Cessnock OPM

The weather report said rain until 10am then clearing; but that didn’t deter 7 Roseville Rifle Club members from making the 140 km trip to Cessnock for their Open Prize Meeting that started at 9am on Sunday 21st May …yes that is the same day that others went to Lockhart for a different competition. At Cessnock, the rain held off and the clouds cleared but the wind decided to be a little challenging thus keeping the centre count extremely low across the board. Before jumping into the scores, a shout out to 2 Roseville members who were, yet again, doing double duty as shooter and expert – that would be Dmitri Kazakov on Hexta and Phill Hodder as Shore shooting coach. Both of you help the overall shooting community with your skills – thank you!

There were 3 details of 2+10 at 600 yds spread across 7 targets using our favourite HEXTA system. It was a joy not to have to pack the car and move to a different mound. It was also a joy to have the catering and facilities block so near to the competition. Now, if we could just improve the temperature a tiny bit and decrease that wind a little……ah well, maybe next time.

Overall there were 69 competitors in the various disciplines/grades but Roseville was represented in just three categories:- TR-A; TR-C; FTR. As you can see below, Roseville competitors were well represented in the various podium finishes.

  • Alan Humbert (FTR) – scored 98.8% accuracy and was 3rd overall (plus 1st and  3rd in two details)
  • Janet Beale (FTR) – scored 97.7% accuracy and was 3rd in one detail
  • Eva Patrick (FTR) – scored 97.7% accuracy and was 2nd in one detail
  • Dmitri Kazakov (TR-A) – scored 99.3% accuracy and was 3rd overall (scoring 2 possibles).
  • Phill Hodder (TR-A) – scored 97.3% accuracy
  • Allan Patrick (TR-A) – scored 96.7% accuracy and was 2nd at one detail (scoring a possible)
  • Nigel Russell (TR-C) – scored 91.3% and was 3rd overall (plus a 1st in one detail).

Nigel was in the largest shooting cohort in TR-C thanks to a large number of school boys attending. He proved to everyone he will be a force to be reckoned with in the Shore Parent-Son competition which comes up shortly. He is also on the cusp of moving up to TR-B. Keep going Nigel!

Janet Beale


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