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Mark wins the 2014 Gosford OPM

Roseville members showed another strong performance at the recent Gosford OPM on Sunday 19th Oct. There were 8 shooters from our strong club. Allan, Bob, Dmitri (after driving non-stop from Brisbane), Fernando, Gary, Mark, Phill and Rob contested in this annual event close to home.

Mark, Dmitri, Phill and Rob started the first 500m strongly with all posting 50’s, Mark came second on the range with his 50.7!





In the second 500m Mark again shot a 50.7 to win that range, Rob continued his fine form to win B Grade with his score of 50.6! Bob shot very well in the conditions to score a third place in F Std B Grade with a 57.5! The conditions were mild, mostly coming from the right with subtle wind changes which could catch the shooter out if they weren’t paying attention. By the last match, also at 500m a 15 shot, the wind had changed direction and was predominately coming from the left to down the range.





Mark finished strong and shot another clean target posting a 75.9 to come second in that match and also win the day with a total of 175.23! Well done Marcus Victorious!! Dmitri and Phill were unlucky not to get 75 also, they finished with 74.12 and 74.11 respectively. Rob was trying to catch a consistent Gail Roberts from Gosford RC who was shooting very well, she finished with a wonderful score of 75.4, Rob did his best and scored a 72.7 to finish second for the days agg on 172.17 only one point behind Gail. Good try Rob!





Gary shot the third best score with 88.9 in F Std A Grade  and also finished third for the agg with 205.18! Well done Gary. The final placings were, Mark 1st, Phill 3rd, Dmitri 6th, Fernando 9th, Rob 2nd, Gary 3rd, Alan 8th and Bob 5th!

The link to Gosford OPM shooting plots can be found HERE

It was a great Prize Meeting and it was excellent to see so many members attending and doing their best.

North Shore District Rifle Association Mid Range Championship 2014

Sponsored by Roseville, North Sydney, Hornsby RSL, Manly, Hornsby, Gosford and 18th Battalion Rifle Clubs

Sunday 2nd November 2014 at Hornsby Rifle Range

2+10 shots at 500, 600 and 700m

To be shot on the HEXTA-2 electronic target system

Shooting commence at 09:00 hrs, Entries open Sunday 08:30, close at 10:15

Come and practice with us Saturday afternoon 1300 – 1630 @ 600m

This Championship is open to all TR A, B and C Grade competitors.

“F” Class Open and “F” Class Standard A and B, “F-TR” and Military Bolt competition.

Entry Fee remains at $30 for all Grades.

Masters Match (TR, FS, FO), Teams Match, Pairs match, Ladies, Veterans, Tyro and School Shooter Trophies

Food and refreshments will be available

Aggregate Bullion Badges will be allocated in all Grades and Disciplines. Due to late inclusion of F-TR there will be no Bullion Badges for “F-TR”.

Limited accommodation with hot showers available on range – book early

This Open Prize Meeting will be conducted under the Standard Shooting Rules 2014 and as amended/approved by NRAA. The committee reserves the right to vary the program and/or prize list if circumstances warrant

Prize Money will be allocated in proportion to the number of entries received.

Contact for further details: Cathy Burnitt Hon Secretary 0418 248807, e-mail:

2014 138th NSW Queen’s

Roseville members showed up in force at this years NSW Queen’s. 5 members shot the McIntosh Lead-up Shoot, Mark, Phill, Alan, Gary and Rob and a huge 9 members shot the Queen’s, Mark, Phill, Alan, Gary, Rob, Michael, Fernando, Mike and Tim, which makes it a record from recent National Shoots.

Both Rob and Gary shone out on the first day of the Lead-up. Rob in B Grade received a 2nd and 1st for 300m and 700m with scores of 49.4 and 49.6 respectively and 5th for overall with 365.24 for the Lead-up! Gary in F Std A Grade received a 3rd place, 1st and 2nd for 300m 58.4, 600m 58.2 and 700m 57.3 respectively, he also got 3rd for the 2nd days AG and 3rd overall with 450.21 for the Lead-up! Mark got 9th badge for the Ag with 390.31, Phill finished 17th on 385.35 and Alan finished with 420.13 for 9th position.

Sargard score boardMark started off strongly on the first day of the Queen’s with a pair of 50.8’s to get 3rd and 1st places respectively. Rob shot very well in the 15 shot match at 600m to record the 3rd best score of 73.3, and finished 3rd in the days Ag! Well done Rob. 

Roseville fielded one team in TR for the Sargard Teams Match which is shot after the first day of the Queen’s with 15 shots @ 600m, the shooters were Mark, Phill, Rob and Tim, with Mike and Mark coaching.They didn’t disgrace themselves, and with only one team to go they were sitting in 2nd position! But the late finishing Pacific team  from Qld stole the show only dropping 3 points to steal victory. Our team scores were, Mark 74.6, Phill 73.7, Rob 73.6 and Tim 75.3 for a total of 295.22  and in 3rd position. Well done to Rob with his fine score and competing in his first Sargard, and also to Tim with his excellent possible. We tried to field an F Class team but unfortunately couldn’t find a 4th member to help us, hopefully next year a team can compete.

Day 2 saw some light drizzle in the morning and the organizers stopped the shoot for about 20 minutes until that cleared. The top Roseville results were Mark 1st at the second 300m with a 50.9 and Rob 2nd at the first 300m with 50.5! Well done guys. The day 2 Ag was highlighted by Mark finishing clean on 200.26 for 2nd place, Tim finished 25th with 198.18, and Rob also 2nd place with 193.15!

 Gary  Rob  Mark


Day 3, the last, competitors were greeted with sunny and more still conditions that they hadn’t had during the previous days of competition. Soon after the shoot started the wind changed around and started coming from the left, the ocean side, this normally means the wind is more steady and reliable but you still have to be vigilant and watch for quick drop offs and increases.Phill

Mark and Phill took control of these conditions and both posted near perfect scores of 50.9! This won the range for Mark and Phill got counted out for 3rd position, it’s hard at the top! Rob shot well also, and posted a 50.5 to receive a Silver medal for his achievement. Gary got a Bronze with his score of 59.5! In the last shoot of the Queen’s, a 15 shot match at 800m, Phill shot another possible 75.10, which only gaAlanave him 7th place. Proving that perseverance pays off, Michael shot a magnificent score of 88.9 in his first Queen’s and got 4th place for that and he had the highest X count in F Class A Grade! Well done Michael. The Day 3 Ag saw Gary get another Bronze medal with 147.11, and Phill narrowly missing out on a medal for 4th place with 125.19!

Now to the Queen’s and Grand Aggregate scores. Mark finished the Queen’s on 497.68 in 6th place and was unlucky not to get 3rd, he finished the Grand in 5th position on 887.96! Phill was also unlucky, he missed out on a Queen’s badge by one place with 492.61 in 31st position and he got 15th badge for the Grand with 877.96. Fernando came 34th, Tim 54th, Rob 3rd for the Queen’s and 5th for the Grand! Well done Rob, great shooting. Mike 17th, Gary 6th for the Queen’s and 5th for the Grand, well done Gary! Michael 19th and Alan 20th for the Queen’s and 9th for the Grand. There was a very special guest presenting all the prizes in the auditorium, none other than Roseville member and newly elected Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Well done to all the Roseville competitors, I’m sure they learned a lot and enjoyed the comradeship. All the results can be found at