Report on NRAA Palma 2024 trials

Held at Belmont Rifle Range, 18 & 19 June, 2022

Roseville RC had two trialists, Pat Jacombs and Phill Hodder and a support crew of Phil Jacombs and Mike Hodder (aka the pack horse). Sam Houston also made the trip north, and was there for a holiday. He showed up at various times on both days to lend his support.

Mike drove both ways; the others flew up with the Jacombs arriving just before midnight.  The 08:30 roll call was quite an effort.  There were approximately 28 vying for 18 positions and a number for the 4 coaching positions.

UM spent the 2 days helping with the plotting for a target and really enjoyed the experience. Phil lent a hand as moral support for Pat and Phill, and had positive comments along the to keep them focused on the job.

The selection team included Catherine Berry, Geoff Grenfell, Jim Bailey, Darren Enslin and Steve Negus.

Saturday’s program was:

Five 15 shot matches at 1000yds. All shoots conducted with no elevation changes after sighters.

Shooter A – 2& 5 Shots Shooter A – 5 shots Shooter A – 5 shots
Shooter B – 2 & 5 Shots Shooter B – 5 shots Shooter B – 5 shots
  • Match 1: normal coached shoot, 2 x non-convertible sighters (blow off) then 2 & 15
  • Match 2: 2 & 15 shots
  • Match 3: Speed shoot- 2 sighters marked then 15 shots in 5/6 minutes not marked.
  • Match 4 and 5. Endurance 2 shooters per coach.

Sunday’s program was:

15 Shots at 800,900 and 1000 Yards

  • Match 1: normal coached shoot, 2 x non-convertible sighters (blow off) then 2 & 15
  • Match 2: 2 & 15 shots
  • Match 3: 2 & 15 shots

At the completion of this trial a High Performance (HP) squad will be selected to proceed. This will consist of:

  • 4 Coaches
  • 18 Shooters
  • 4 non travelling reserves – continue training alongside team with team barrels in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • 1 non travelling coach – continue training alongside team in case of unforeseen Circumstances

A gruelling program, but our guys were up to the challenge and did themselves proud.  Our club was well represented by them.
Now they must wait a few weeks for the NRAA approval of the team before it can be announced.

E & OE

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