The 2021 NSW Queens

The 2021 NSW Queens scheduled for Sept 2021 was postponed to Jan 2022 due to COVID-19 lockdown in September.  Despite the COVID-19 Omicron troubles (virus circulating everywhere) the event went ahead with masks and “social distancing” visible. But it was hot under masks and, as an outdoor sport, most mask wearing was ditched as the days went on.

The field was large with over 130 competitors across the 5 disciplines, however, there were some notable withdrawals due to COVID-19 and it felt like fewer interstate participants due to travel complications.

But what an event! NSW dispensed with the “easy” early ranges…the leadup was 6 details of 10 shots at 500m x2, 600m x2, 700m and 800m….the Queens was 10 details at 500m x2, 600m x2, 700m x2 and 800m x4. Going clean with a high centre count was what was required at every range as Mitch Bailey (Holsworthy RC) proved, winning the Queens with 500-78 (which is not dropping a point and averaging nearly 8 centres at each detail).

Weather was sunny for each of the 5 days with the breeze coming across the water and onto the shore consistently (most of the time) – you still had to watch for “drop offs” and on day 2 we had “pick ups” to contend with in the afternoon. Then we were all surprised by what we found on day 3. At 800m first range the flags were totally limp. Nothing. Nada. But that was 2 to 3 minutes of wind – NOT KIDDING – unbelievable but that is the windage we had on our scopes/sights. And there was no mirage either at that particular range/detail. Hard to read when there are no indications.

Before we go into the details, note that unfortunately Angus Martin had COVID-19 so was unable to attend and some RRC members were not able to be there for the whole 5 days….but we did have a good cross section of people from RRC representing Target Rifle A & B Grades and FTR.

NAME Discipline Leadup Position Queens Position Grand Aggregate Position Comment
Adam Beale TR: A Grade 17 10 11 Queens Badge Winner!! Grand Aggregate Badge Winner!! Was also auctioned off in the Calcutta to Albert Van Wyk.
Mark Buchanan TR: A Grade 16 31 19
Phill Hodder TR: A Grade N/A N/A N/A Competed only on some days
Adrian Bonanni TR: A Grade N/A N/A N/A Competed only on some days
Sam Houston TR: B Grade 6 7 5
Tim Walter TR: B Grade N/A 16 N/A
Alan Patrick FTR N/A 3 N/A Queens Badge Winner!!
Janet Beale FTR 3 6 3
Eva Patrick FTR N/A 12 N/A Fault with equipment impacting her 1st 800m detail and ultimate score

Phil Hodder, Adam Beale, Eva Patrick and Mark Buchanan each pulled off an astounding possible with 9 centres (50-9 or 60-9) but didn’t earn a range prize. Similar story for Sam Houston and Janet Beale  who each pulled off a 50-8 or 60-8 without a range prize.

Congrats to Adam and Alan who both came home with Queens Badges in their disciplines! RRC is very proud of you both!

Janet Beale

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