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Fernando Scoops The Pool at Lithgow!

On Sunday 1 December 2013, Fernando, Mark and Tim (AKA The Three Muscatears) attended the Lithgow Prize Meeting on a clear, mild, sunny, Sunday.



The course of fire was 500y, 500y and 600y.

Fernando started with a 49.3 at the first 500y and followed it with a fine 50.3 at the second 500y

Mark started off in winning form with a 50.3 at the first 500y, followed by 50.8 at the next 500y.

Tim started with a 48.4 at both the 500y ranges and continued with the same score at 600y!

Unfortunately, Mark struck tricky conditions at the final 600y and finished with an uncharacteristic  46.3.

Fernando had a high first sighter, but was in the centre for the next 3 shots and finished with 49.6.

Fernando won 500, 500 and 600 yards in B Grade and of course, blitzed the B Grade Aggregate with a total of 148,12, which would have placed him 8th in A Grade.

The top three places in A Grade all fell to Lyndhurst shooters, namely, Ben Emms, Rob Sweegers and Les Frazer.

TGJB (The Great Jim Bailey) came 4th!

So, as they say Fernando, “Congratulations and welcome to A grade”.

I am sure you will soon be making your mark there, even using that bloody bloop tube!

Well done mate!

Tim Walter, Captain.

NSDRA Presentation on 23rd November 2013

At the conclusion of shooting on Saturday 23rd  November 2013, the NSDRA conducted a presentation of trophies for the 2012 – 2013 year.

Roseville dominated the results in several ways.

#1 Team members

#1 Team members

W.S.Josephson Shield

W.S.Josephson Shield

The first trophy presented was the trophy for the Josephson Teams Match which was won by NSDRA Purple Team from a strong MDRA Team.

#2 Team members

#2 Team members

NSDRA have not beaten the MDRA in this event, for some years. Tim Walter was Captain/shooter and Phill Hodder was also a shooter in the team.

Roseville Number 1 won the Arn Hammond Teams Match convincingly with a score of 1714.177 from Hornsby Number 1 with 1690.138.

Roseville FS topped their event with 1515.054 from Hornsby RSL Blue with 1506.053 with a strong finish at 800 metres.

Matt Finlay recipient

Matt Finlay recipient

Roseville Number 2 came second in the handicap event with 1736.095 , which was won by Gosford with 1741.107.


Finally, Dmitri Kazakov was awarded the Matt Finlay Award for the shooter who has contributed most to the sport of rifle shooting on Hornsby range during the

current year. Obviously this is a major achievement well deserved by Dmitri for his continuing development of the Hexta-2 electronic target and his continuing assistance on a weekly basis to fellow club members and other club members as well.

Congratulations Dmitri!

 Tim Walter. Captain.