CWDRA Open Championship 2022


TR F-Class
Mark Buchanan Christian Le Moy
Phill Hodder Ross Webb
Andrew Martin
Angus Martin
Sam Houston
Tim Walters

Ross Webb setup camp early and awaited our arrival, unfortunately the big C got in the way and Adrian could not make the trip.
Phill Hodder shot on Saturday at Hornsby and before we knew it was ringing us from Lithgow well on his way.
Tim travelled solo on Sun a big trip for one day
Sam &Chris travelled together on Sun (Sam did most of the driving while Chris slept)
Mark, Andrew and Angus travelled up on Sun together.

Congrats to all attending Rosevilleans almost a quarter of all entries!

32 entries in total during CoVid Times – including 8 from RRC.
Congratulations Ben Em’s and the team for such an excellent OPM well organised and run.


Hot & Steamy – with tricky winds and plenty of Cows to shoot over the top of.


Sam won each range and the aggregate in TR B with aggregate of 146.13. An excellent effort well done mate.
Andrew got second in each range, and aggregate in TR B. Another excellent effort
Angus finished with a possible 50.6 – the only possible from a Rosevillean during the day. Very nice Angus well done.


The prize ceremony was fast and efficient which travellers were happy with. Only prizes for first place in ranges/ aggs which meant folks could get on the road sooner for the long trip home.
Sam took home a stack of great prizes including – Camp Chair, Charcoal BBQ, LED Rechargeable Spotlight, and a Dash Cam
F Class
Christian Le Moy
Ross Webb

Full results at

Sam, Phill and Chris.

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