Northern Territory Kings – June 2024

Every two years, Darwin Rifle Club has their trifecta of competitions:

  • The Alice OPM (held in Darwin over 3 days) – sponsored by the CARC (Central Australia Rifle Club)
  • The Lou Hook Series (the 2-day lead up – 6 stages)
  • The King’s Prize (3 days – 10 stages)

Note: there was also a team’s competition called the Dyer, but Janet didn’t enter due to lack of ammo.

This NT King’s is a little different:

  • this was the inaugural King’s prize as previously it was the Queen’s Prize.
  • there are 10 stages in this King’s prize whereas most of the other states have 8 stages in the Kings.
  • There were many NT-based competitors that we rarely get to compete against
  • The distances were 500m – 900m with 50% of the Kings being shot at 800m or 900m

Janet Beale (shooting in FTR) was the sole Roseville competitor at this year’s competition although there were plenty of others who also visited from NSW, Vic, Qld and even WA. Unfortunately, Janet was only able to shoot part of The Alice OPM, but it was enough to win a couple of prizes and to get some elevations for the lead-up and the NT Kings.

The Micket Creek Shooting complex was well presented and the Darwin Rifle Club even had brand new sun shelters ready to keep the competitors, scorers and bystanders out of the sun.

Sun shelter on the move between ranges

Sun shelter opened up with good shade protection.

Conditions were mild but tricky with drop offs and pickups occurring very regularly meaning a “4” on one side and potentially next shot being a “4” on the other side (3+ min of wind change between shots if you don’t watch for it carefully). The occasional down drafts were a nightmare to contend with as you could not see any indications of them and oops – there is a low “5” (or worse!). But everyone shot in the same conditions as the squadding was well organised throughout (resetting by discipline after each move to new range). Every day was sunny – it is easy to see why this is called the dry season.

While in Darwin, Janet also was able to catch up with son Adam Beale who was temporarily posted to HMAS Broome which is based in Dawin.

So what did Janet come home with?

  • 6 first place range prizes
  • 5 daily aggregate prizes (mixture of gold / silver / bronze)
  • 2nd in the Lou Hook Lead up
  • 2nd in the NT Kings
  • 3rd in the Grand Aggregate
  • $600 in prize money
  • And a bonus of catching Covid for the first time.

Janet with the Leadup 2nd place

Janet with the Kings Prize 2nd place

Janet’s prizes

The NT Kings is well worth the visit in 2 years time if you can make it. It is not too hard to fly up. Or do it like some of the others who hit the NQRA Kings first and then drove up to Darwin….. question: “when are you driving home?”….answer: “August”.

Janet Beale

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