118th Tasmanian Queen’s 2015

Three Rosevillians traveled overseas to the Apple Isle and competed in the 118th Tasmanian Queen’s at Campbell Town 65km’s south east of Launceston. Tim and Phill traveled by air and Mark by land and water to compete in this event at the windswept sheep grazing range. We stayed in the small town of Ross only 9km’s away which has one main street, a Post Office, 3 bakeries and various other small tourist shops and an information center.

The conditions for the Davis Lead Up Shoot were not considered favorable with high, very changeable cold winds from the right which changed direction and strength very quickly.

There were some initial high scores but that soon stopped and by the end of the second day, where if you got a low to mid 40 you were doing OK!!

Mark gained 3rd place for 600y with a 47.3 and another 3rd at 700y with a 47.0. Phill managed 1st place at that 700y with a 49.4! Mark finished Day 1 of the Davis in 3rd place 188.9, Phill 9th 180.11 and Tim 16th 171.8.

Day 2 saw Mark again get a 3rd place with his 42.0 at 1000y, the days agg saw Phill in 4th place on 82.4, Mark 9th with his 79.3 and Tim 15th on 75.2. The Roseville placings for the Davis Agg were Mark 4th 267.12, Phill 7th 262.15 and Tim a valiant 16th 246.10.

Dawn broke on the first day of the Queen’s with a calm and clear day, the wind had dropped and was more consistent, care still was needed to watch for inevitable drops offs and changes of direction. OwinDSC_0355g to the calmer conditions the 50’s flowed with ease with every range of day 1 and most of day 2. Mark shot very well at the second 500y with a 50.9 for 1st place! The day 1 agg saw Mark in 4th with 195.20, Phill 10th with 192.16 and Tim 16th on 188.12.

Day 2 of the Queen’s started with equally pleasant weather which improved during the day, there were times where it was nearly getting hot in the sun!! Phill started off well in the first 700y with a 50.6 for 1st place, Mark gained 3rd place for the 1st 800y with his 49.4 and Phill 4th with 48.5. The end of Day 2 saw Phill in 7th on 189.14, Mark 12th on 188.12 and Tim 15th 184.11.DSC_0354

There was some light drizzle early in the morning of the last day which cleared up in time when shooting commenced. Temperatures were higher again and the wind eased. Mark was again 3rd with a 50.4 at 900y and 3rd at 1000y shooting a 48.2, and Phill 4th on 50.3 at 900y. Mark tied for 1st place in the final days agg with Grahame Berman with 98.6! Phill got 5th for the agg on 97.7 and Tim finished 17th on 93.3.

Now to the Queen’s final placings. Mark finished a very credible 4th place on 481.38 behind the eventual winner and local shooter and CRO Mark Walters who shot an excellent score of 487.40, Phill 6th on 478.37 and Tim 16th on 465.26. The Grand results for the Roseville shooters were Mark 3rd with 748.50, Phill 6th on 740.52 and Tim 17th with his 711.36

Full results can be found at http://www.nraa.com.au/tasmanian-queens-prize-meeting-results/

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