Gosford District OPM 2018

Sunday 21 Oct was the Gosford Open Prize Meeting, comprising three details at 500m. Roseville had strong competitors with Dmitri Kazakov and Mark Buchanan competing in Target Rifle A; two of our juniors Pat Jacombs and Adam Beale in Target Rifle B; Peter Walters in F-Standard A; and Gary Faulkner, Eva Patrick and Alan Patrick in F-TR. Despite the heavy rains overnight, and the mud in the carpark, the weather held out and there was hardly a drop during the shoot. The mound was well protected with cover just in case which everyone appreciated.  Roseville had an excellent day with an excellent centre count as you will see below…

In Target Rifle:

1st Detail: Dmitri 50-9; Mark 50-8; Pat 50-7; Adam 49-7

2nd Detail: Dmitri 50-5; Mark 45-7 (“X” in wrong target!!!); Pat 50-10 !!! (his first probable!); Adam 50-6

3rd Detail: Mark 75-13; Dmitri 74-10; Pat 75-12; Adam 75-11

In F-class:

1st Detail: Peter (FS/A) 60-5; Eva (F/TR) 60-5; Gary (F/TR) 59-6; Alan (F/TR) 57-4

2nd Detail: Peter (FS/A) 59-4; Gary (F/TR) 60-5; Alan (F/TR) 60-5; Eva (F/TR) 54-5 (shot in wrong target!!!)

3rd Detail: Peter (FS/A) 90-9; Alan (F/TR) 89-7; Eva (F/TR) 88-6; Gary (F/TR) 88-6

Yes, you read that right 8 possibles and a probable out of 12 details in Target Rifle and 5 possibles in F Class! Really great shooting by Roseville!

So how did Roseville place? Our members took home a lot of range prizes for each detail and in aggregate they did very well indeed…..

  • Dmitri Kazakov – 3rd in TR A Grade Aggregate
  • Mark Buchanan – 5th in TR A Grade Aggregate
  • Pat Jacombs – 1st  in TR B Grade Aggregate, overall King of the Range, top Junior Shooter
  • Adam Beale – 2nd in TR B Grade Aggregate
  • Peter Walters – 2nd in F-Std A Grade Aggregate
  • Gary Faulkner – 1st in FTR Aggregate
  • Alan Patrick – 2nd in FTR Aggregate
  • Eva Patrick – 5th in FTR Aggregate

What a great outcome for Roseville; and our Gosford hosts were very generous with the various medals, badges and prizes on offer.

Well done all; and special congrats to Pat for his “King of the Range” and probable!

Janet Beale

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