Roseville members representing Australia

The National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) announced the Australian teams going to South Africa in 2024 to contest the World Long Range Championships for Target Rifle. Initially the match had been scheduled for March/April 2023 but was postponed to 2024 due to COVID.   Roseville Rifle Club had quite a few nominations for the various teams showing the strength of target rifle within the club. Roseville is very proud to have 3 people selected as shooters within 2 of the 3 Australian teams.

Australian Veteran’s team (here), including from RRC:

  • Mark Buchanan

Australian Palma team (here)

Australian Under 25’s Team (here), including from RRC:

  • Pat Jacombs
  • Adam Beale

Pat Jacombs and Adam Beale

Mark Buchanan

These 3 individuals also represented Australia at the previous World Long Range Championships held in new Zealand in 2019 (pre Covid) where they each came home with team medals and where Mark also came home with an individual prize as the top Veteran shooter. RRC are very proud that these individuals’ skills are being recognised by the selectors and we wish these RRC members well on their medal quest in South Africa in 2024.

Janet Beale

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