USE VETS and NSDRA competition

On the 1st August there were some international visitors gracing the Hornsby Rifle Range. 11 United States shooters arrived to compete in a friendly teams match before heading north for the QRA Teams and Queens matches at Belmont Rifle Range. The North Score District had two teams ready to compete against their overseas opponents.

This was the first time most of the USA Team had seen our new ICFRA targets so it was a great learning experience for them, they also had Australian factory loaded ammunition to try with two different projectiles to test.

The day was warm and sunny with a gentle breeze blowing, not too much to worry the coaches. The first thing that became apparent to the USA Team was they needed bigger front sight rings to cope with the larger aiming marks used at 300m in Australia.

The match was to be two stages of 10 scoring shots with two optional sighters, with the best 5 scores to count. There was only one 50 scored on the first stage out of the 4 teams. Both of the NSDRA Teams scored 241 with USA #1 only 3 points behind, the other USA Team on 225. In the second stage four 50’s were posted, NSDRA #1 shot well only dropping 3 points, then came USA #2 on 234, NSDRA #2 with 232 and USA #1 on 231.

Text and photos – Phill Hodder, D Kazakov

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