Wingham OPM 2022

11 intrepid Rosevillean shooters made the trek to Wingham for their annual OPM on weekend of 10-12 June.  It was a very fine weekend – with blue skies and sunshine prevailing.   Sighting proved difficult for both scopies and TR with the targets amongst the trees and relatively poorly lit from natural light during much of the course of the weekend.

Wind was there, but I think used as more of a blame thing – overall conditions were quite good.
Our crew was as follows

Pat J
Phill Hodder
Mark B
Komrad K (Dmitri)
Sam H
Tim Walter
Paul Russell
Nigel Russell
Hugo Friend

Janet B
Micah Friend

Support Team
Phil J, Anita J.

Sam made a splash in the sweepstake on Friday pm, picking up the cash in TR-B.  The sweep for those who don’t know uses the 300m scoring surface, at 600 yds.  A middling weekend for Sam after that.

Match 1 400m:  Phill was our best places in TR-A – 5th with a 50.5.    Janet – topped the range with #1 position in match 1 with a 60.6.
Match 2:  500y: Pat was our best in TR-A – 10th with a 50.5.  Paul Russell after a stewards enquiry was reclassified from TR-C to TR-B and won the match with considerable margin with a 50.8.
Match 3: 600y: Phill again our best placed TR-A shooter with 49.7.  Paul Russell winning another match in TR-B with 50.4.  Janet again pulled out the stops to conquer FS-A with 59.8.
Day 1 Agg:  Our best TR-A young Mr Hodder just 2 down on 148.18 placing 8th.  Paul Russell 2nd in TR-B with 146.15.  Janet sitting 2nd in FS-A with 174.17.

Not sure if the hangovers were worse or better:
Match 5: 500y: Mark B slips past Phill on count back for 13th place with 50.3 in TR-A.
The “Fifty Machine” Paul Russell does it again taking TR-B with 50.5.
Match 6 600y: Pat J is our best placed TR-A with 50.3 for 10th place.  The ‘Fifty Machine’ Paul R dropped one pushing him to 4th in TR-B.  Late arrival Hugo took out TR-C with 48.5.
Match 7 600y: Pat J, Phill and Mark all hit form with 50.7s.  Placing joint 3rd and 6th respectively on countbacks.  Janet takes FS-A 1st place with a great 60.7.

Day 2 Agg:
Our leading TR-A light was Pat J – going ‘clean’ on 150.13 – for 6th
Sam improved a little on day 2 to be our highest in TR-B – but still way down the list in 7th with 143.8.  Nigel also improved with a respectable 140.9 reaching 5th in TR-C.

Grand Agg:
Phill was consistent through the weekend and finished our top TR-A shooter 6th place with 297.34.  Paul had some troubles on day 2, but finished as our top TR-B shooter on 283.22 for 8th.    Janet finished just outside the medals in the grand 347.34 for 4th place.

While many including myself were not satisfied with performance, the sunshine, no rain, and great company of fellow Rosevilleans made for a top weekend.

Full scores can be found at

Sam H

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