2022 ANZAC Day OPM held by the Malabar

On Anzac Day, a troop of Roseville shooters travelled out to Malabar for the annul Anzac Day shooting competition. The shoot started with a small speech and minute of silence held by the Malabar club to honour the fallen soldiers.

It was two 15 & 2 shoots, with Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov and Phil Hodder not dropping a shot in the first detail.

In the second shoot with the sun setting for the last couple of shooters, who were very rushed so they could still see the targets. Dmitri was the only shooter that did not drop a shot in the detail, Adrian coming though and shooting the same score as the first detail with two 74.6. Phil and Mark doing well in the second detail, but not able to stay with the leaders.

In B grade we had the two Sam’s (Atkinson and Houston) with 71.1 and 72.6.

In C grade we had Paul & Nigel Russell and Christie Verney in her very first competition shooting 61.1

In the F standard and FTR we had Peter Walters, Robert Kozminski competing for the CLUB.

Overall, the Club achieved two third places, Dmitri shooting a 150.15 in A grade and Paul shooting 140.9 in C grade.

Nigel Russell

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