QRA Queens 2022

El Presidente Markoff, Komrad Kalashnikov (Dmitri), and Sam H attended the QRA Duncan and Queens.  Mark and Dmitri both drove, and Sam took the easy option of flying.  Mark and Sam stayed with Neil and Paula (who used to be Sam’s neighbours in Ballyclare) at Alexandra Hills – a short drive from the range, while Dmitri stayed on the range in a luxurious hut.

Conditions during the meet were mixed. The lead up conditions were clear – but with some wind gusts. Day 1 Queens was fine. Day 2 morning was fine, but heavy rain in the afternoon. QRA put tents up at 1000 during this. Visibility was poor, but it didn’t affect scores very adversely.

All 3 Rosevilleans who attended the QRA Queens had a 100% success rate (in catching CoVID that is).

Highlights (& Low Lights)


Shooting a fantastic 50.9 at 1000 yards with his barrel that has fired over 15,000 rounds!!! Winning the second 1000 yards range on day 2. On top of the 50.9, the last shot of the stage was a Pin Hole: “Good Shot” says Hexta.

Komrad can really shoot with the best of them – just needing to keep them on his target.  Unfortunately, the Ukranian sniper managed to put one on a neighbours target in lead up, and again in Queens



Winning second 500yds range in TRB in lead up with  49.4, second in first 600 with 49.5; 2 Possibles at 900 winning Queens Day 2 Agg in TRB with 196.12

Sam clutched defeat from the jaws of victory with a terrible day 3.  He moved up 7 places after day 2 but back 4 after day 3; However – he managed to snare a #7 badge in TRB



Shooting heaps of possibles – just needing a few more centres to get the silverware

Winning #14 Badge in Queens

Day 3 was fine, and the Deputy Commissioner (Peter Thurtell) had a good lead going into 1000. However it was his brother Mark from Lyndhurst Rifle Club who prevailed. Mark has been a Queens bridesmaid many times, but the QRA makes him a 3 Times Queens winner. Congratulations Mark Thurtell.

Numbers of of shooters (macro level): TR – 76; FS – 36; FO – 31; FTR – 27.

We enjoyed pizza together at Dmitri’s favourite pizzeria on our final night.

Full Results can be found: QRA Queens Series 2022 and Duncan & QRA Queens Series Grand Agg 2022

Sam Houston

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