2015 MDRA Festival of Sydney


The long weekend saw 6 Roseville members contest this year’s Festival Of Sydney OPM at Malabar, Mark Buchanan, Mike Hodder, Gary Faulkner, Fernando Gregorio and Rob Trodden for both days and Phill Hodder for day 2.

Rob’s Grand prizes


The weather stayed fine for the whole comp but high temps made shooting less than relaxing.
With over 100 shooters, there was plenty of competition in all grades and although winds remained reasonably constant there were still a few tricky patches to contend with. Mark started well with a 50.9 and 50.6 taking out the first range in A grade. Mike, Fernando and Rob all had shaky starts however Rob posted a 50.6 to win the 2nd range in B grade.

Most of the team found some form on day 2 at 7 & 800 with 15 shot matches at each and a second 10 shot at 800.


Rob and Mike shot well in B grade with Rob winning all 3 ranges with 73.10 @ 700 and 49.5 & 74.7 at 800 with Mike taking 3rd at the first range and 2nd at the 1st 800 with 73.4 and 49.2

Gary's Badge

Gary’s Badge

Mark again started well on day 2 with 75.12, 48.4 and 74.9 and Phill who joined us for day 2 continued his new found form with an excellent 75.13, 50.8 & 74.7 taking 3rd in the 1st range and 1st in the 2nd range in A grade.

Phill's Badge

Phill’s Badge


Gary, our only F class entrant, shot well both days but dropped a couple of points on day 2 finishing with a 2nd, 3rd and 3rd in the grand after a shoot off.

All in all it was a great weekend with Roseville again able to hold our heads high winning 6 ranges, 2 2nd and 2 3rd , 2 daily aggs, and 1 Grand !


WELL DONE TEAM! And congratulations to Rob, who after winning the event in C grade last year backed up this year to win both days and the Grand in B grade.

Full results can be found here

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