Belmont Range Match

The QRA was held at the magnificent Belmont range (venue for the 2011 World Championships) with a strong attendance of >260 entries.

Roseville was represented by David Tracey (on leave from the UK), Andrew Martin & Mark Buchanan. The mornings were cold and wind challenging however mostly from the RHS of the range.

Peter Pearce won the Duncan with a creditable 300.44 with Mark coming 15th on 298.32 The Queens at 300 yards Mark opened up with a 50.10 to set the pace. Finishing the day with a winning 200.32 & 2 centres in the lead from Grenfell of Bendigo.

The second day saw points dropped across the board however Mark managed 199.21 also winning the 2nd day agg.

Day 3 saw the demise of most in a leading position with wind direction changing to the LHS with varying angle and velocity claiming 2 inners fro Mark at 1000 yards with a 48.2 and leaving the winning spot open. Fortunately for Mark they dropped like flies in the tough conditions but Grenfell put on a sterling effort to loose by 1 centre on his last shot to Mark with Mark finishing on 496.61 to take the 139th Queensland Queens and the four (4) Grand in prize money. Grenfell did however win the Grand Agg by one (1) point from Mark and a heap of centres but the glory was to be had by the Roseville member.

David & Andrew tussled with the conditions throughout the days but had a good time as well.

 Photo РA. Martin, text РM Buchanan

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