Cessnock OPM

Four Roseville members, Mark, Tim, Keirin and Phill, traveled to Cessnock to compete in the annual Prize meeting and to help Cessnock members celebrate their Centenary. The morning started off very foggy and it was decided to start later with hopes the fog would clear, which it did not too much later. There was an excellent roll up with about 80 shooters. The conditions started off still at 300 yards but the mirage was changing very quickly at times.

Mark Buchanan shot exceptionally well scoring a Perfect 50.10 (!) to win the range. He followed that up at 500 yards with a great 50.8.

Soon before the last shooters finished 500y. the clouds came over and looked very threatening. The heavens opened just before the start of 600 yards and it continued bucketing down for quite a while, so a decision was made to cancel that range. So the very happy Mark won the day by 4 centers from Alan Lee, then Steven Negus one center further behind. Keirin finished with 98.9. Tim and Phill didn’t shoot quite as well. Unfortunately Mark got soaked shooting the lucky bull target, he commented on the fact that he could hardly see the target for the rain, and still managed a center for it.

Well done Mark !!

Phill Hodder

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