2013 District Teams Weekend

On the weekend of the 6th & 7th of July some members from Roseville Rifle Club  shot various team matches at Malabar Rifle Range. On Saturday afternoon there was the District Teams Match, which is shot in teams of 5 shooters under a wind coach at 7&800m. This year our District fielded two Target Rifle Teams and one F Class Std Team.

Tim's 800m scoreboard

Tim’s 800m scoreboard

The shooters from Roseville were, Tim Walter (Team 1) & Phill Hodder (Team 2) with Mike Hodder coaching the #2 Team. The #2 Team shot well in the first distance to be leading by one point! Tim shot extremely well at 800m and posted a 75.10 to top score out of all the teams!

Team #1 did extremely well and finished 3rd overall! Well done. Team #2 unfortunately had some issues at the 800m mound and finished in 7th position. Results can be found at: http://staging.nswra.org.au/docs/CityVCountry/2013/DRA_Team_Champions.pdf

On Sunday I had the pleasure of being a team member for the City team in the City vs Country match (although as a reserve). This is a very prestigious Team Shoot, shot in 3 teams of 5 shooters  under 3 coaches at 5,6,7 & 800m. Tim,  Phill, Angus and Lachlan represented Roseville.

There were many notable performances during the four ranges from both teams, but most notable of all was our Captains magnificent score of 50.10 @ 500m, his first!

Tim's 500m scoreboard.

Tim’s 500m scoreboard.

This was made so much more significant because he had to stop shooting after the 8th shot, as a round wouldn’t chamber, he then had to deal with a stuck projectile in the barrel and powder through the action and bolt. Once his  team members sorted out this issue he continued with great composure to finish where he started off with two V Bulls!!

Well done Tim on a wonderful performance under pressure.

Unfortunately even with this impeccable result the City Team lost by 24 points!

Angus and Lachlan Martin represented the U25 City team and they were both having a close battle between themselves. Angus shot a personal best of 50.7 @700m and by the end of the third range the two brothers were only four centres apart. The big brother finished stronger @ 800m with a 50.2 to gain a 3 point win over Augus. Well done to both the Martin’s.

All and all a great day with many positives for our club shooters, district and city representations. Results here: http://staging.nswra.org.au/docs/CityVCountry/2013/City_V_Country.pdf


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