Phill beats them at the 2015 Bathurst OPM

Competitors were greeted on Sunday morning 25th Oct by overcast cool, calm conditions. The bush flys were also there to greet them!!

Phill after the shoot-off

Phill after the shoot-off

By the time shooting commenced the flags picked up from the right and were twitching around the poles, the calm conditions had left. Mark and Phill were the attendees representing Roseville, Mark started off strongly winning the first match @500y with a 50.6, Phill coming third with a 50.4.

The conditions got a little more tricky for the first 600y as the low scores showed. The range was won by John Baxter (NSWRA Chairman, 2015 Australian Palma Captain and Lithgow RC member) with a 50.3, the next two shooters could only manage 49’s! Phill shot a 48.1 and Mark 47.2.

There was a break for lunch and to give the markers a well earned rest and a feed. Phill was one of the first to shoot after lunch in the more readable conditions as the sun came out and it started getting hot, he took advantage scoring a 50.6, which ended up the highest score. Going into that stage he was coming third, one point and two centres behind Nick Cock (Bathurst RC) and two centres behind John Baxter. As he watched the other competitors finish their last stage he watched Nick only record a 49.3, Mark shot another possible scoring 50.5 for second position, and John shoot a 50.4 good enough for third place. This meant that both John and Phill finished on the same aggregate score for the 3 ranges 148.11. A shoot-off was needed to decide the winner.

Phill and John got ready on targets 3 and 4 and shot the mandatory 5 shots. Phill recorded a 25.3 to John’s 24.2, meaning Phill won the shoot-off and the Bathurst Prize Meeting in their Centenary Year!  Mark  finished fourth on 147.13. Scores can be found at:

Phill receiving his prize from John Baxer

Phill receiving his prize from John Baxer

NSDRA Championships 7/8 November 2015

Mark Buchanan, Dmitri Kazakov, Rob Trodden, Andrew Martin, Angus Martin, Tim Walter, Gary Faulkner, Michael Cuda, Alan Humbert, and Robert Kozminski, all attended the NSDRA Championships on 7/8 November 2015. Phil Hodder and Steve Tofler shot on Saturday only. Recent heavy rain changed the programme somewhat and Day 1 saw shoots at 600m and 700m.

600 metres.
Mark started off with intent, winning A Grade with 50.8. Angus Martin won B Grade  with 49.2 with Tim in 3rd place with 48.3.November 2015 - Tim

700 metres
Phil Hodder came 2nd in A Grade with a fine 50.8 to a hot Malcolm McKenzie with 50.10. Mike Hodder  came 2nd in B Grade with an excellent 49.8. Alan came 3rd in FS/B with 58.3

Day 1 Aggregate.
Mark topped A Grade with 100.13. Angus came 2nd in B Grade with 98.5 with Tim in 3rd place on 97.5. Alan Humbert came 3rd in FS/B with 113.6.

Day 2 was shot over 600m, 600m and 700m.

600 metres – 1
Mark came 3rd in A Grade with 50.7, Angus came 2nd in B Grade with 48.6 and Mike came 3rd with 48.2.

600 metres – 2
Mark dropped a point on his second last shot for 49.5. Angus came 3rd in B Grade with 47.3. Gary came 2nd in FS/A with 58.5 and Michael Cuda came 3rd with 58.4.

700 metresMarks rtesult
Tim won the range in B Grade with 50.5, with Angus 3rd with 50.4. Gary won FS/A with a beautiful 60.7. Alan came 3rd in FS/B with 57.3.

Day 2 Aggregate.
Mark came 5th with 149.18, Angus 2nd in B Grade with 145.13 and Tim 3rd with 143.12. Gary came 2nd in FS/A with 176.17.

Grand Aggregate.
Mark finished 2nd with 249.31, just overtaken by Evan Jones who finished with 50.9 to win the championships with 249.34.
Angus came 2nd in B Grade with 243.18 and Tim came 3rd with 240.17.
Gary came 2nd in FS/A with 290.22, a point  behind Alexina Bunt on 291.22.
Alan came 3rd in FS/B with 280.15

Masters Match
Mark fired a fine 50.9  but amazingly, was beaten on count back by both Jim and Mitch Bailey.

