RRC ACT Championships 14-18 November 2012

Mark Buchanan, Allan Humbert and Tim Walter shot in the RA Rolph lead up and were joined for the Queens by Jon Marriott.  Andrew and Angus Martin shot Day 2 and Day 3 of the Queens. R A Rolph Scores were as follows:

RA Rolph scores:
Day 1 300m 500m 600m Aggr.
Allan (F-class) 49.01 59.03 82.02 190.06
Mark (Full Bore) 49.04 48.04 74.05 171.13
Tim (Full Bore) 50.06 46.03 72.08 168.17
Day 2 600m 700m 800m Aggr. Total
Allan(F-class) 56.01 59.04 83.08 198.13 388.19
Mark (Full Bore) 50.08 49.05 72.07 171.20 342.33
Tim (Full Bore) 49.04 49.03 64.02 162.09 330.26

Tim came third and won a bronze medal with 50.6 at 300m on Day 1.  Mark came second and won a silver medal with 50.8 at 600m on Day 2.  Allan came third and won a bronze medal with 59.04 at 700 and followed up with second and a silver medal with 83.08 at 800m on Day 2. This gave Allan second place in the Day 2 Aggregate and another silver medal. Mark finished third in the Rolph Aggregate and won a bronze medal with 342.33, three points behind the winner, Helen Griffiths with 345.36.


Queens Day 1 and Day 2 scores:
Day 1 300m 500m 600m Aggr.
Allan (F-class) 58.00 57.01 54.02 169.03
Mark (Full Bore) 50.04 49.05 49.04 148.13
Tim (Full Bore) 47.03 49.03 48.05 144.11
Jon (Full Bore) 44.00 46.02 45.01 135.03
Day 2 700m 800m 800m >Aggr.
Allan(F-class) 60.05 57.03 54.01 171.09
Mark (Full Bore) 50.06 49.07 48.02 147.15
Andrew (Full Bore) 48.03 47.04 41.03 136.10
Jon (Full Bore) 49.05 48.04 49.0 146.14
Tim (Full Bore) 50.05 45.01 47.04 142.10
Angus (Full Bore) 42.02 44.01 39.00 125.03

No medals were won on Day 1, but Mark finished in 8th position, one point behind the leader, Jim Bailey, on 149.22.

Day 2 saw Angus Martin win the Gold medal in C Grade at the first 800m with a 44.01 and finishing 4th both at the second 800m and in the Day 2 Aggregate. In the Progressive Aggregate, Mark was now coming 8th, with 295.28 two points behind the leader, Geoffrey Grenfell. Allan was placed 7th in FC/S.

Queens Day 3 score:
Day 3 500m 600m Aggr. Total Aggr.
Allan(F-class) 54.02 52.01 106.03 446.15
Mark (Full Bore) 50.06 46.02 96.08 391.36
Andrew (Full Bore) 47.01 44.02 91.03
Jon (Full Bore) 45.04 47.04 92.08 373.25
Tim (Full Bore) 48.06 44.02 92.08 378.29
Angus (Full Bore) 38.01 42.01 80.02

Angus Martin was the only member to medal on Day 3 coming second to win the silver medal in C grade with 42.01 at 600m.

Mark need a 50.00 to win the Queens at the last range, however, after recording 5 bulls, his scorer gave him an incorrect 3 minute warning, when in fact, he had about 8 minutes remaining, and the next shot, fired in haste in tricky conditions, was an inner. Bad luck Mark!

Mark & Co

Next time…



Little did we know that Mark had in fact won the Target Rifle A Grade Grand Championship with 733.069! Mark was almost at Goulburn when your Captain rang to tell him the news, which gave me my only opportunity to collect a Grand Championship Gold medal and No 9 Queens Badge on Mark’s behalf!

Allan Humbert finished in a creditable 9th place in the F Class Standard Grand Championship with 834.34

It was very nice to see six members of Roseville competing in these Championships and doing so well. Conditions were not easy and it was a credit to Roseville shooters, who do not get much meaningful wind experience at Hornsby Range, to take on the challenge at Canberra range.

Allan seems to hit another gear when he travels away to a big competition and it was very pleasing to see Angus do so well in his first attendance at Canberra.

Mark was so close to a ride in the chair, but at least had the consolation of winning the Grand Championship.

Well done guys.

Tim Walter.


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