Gosford OPM 2021

Dear Gosford Rifle Club

Thanks for hosting so many of us from Roseville Rifle Club at your OPM on 5th December. All 9 of us (Adam, Mark, Phil, Dmitri, Angus M, Sam, Andrew, Christian, and Janet) had a great time shooting on your Hexta targets. We were grateful for the pre-registration system allowing RRC to represent nearly 14% of all registrants. We were interested to see the split of disciplines at your competition (32% TR, 29% FSTD, 20% FOpen, 10% FTR). Thanks for pushing the date back due to COVID and we appreciated the work you did to make sure we were all vaccinated and well looked after (including making the presentation outside but under cover).

Yes the weather was very cloudy with some light drizzle at times, but that added to the challenge as the winds still needed to be reckoned with so we all watched the flags across the gully. But RRC all appreciated that you anticipated this weather and had covers for the mound + for the chalkboard attendants + undercover places for everyone’s gear (Frankly, I think we preferred that almost rainy weather to 40+ degrees and heavy mirage so thanks for arranging such suitable weather in December so that we could all score so well).

At the end of the day, we were thrilled that all but one of our RRC members took home prizes; you gave us lots to clap about at the ceremony. We certainly appreciated the comment from the Master of Ceremonies when he said “I think we need to go to train with the people at Roseville – they are doing very well!”.

Lots of love, see you at next year’s 75th Gosford OPM….

Your friends from RRC

Adam and Mark were stoked to go clean on the day (150 out of 150) on your range and they will forgive Damon Livermore (Sydney Rifle Club) for his 50-8, 50-10 and 75-15 because it was so good to watch someone do a PB. Christian wants to thank you for understanding this was his first ever OPM and for letting him score a possible (90-8) in the last detail. Janet is sorry she messed up the first detail, but was glad to show you that yes she really can shoot. Despite not going home with any prizes, Angus M was happy to participate using factory loads to give everyone else at the competition half a chance of beating him. On your behalf, Angus will give his dad Andrew some ribbing over Andrew’s donation to the next door target in the first detail.

For the record – here are the prizes taken home by RRC members:

Adam Beale: three 2nd place range prizes, and then 2nd in grand aggregate, top Junior in TR
Mark Buchanan: two 3rd place range prizes, and then 3rd in grand aggregate, top Veteran in TR
Phill Hodder: one 3rd place range prize
Dmitri Kazakov: 5th in grand aggregate scoring a badge

Sam Houston: one 1st place and one 2nd place range prize, and then 2nd in grand aggregate
Andrew Martin: one 2nd place range prize

Christian Lemoy: one 1st place and one 2nd place range prize, and then 4th in grand aggregate, top Tyro FSTD-B

Janet Beale: one 1st place and one 2nd place range prize, and then 2nd in grand aggregate

More photos here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuryNbs88GBf1nn5GRbPsVfLqt6S?e=cbvW93

Competition results are here

Janet Beale. Photos Phill Hodder

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