Teams Matches.
The Roseville TR team of Mark, Dmitri, Angus and Rob won the TR teams Match with 197.23. The Roseville FS team of Gary, Robert, Michael Cuda and Alan were unfortunate to finish 2nd, with 226.10, just one point behind the winning team.

 Roseville TR Team1  Roseville FS Team

A good weekend was had by all and it was a welcome return to the 2 day format for the Championships.
Rain threatened, but mainly stayed away. One fancy vehicle became bogged after the shoot, but it was extricated by some kind hands on rescuers!

Marks carCongratulations to the NSDRA organisers, particularly Kathy and Adrian, Grumpy, Len and Jeff, and others who gave up their chance to shoot to help run the meeting.


Camp Perry, USA, 27 July to 19 August, 2015

The following is a brief summary and impressions from the three weeks Angus (Shooter), Mark (Shooter) and Mike (Manager) spent as members of the Australian Under 25 and Veterans’ Teams at Camp Perry (Cleveland Ohio) for the USA, World Individual and Teams shoots including the Palma match.

Crack of dawn Monday saw Mike and Mark at Border Control (previously Australian Customs Service), Mascot. Clearances made despite Mike forgetting his Firearms’ Licence. On to United’s counter for check-in. An hour later and we were aboard our B777 for the 15 hour flight to LAX. (Angus made his way with the Under 25 team)

Arriving on time, we thought that our three hour transfer time would be adequate. We were so wrong! Luggage hall is gigantic with our main cases arrived on a carousel at one end, our rifle from a hole in the wall at the other end. Then a very long walk from Terminal 1 to T7 taking our cabin bags and rifles, only to be confronted with more chaos and lines (sorry, queues) eventually getting to our planes gate for the onward flight to Cleveland. Our plan for everyone to meet and board the same flight didn’t work as over a dozen of our group missed the connection. {A note of caution, when flying to USA, try to enter USA in almost any other port than LAX. It’s the pits!!!}

A 4 ½ hour flight saw us arrive early evening. While collecting our luggage we noticed that all our groups’ luggage had arrived – without all passengers! Arrangements were made for those who were delayed to be safely stored pending their arrival. We collected our rental cars and drove 90 minutes to our Port Clinton hotel arriving around 7pm. A quick meal and drink and off to bed.

Next morning we found the rest of the group. They had checked in at 2 am – and we thought we’d had a long time away from a bed. Our team of 12 shooters, captain, manager and coaches and four partners spent the next few days were spent recovering from jet lag, visits to the range, sight-seeing, shopping and trying to find (unsuccessfully) healthy food. A highlight was a visit to a nearby South Bass Island’s Put-in-Bay where we saw the Perry Peace Memorial, 317 feet (97m) high and a delicious lunch on Lobster Bisque followed by more lobster.

We also made a day trip back to Cleveland we visited the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum well worth the visit with several hundred cars, bikes and planes amongst the exhibits. Next door is a mansion turned in to a museum with a large number of great exhibits.

General observations: -This part of Ohio is a huge flat area on the Northern side of Lake Eire (currently suffering from green algae), the shallowest in the Great Lakes Chain. The lakes are the largest inland fresh water in the world. As such, they have their own climate and while we were there mostly benign. However, we did experience a couple of spectacular thunderstorms with heavy rain which caused flooding and power outages. There have been thousands of ships wrecked on the lakes, many of which were extremely large. Around the roads lakeside are a series of warning sirens mainly for storms.

Camp Perry is a pleasant 20 minute drive along the foreshore from our hotel.

Impressions of Camp Perry: – It is huge, 642 acres (250 hectares) in area. Boasts to have the largest outdoor range in the world. Two main full-bore ranges with about 300 targets up to 1000 yards. With no butt-stops, bullets end up in Lake Eire on the Northern Boundary. It is training camp for National Guard, home of The Civilian Marksmanship Program. Also small-bore and pistol ranges to give a total of 15 ranges, most of which can be used simultaneously. The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station is about 10 miles away from the range. The 150 metre cooling tower is clearly visible on the left of the range and from the foreshore near our hotel. There is a huge wind turbine next to the range, but this was inoperative while we were there.

