Canberra Rifle Club 100th Championships Shoot.

Mark Buchanan, Fernando Gregorio, Gary Faulkner, Angus Martin, Andrew Martin, and Allan Humbert attended the Canberra Rifle Club 100th Anniversary Championships between 13 and 17 November 2013.

Former member Keirin McCamley also attended.

Mark at Canberra 2013aOnly Mark Buchanan shot the whole of the Grand Championship, coming third in the 600 metre match during Stage 1 of the R A Rolph Aggregate and finishing 20th.

Mark came first in the first 800 metre match in Stage 2 of the Queens and finished with 391.36 to win Number 12 Queens badge. Mark finished 6th in the Grand Aggregate.

Fernando Gregorio finished Stage 1 of the B Grade Queens in 4th place and did the same in Stage 2, however, in the progressive aggregate3, he was coming in second place, only 1 centre bull behind the leader, Shaun Wingrove, on 287.25.

Angus at Canberra

Angus at Canberra

Stage 3 saw Fernando shoot a 48.3 to Wingrove’s 49.3 at 500 metres, however, at 600 metres Wingrove shot 46.3, while Fernando struck a horror patch to record 42.0. Fernando finished 4th in the B Grade Queens with 377.27 with Sean Wingrove winning with 382.31.

Angus Martin shot a 44.01 at the final 600 metre range, to finish second in the C Grade Queens with 372.16, only one point behind the winner, a very experienced looking Richard McRae, on 373.24.

Along the way. Angus won the silver medal at 300 metres, the gold medal at 600 metres, and the bronze medal in Stage 1.

Angus won the gold medal at the first 800 metres range in Stage 2 with a fine 50.03, a feat which eluded most A Graders. At the second 800 metre range, Angus won another silver medal with a fine 47.04. This was enough to see Angus win the gold medal for Stage 2 with 142.12, a clear 2 points above second position.

Angus won the silver medal in at 500 metres in Stage 3 with a 48.00 and with his 44.01 at 600 metres this saw him finish Stage 3 in third place for a bronze medal.

Tim Walter came seventh at the second 800 metre match with 49.04. Tim finished in 53rd place in the Queens with 381.24 after shooting a 45.03 at the last range.

Andrew Martin finished with a strong 48.03 at 600 metres finishing in 83rd place in the Queens with 365.19.

Gary Faulkner shot consistently well, coming 7th in the Queens Stage 1, 4th on Day 3, which included a silver medal at 600 metres, and finishing 7th in the F Standard A Queens with a score of 451.27.

Allan Humbert, shot 417.13 to finish in 33rd place in F Standard A Grade.

Keirin McCamley shot 387.28 to finish 28th in the Queens and to win a Badge.

Canberra 2013 003a

Congratulations to those who attended this shoot and escaped a wet Sydney weekend.

Roseville members were a bit unlucky not to come home with the B Grade and C Grade Queens, but Fernando and Angus must be proud of their achievements as must Mark, Gary and Keirin.

Tim Walter, Captain

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