2022 F-Class National teams match

The Nationals F-Class Teams competition was due to be held in Canberra in 2021 but due to COVID lockdown it was rescheduled. Thus, it was Bendigo in 2022 that hosted the F-Class National teams match. From RRC we had 2 participants – Alan Patrick (well supported by Eva) in the NSW FTR team and Janet Beale in the NSW F-Standard team.

Despite the rain in Sydney that has kept us all off the ranges for a good part of the last 5-6 weeks, at Wellsford Range in Bendigo, it was dry and dusty with some occasional cloud cover and lots of mirage.

The NSW FTR team came 2nd on day 1 (2+20 at 1000 yds) and 2nd on day 2 (2+15 at each of 800yds, 900yds and 1000yds). At the end of the competition NSW FTR came 2nd over the 2-day event one single point behind the winners (SA) and one point ahead of 3rd place (QLD). A very tight competition indeed! Our RRC rep on the team (Alan Patrick) was the 2nd highest shooter in his team at 1000yds on day 1 and in day 2 detail 1 at 800 yds he scored a phenomenal 90-8. Well done Alan!!

The NSW F-Standard team came 4th on day 1 (ranges as above) and 3rd on day 2 (ranges as above) and coming 4th overall. Our RRC rep on the team (Janet Beale) was the top scorer in her team, and the top scorer on day 2 across all F-Standard teams. Also in day 2 detail 1 at 800 yds she scored a phenomenal 90-9. Well done Janet!!

No Roseville members were in the NSW F-Open team.

RRC is proud of our F-Class NSW team reps and we look forward to 2024 when the competition will be in Canberra and we hope to see our f-class members nominate to represent our state.

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