Every morning there is the Colors (sic) Ceremony. Following a count-down, the canon is fired and the National Anthem is played throughout the range. Everyone stands to attention and service and ex-service personnel salute, even if not in uniform. There is a roll call before shooting starts every morning. At the start of every range, there is a recitation of safety rules, standing orders and match rules. Blow off shots are allowed each morning. The sound of several hundred shooters firing three or four shots aver a short period of time was deafening.

Shooting: – For the first 4 days, there were other competitions going on which unfortunately didn’t involve us. We finally got to fires some sighters at 300 yards on Saturday 1st August around 5pm. It made a long day waiting around due to program delays and we didn’t get back to the hotel until after 7pm. It was however good as it got us in the habit of early rises and long days.

Each day were involved in shooting, we were at the range before 7am and usually back to the hotel between 5 and 6pm. Twelve hours to shoot 60 counting shots (over in about 30 minutes!). We were in large squads as the organisers could only get markers for around 70 targets.

Sunday was a free day with the “Meet and Great”, finger food and drinks in the evening. The next three days were the USA Individual Championships with three 15 shot matches each day over 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards with our “Veterans’ Dinner” on Tuesday 4th August. Here Matt Pozzebon from West Wallsend Rifle Club came out victorious following Ben Emms; success last year. Mark was 23rd in the Veterans.

Thursday and Friday were the Veterans WC Teams and Tony Loughnan Memorial Teams matches each four 10 shot matches over 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards. The Australian teams were placed 4th and 3rd respectively. Angus picked up the bronze in the Under 25 individuals. A great effort.

Saturday 8th saw practice in the morning and a 15 shot match at 800 yards to start the WILRC. Followed by three more days with 15 shots at 800, 900 and 1000 yards culminating with a final ten shooting off at a 1000. Benn Emms won the event with after a nail biting final with Nigel Ball (GB) and Matt 2nd and 3rd. A great way for Mike to celebrate his 68th birthday with Mark participating in some sleight of hand with greetings from those left behind in Sydney.

Wednesday was a practice day for the Palma Teams. We did some chores including a much needed trip to the Laundromat. That evening we had our team dinner at Brandy’s Steakhouse, great food and drink and fellowship after an exhausting fortnight’s shooting.

Thursday and Friday (13th and 14th August) had the Palma Teams match. 15 shots over 800, 900 and 1000 yards each day. Australia started well each day but faded badly particularly at the longest range where Great Britain with consistent shooting and great coaching showed the other teams how to do it.

We took Steve and Carolyn Williams (Bathurst) to Toledo late Saturday morning and visited the new maritime museum . It is an amazing set-up with interactive exhibits as well as memorabilia. Anchored alongside is the Col. James M. Schoonmaker, a 613 foot (200 metres) lake freighter built in July, 1911. We spent some time clambering over and around this fine old vessel. Then we had a late seafood lunch on the riverside and off to our hotel.

Sunday, our last whole day before flying home was spent doing last minute washing and packing. Monday was an early start with Mike taking Steve and Carolyn to the airport at 3am. Then back to the hotel for a rest. Then the long trip home started with a delayed flight back to LAX and onwards to Sydney, arriving early Wednesday morning and the joy of long queues at Boarder control and home.

Lasting impressions: – The real honour of representing Australia in the world competitions; the friendship and acceptance of the Veterans Team; the cohesive nature of our team and their traveling spouses (particularly with scoring duties, and luncheon supplies); support and continuous encouragement from family, friends and club mates; meeting old friends; making new ones; camaraderie, particularly with the Great Britain Veterans who were at the same hotel; being ragged about the cricket results; the helpful volunteers and staff of the NRA; daylight from 4:30am until 8pm; hot and humid conditions; massive rain storms; willingness of the Palma Team Members to assist us, particularly during our team events; seagulls by the hundreds so far from the sea; and last and not least – our green golf cart, decked out with Australian flags, ever ready to transport team members and their gear to and from the range, ably driven by Mark and Mike, together with several team members, and of course John Schafferius.

