The NSDRA OPM was shot on 3rd and 4th Nov. Roseville had a stellar turnout of 8 target riflers and 6 F-Class shooters for the favourite shooting competition of the year. Interestingly

  1. RRC fielded over half of all the TR-A competitors (Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Phill Hodder, Steve Tofler represented RRC).
  2. On Day 1 TR-B was 100% Roseville (Pat Jacombs, Mike Hodder, Adam Beale represented RRC) although a couple of more from outside joined in TR-B fun on day 2.

It was also good to see new member Sam Houston shooting in C-Grade – well done Sam! In F-Class, we had a strong FTR showing with Gary Faulkner, Alan Patrick and Eva Patrick; in FS-A Peter Walters and Michael Cuda were stars; and Janet Beale had fun in FS-B (thanks to loan equipment from Jon Marriott). The weather obliged, it was hot and sunny with mirage and a slight breeze to contend with.

Every single shooter from RRC took out at least a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their respective class/grade for a detail. Well done to all our shooters who showed how strong and supportive a club we are!

Notable 1st or 2nd placings for Daily Aggregates:

Day 1 Agg: Mark was 1st (TR-A), Mike was 1st (TR-B), Pat was 2nd (TR-B), Sam was 2nd (TR-C), Michael was 2nd (FS-A), Gary was 2nd (FTR)

Day 2 Agg: Mark was 1st (TR-A), Pat was 1st (TR-B), Peter was 2nd (FS-A), Gary was 1st FTR

Notable 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings for the two day Grand Aggregate:

Mark was 1st (TR-A), Pat was 1st (TR-B), Adam was 2nd (TR-B), Mike was 3rd (TR-B), Sam was 2nd (TR-C), Michael was 2nd (FS-A), Peter was 3rd (FS-A), Janet was 3rd (FS-B), Gary was 2nd (FTR), Alan was 3rd (FTR)

Special congrats to Mark Buchanan who took home the prize of a new barrel for being the top shooter!

Also, congrats to Pat who took home top Junior Shooter and who now moves to A grade in the NRAA database just in time for the Canberra Queens!

And a big thank you to Allan Humbert who spent the two days inputting all the stats on the NRAA score system, thanks Allan!

(thanks to Phil J for being photographer)

Janet Beale

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