Wingham OPM 2024

On the 7th to the 9th of June, 5 Roseville members travelled to Wingham to compete in the annual Wingham OPM. It was a tricky range as they had the SSAA range in front of the butts pushing your bullet from a V-Bull to a 5. Everyone from Roseville shot in either Target Rifle A or Target Rifle B. In Target Rifle A consisted of Dmitri and Mark, in Target Rifle B had Sam, Skye and Nigel. There was only one shore boy here this year competing in Target Rifle C (Hugh).

On the Friday there was a sweepstake which made its mark being difficult because we were shooting 600yds, and the screen was showing 300m which meant you only could wind half what you would normally do. The Results from Sweepstake: Dmitri 58-1, Mark 67-4, Sam 63-2, Nigel 62-2, and Skye 58-3. Sam tied 1st.

On Saturday, the competition started with a 10 shot at 400m and 2/ 10 shots at 500yds. 400m was good as it was early, and the wind was not too strong but there were some gusts at the end of the range. From the First mound the results were: Mark with an impressive 50-8 sitting him in 3rd place, Dmitri got a 50-5 sitting him in 12th place, Sam got a 48-2 coming 7th place, Nigel getting 48-5 coming 5th place and Skye getting a 47-2 coming 9th place. In the first 500yds Mark got a 50-5 coming 9th place, Dmitri getting a 49-3 coming in 21st place, Sam got 49-3 coming in 5th place, Nigel got a 49-2 coming 7th place and Skye got a 46-1 coming in 12th place. In the second 500yds Mark got an impressive 50-7 coming in 6th place, Dmitri got a 50-2 coming 16th , Sam got a 47-5 coming 10th , Nigel got a 50-4 coming 2nd and Skye got a 48-6 and coming 8th after having a loose front sight and winding the wrong way during the shot.

Day 1 Agg:

Mark (TRA): 4th, His average was 99.99%
Dmitri (TRA): 15th, His average was 99.33%
Sam (TRB): 7th, His average was 95.99%
Nigel (TRB): 3rd, His average was 97.99%
Skye (TRB): 9th, Her average was 93.99%

Day 2 kicked off with 400m. Not much wind at the start but throughout the shoot you had to watch the trees near the gully to see the change. Mark started with a 50-4 putting him into 11th, Dmitri got a 47-4 putting him in 27th, Sam got a 48-3 putting him in 9th, Nigel got a 49-5 putting him in 4th, Skye got an impressive 50-7 taking her to first place and getting the first gold for Roseville. The first 600yds was a bit more difficult as the wind started to pick up Mark got a 49-5 coming 18th, Dmitri got a 49-3 coming 24th, Sam got a 45-2 coming 10th, Nigel got beaten by his daughter again, scoring a 47-3 while Skye got a 50-4 coming 1st for another range medal.

The last stage for the competition was a 15 shot was difficult as it took a minute or two before the flags dropped which made it a long shoot after a big weekend of shooting. Mark finished with an impressive 75-9 coming in 5th, Dmitri got a 72.5 coming 24th, Sam got a 75-7 coming home with a gold, Nigel got a 71-6 coming in 8th, Skye got a 71-4 coming in 9th.

Day 2 Agg:

Day 2 Grand Agg
Mark (TRA): 9th With an average of 99.42% 4th
Dmitri (TRA): 27th With an average of 95.99% 23rd
Sam (TRB): 4th Wth an average of 95.99% 8th
Nigel (TRB): 6th With an average of 95.42% 5th
Skye (TRB): 3rd With an average of 97.71% 7th

Well done to everyone that came up and well done to everyone that came away with a place. Also, a huge congratulations to Hugh after coming 1st in every stage throughout the weekend

Nigel Russel

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