 Uncle Mike


North Shore District Rifle Association 2014/15 Arn Hammond Competition & A.J. Leighton Teams Match

The Arn Hammond Memorial Shield is an inter-club championship held on the Hornsby Rifle Range between each of the Clubs of the NSDRA. It is held over the shooting year, on each range from 300m to 800m. Unfortunately this year the 500m shoot was cancelled due to rain, so the competition was decided over the remaining 5 ranges.

Team No1, left-to-rigth: R. Trodden, P. Hodder, D. Kazakov, M. Buchanan, T. Walter., S. Tofler., I. Hutchinson

Team No1, left-to-right: R. Trodden, P. Hodder, D. Kazakov, M. Buchanan, T. Walter., S. Tofler., I. Hutchinson

The Roseville No 1 team put in a commanding performance by achieving on the highest score at each individual range. The final result was a convincing 34 point lead over the 2nd placed Hornsby Team, with Manly coming in third only a further 23 points behind. The solid core of this winning team was Mark Buchanan with an average of 69.5 out of a possible 70, Phill Hodder with an average of 69, and Dmitri Kazakov with an average of 69.2. Mark’s average centre count was 9 out of a possible 14; a very commendable result.

The Roseville No 2 team needs to be congratulated also. They are often left with whoever is available and have a constant re-shuffle of members. In spite of this they came in 4th place out of the seven teams, with some outstanding performances. At 700m they came in 2nd place to the No 1 team and helped stamp Roseville’s superiority on the District. They also provided constant pressure as to who was going to be included in the No 1 team; a very healthy situation for our club.

On the Handicap results, Manly secured first place, Roseville No1 second place, and North Sydney third place. Roseville No2 was in 5th place.

The AJ Leighton Memorial Shield used to be shot separately and from memory, on a Sunday. In recent years it was decided to score in concurrently with the same shoots as the Arn Hammond, but only over 600m, 700m and 800m. With Roseville No 1 winning each range, they obviously took first place in this competition also on 1036.96, Hornsby No 1 was second on 1007.75 and Manly third on 1000.78. Roseville No2 again came in 4th place, at 990.68.

Roseville’s F Class Team did extremely well  again this year beating Hornsby by a margin of over 30 points, 1593.086 to their 1561.080! They had a steady performance all year and showed again what a strong F Class membership Roseville has. The main core of the team was Graham, Ian, Michael, Bob and Gary.

I would like to note here a special thank you to those who have put their hands up for these teams events as Captains, entrusted with organising the rabble, and as Coaches to be used as the fall guys. You know who you are, and your efforts are very much appreciated.

Text Mr T.

Roseville makes its mark on the 93rd Mudgee DRA Open Prize Meeting

Approximately 50 shooters took part in the 93rd Mudgee DRA Open Prize Meeting over the Easter long weekend on Saturday 4th and 5th April 2015. Roseville was well represented with Mark Buchanan, Phill Hodder, Tim Walter, Gary Faulkner and Michael Cuda making the pilgrimage west to compete in this annual event. Tim’s son Ian Walter also joined the group to provide moral support and enjoy all the fruits that Mudgee had to copy 5

Saturday morning saw storm clouds descend over the range with persistent rain plaguing shooters throughout the day.

Despite the inclement weather, Mark started strongly in A Grade TR on Saturday at 500yds scoring 49.6, followed by 50.6 to take 3rd position in the second match and finishing with 49.4. Day two at 600 yds saw Mark score highly with 50.4, 50.6 and another 50.6 to win the last match and take second position for the day’s aggregate. Mark finished the weekend in second position for the grand aggregate with a total 298.32, only narrowly missing 1st position to West Wallsend’s Duncan Davies who scored 300.40. Mark also took out 1st place for the Veteran’s category.

Phill started strongly in A Grade TR on Saturday at 500yds, only dropping 2 points, with 148.13 in the daily aggregate, followed by 144.12 for Sunday’s aggregate at 600 yds and finishing overall with 292.23.

photoAlso in A Grade TR, Tim shot 141.9 in the aggregate on Saturday and 141.8 on Sunday, however towards the end of the weekend he discovered that his rifle had a loose butt plate that had been causing problems with his hold. Tim finished the weekend 282.17.

