Mudgee District Association Prize Meeting 2013

Nine Roseville club members: Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Andrew Martin, Angus Martin, Lachlan Martin, Fernando Gregorio, Gary Faulkner, Phill Hodder and Tim Walter attended the Mudgee District Association Prize Meeting held at Mudgee Rifle Range over the Easter weekend of 30/31 March 2013.

Courthouse Hotel

Courthouse Hotel

Anne Martin and Rochelle Martin also attended to add a feminine touch to the weekend and to act as bearers of fruit and coffee on Day 2! Fernando booked rooms at the Courthouse Hotel for all except the Martin clan, who stayed at a resort some distance out of Mudgee.

Practice was conducted at 600 yards on the Friday afternoon where Mark, Phill, Fernando and Tim checked their zeros and wind reading ability.

Day 1 saw three shoots at 500 yards. Andrew put his first counting shot on the wrong target and Lachlan found his zero was out, unfortunately putting both shooters behind the 8 ball from the start.

Mark Buchanan came second at the second 500 yards with 50.8 finishing third on the day with 149.17.
Phill Hodder was close in fourth place with 149.12 coming third at the first 500 yards with 50.5 and Dmitri finished with a solid 147.15. Fernando shot 50.5 at the second 500 yards to finish the day with 145.12 and Tim scored 144.7.

Lachlan on 142.10 edged out Andrew with 141.9 while Angus finished with 135.4, coming second at the second 500 yards with 46.2. Gary in F Class shot 168.4.

Phill Hodder won the Badge

Phill Hodder collecting his Badge

Saturday night saw us all dining at a Vietnamese restaurant in a private courtyard. Back at the pub and hungry after the Vietnamese restaurant, Dmitri enjoyed his first game of darts winning a drink from Tim!

Day 2 was three shoots at 600 yards.

Mark and Phill both opened with 50.4 followed by 48.6 and 48.7 respectively. Dmitri opened with a 49.6 at each range, being unlucky not to win both ranges. Tim opened with 49.5 and 49.4 and Andrew with 48.4 and 47.4. Lachlan opened with a fine 50.4 followed by a 47.3, as conditions were getting tricky. Fernando opened with 49.4 followed by a 50.6 to win his first range in A Grade. Well done Fernando! Angus shot 37.1, 47.2 and 44.1 coming second with his 47.2 and firing a central on the wrong target for his 37.1! Gary shot 164.8 and finished second in the first 600 yards with 58.3.

By the last 600 yards the mirage had disappeared and the wind was changing quickly and difficult to read from the flags. Phill proved consistent to finish with 49.3 for 296.26 to win 5th Badge. Well done Phill! Mark finished with 48.4 to finish with 295.31 to win 6th Badge. Well done Mark! Andrew, Dmitri and Tim were cut up with 44.2, 45.1 and 44.4 respectively. Lachlan and Fernando were more respectable with 47.1 and 47. 5 respectively.

Mark Thurtell of Orange Rifle Club won the meeting with 299.37/300. Congratulations Mark!

Roseville Team at Mudgee

Roseville Team at Mudgee

It was great to see such a good roll up from Roseville and good to see Phill and Angus perform so well.

Let’s do the same thing next Easter with a few more members present?

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