2013 NSW Queens

There were quite a few Roseville members that competed in this year’s NSW Queens at Anzac Rifle Range, in both the McIntosh “Lead-Up Shoot” (Allan, Gary, Mark and Phill) and the Queens (Alex, Allan, Jon, Gary, Mark and Phill) Mike was there to lend support for most of the time.

Conditions seemed to be fairly consistent at the start but by the second day of the Lead-Up they became harder to pick. Gary came 2nd in the first 300m with a 59.3 and 1st in the second 300m with 60.4, and on the second day Gary got 3rd at 700m with a 58.2.

Phill's Silver

Phill’s Silver

Phill claimed silver on the 2nd 800m with a 50.6 and Gary 1st with a 55.3.

The results from the 2 day Lead-up were Phill 17th, just one point away from a badge, Mark 24th, Gary 6th and Allan 8th.

The star in the first day of the Queens was Alex with an excellent score of 49.5 in C Grade to claim top spot at 500m. Mark shot a great 50.8 to gain 2ndplace for the second 500m, Alex shot a 71.3 4th (15 shot match) to be just a few centres away from coming second! Gary shot a possible 90.5 to win Gold at that distance!

Alex finished 2nd in that days Ag, and Gary just missed out coming third by 3 super centres!

Alex's medal

Alex’s medal


The second day of the Queens saw Allan get a Silver medal at 300m with a great 60.6. Allan was again in the 60’s for the second 300m but could only get 4th place with his 60.2. With a 57.3 Allan got Gold in the first 600m! Mark finished 5th in day 2 of the Queen’s, and Allan was 1st by 4 points in F STD A Grade, well done Allan!


It’s hard at the top, in the last day at 700m Mark shot a very respectable 50.8, but that only gained him 7th place. Alex was back after having a day off, and convincingly won that range with a 50.3 in C Grade!

Gary's badge

Gary’s badge

Gary was just 1 super centre away from 3rd in the last 800m 15 shot match with a 86.3. Mark finished 6th in the last days ag clean on 125.17, one of 5 shooters on the same score and 2 centres away from first place! Gary was 5th with 145.6 just 1 point away from 3rd place.

Mark's badge

Mark’s badge


Now the finishing scores for the Queens and Grand Ag. Mark finished 5th 494.61 for the Queens and 9th for the Grand, Gary 5th for the Queens with 569.31 and 2nd for the Grand! Allan 9th for the Grand.


The conditions were much more trying, in my mind, than most of the previous NSW Queens. Again you had to be lucky with your squad and time of shooting, conditions were at times unreadable and many top class shooters and coaches were getting caught with inners, birds and even outers. When the luck is on your side you just have to do your best and hope for the best. In the end it’s all about enjoying your sport!

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