In F Standard A Grade, Michael took third place in the second 500yd match on Saturdayphoto copy 4 with 60.5, however Orange Rifle Club’s Brett Bond took first place with 60.8 and dominated most of the matches throughout the weekend. Day two at 600 yds saw both Gary and Michael break Brett Bond’s winning streak – tricky winds during the last match on Sunday caused havoc with most F-Class shooters, however Gary took first place with 58.6 and Michael third place with 58.2. Michael scored 59.4 and 60.4 in the earlier matches on day two and took 1st place for Sunday’s aggregate with 177.10, narrowly beating Brett Bond with 175.18. Michael finished the weekend in 3rd place in the grand aggregate with a total of 348.17 closely followed by Gary in 4th position with 344.22. The grand aggregate winner was Brett Bond who scored 353.38

118th Tasmanian Queen’s 2015

Three Rosevillians traveled overseas to the Apple Isle and competed in the 118th Tasmanian Queen’s at Campbell Town 65km’s south east of Launceston. Tim and Phill traveled by air and Mark by land and water to compete in this event at the windswept sheep grazing range. We stayed in the small town of Ross only 9km’s away which has one main street, a Post Office, 3 bakeries and various other small tourist shops and an information center.

The conditions for the Davis Lead Up Shoot were not considered favorable with high, very changeable cold winds from the right which changed direction and strength very quickly.

There were some initial high scores but that soon stopped and by the end of the second day, where if you got a low to mid 40 you were doing OK!!

Mark gained 3rd place for 600y with a 47.3 and another 3rd at 700y with a 47.0. Phill managed 1st place at that 700y with a 49.4! Mark finished Day 1 of the Davis in 3rd place 188.9, Phill 9th 180.11 and Tim 16th 171.8.

Day 2 saw Mark again get a 3rd place with his 42.0 at 1000y, the days agg saw Phill in 4th place on 82.4, Mark 9th with his 79.3 and Tim 15th on 75.2. The Roseville placings for the Davis Agg were Mark 4th 267.12, Phill 7th 262.15 and Tim a valiant 16th 246.10.

Dawn broke on the first day of the Queen’s with a calm and clear day, the wind had dropped and was more consistent, care still was needed to watch for inevitable drops offs and changes of direction. OwinDSC_0355g to the calmer conditions the 50’s flowed with ease with every range of day 1 and most of day 2. Mark shot very well at the second 500y with a 50.9 for 1st place! The day 1 agg saw Mark in 4th with 195.20, Phill 10th with 192.16 and Tim 16th on 188.12.

Day 2 of the Queen’s started with equally pleasant weather which improved during the day, there were times where it was nearly getting hot in the sun!! Phill started off well in the first 700y with a 50.6 for 1st place, Mark gained 3rd place for the 1st 800y with his 49.4 and Phill 4th with 48.5. The end of Day 2 saw Phill in 7th on 189.14, Mark 12th on 188.12 and Tim 15th 184.11.DSC_0354

There was some light drizzle early in the morning of the last day which cleared up in time when shooting commenced. Temperatures were higher again and the wind eased. Mark was again 3rd with a 50.4 at 900y and 3rd at 1000y shooting a 48.2, and Phill 4th on 50.3 at 900y. Mark tied for 1st place in the final days agg with Grahame Berman with 98.6! Phill got 5th for the agg on 97.7 and Tim finished 17th on 93.3.

Now to the Queen’s final placings. Mark finished a very credible 4th place on 481.38 behind the eventual winner and local shooter and CRO Mark Walters who shot an excellent score of 487.40, Phill 6th on 478.37 and Tim 16th on 465.26. The Grand results for the Roseville shooters were Mark 3rd with 748.50, Phill 6th on 740.52 and Tim 17th with his 711.36

Full results can be found at

2015 MDRA Festival of Sydney


The long weekend saw 6 Roseville members contest this year’s Festival Of Sydney OPM at Malabar, Mark Buchanan, Mike Hodder, Gary Faulkner, Fernando Gregorio and Rob Trodden for both days and Phill Hodder for day 2.

