at distances of 300m, 600m, 700m and 800m. NSW was the “hands- down” winner in TR leaving the other states in the dust. In fact, NSW TR veteran’s team, won at each and every distance meaning they won the “Don Cook Match” and the “Kosi-Ford Trophy” for the 2 day aggregate. Well done to Mark and his team mates. In F-Standard, just before lunch, things were a little more interesting as there was an equipment (scope) failure by a NSW team member and therefore a mid-detail swap-in of Janet’s rifle & ammo for that team-mate after a string of wild scores at 600m. Then, after lunch, at 800m a different team member had problems with his sighters meaning a quick trip to the paper target to get things squared away.  Needless to say, NSW didn’t win the 600m range or the day’s “Rob Richards-Mousley Match”. However, despite not winning day 2, NSW F-Standard team managed to win the Combined Aggregate for the 2 days by a single point. Phew. That was close. Janet also won the team’s “best team member” unofficial award.

NSW Vets wrap up: Mark came home with 3 medals and an individual prize, Janet came home with 2 medals and an individual unofficial prize. Well done to our Rosevillians and their NSW team mates, wind coaches and captains!  Great team effort by all.

FTR team
T-Rifle team

Janet Beale

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