Rob’s Grand prizes


The weather stayed fine for the whole comp but high temps made shooting less than relaxing.
With over 100 shooters, there was plenty of competition in all grades and although winds remained reasonably constant there were still a few tricky patches to contend with. Mark started well with a 50.9 and 50.6 taking out the first range in A grade. Mike, Fernando and Rob all had shaky starts however Rob posted a 50.6 to win the 2nd range in B grade.

Most of the team found some form on day 2 at 7 & 800 with 15 shot matches at each and a second 10 shot at 800.


Rob and Mike shot well in B grade with Rob winning all 3 ranges with 73.10 @ 700 and 49.5 & 74.7 at 800 with Mike taking 3rd at the first range and 2nd at the 1st 800 with 73.4 and 49.2

Gary's Badge

Gary’s Badge

Mark again started well on day 2 with 75.12, 48.4 and 74.9 and Phill who joined us for day 2 continued his new found form with an excellent 75.13, 50.8 & 74.7 taking 3rd in the 1st range and 1st in the 2nd range in A grade.

Phill's Badge

Phill’s Badge


Gary, our only F class entrant, shot well both days but dropped a couple of points on day 2 finishing with a 2nd, 3rd and 3rd in the grand after a shoot off.

All in all it was a great weekend with Roseville again able to hold our heads high winning 6 ranges, 2 2nd and 2 3rd , 2 daily aggs, and 1 Grand !


WELL DONE TEAM! And congratulations to Rob, who after winning the event in C grade last year backed up this year to win both days and the Grand in B grade.

Full results can be found here

Text Rob Trodden

Rosevillians compete in the 101st ACT Queen’s Series at the McIntosh Range in Canberra, 12 to 16 November, 2014.

Over 210 competitors from around Australia competed is this year’s event over five days.  Numbers were boosted by the Veteran State Teams who used it as a warm up for their events the following week. Everyone got on well together even with the trying weather conditions.

Members attending were Andrew Martin (FTR), Robert Kozminski (FCB), Allan Humbert (FCA), Angus Martin (TRC) and his school mate Tim Hanner (TRC), Mike Hodder (TRB), Tim Walter (TRA), Phill Hodder (TRA) and Mark Buchanan (TRA).

600m after the rain

600m after the rain

Wednesday dawned with heavy high misty clouds and the forecasted winds and temperatures in to the high 20’s eventuated. The whole competition was shot on “paper” targets as the clubs have insufficient electronic targets for such an event. The lead-up RA Rolph was shot over two days. 3, 5 & 6 on the first, 7 and a double 8 on the second day with each day’s last range a 15 shot match.

Thursday was warmer at 35o+ and the cloud burned off quickly. Copious quantities of water were consumed by all sensible contestants during the day with a change of liquid in the evenings as you can imagine.

Friday was the start of the Queen’s proper which saw the temperatures even higher and the wind was a little more predictable, at times! 3, 5, and 600 all 10 shots as the Tiverton Cup 4 person team shoot followed in a reduced format from 15 down to 10 shots.

The second day came with a welcomed 10o+ drop in the heat and at times readable winds with occasional surprises, often not welcomed if the results were anything to go by. Ten counting shots at 7, and a double 8. Heavy drizzle became rain in the afternoon continuing throughout the night.

By the time it was time to shoot on Sunday, the outlook was very bleak. A couple of heavy showers and followed by a deluge mid-morning resulted in a large number of very wet shooters and their gear, and those who managed a shoot at 500 were in most cases relieved when the range was abandoned. Shooting restarted at 11 o’clock at 600. Still with tricky wind changes and wet flags that were rapidly drying.

F Class lead-up saw Robert and Allan see-sawing in each of the ranges with Robert 7 super bulls ahead after the two days.

Mike entered in B grade and had a modest two day shoot with a best range at 800, 69.1 (4th) and 48.4 (5th) at the first 800. Definitely room for improvement.

Mark and Phill competed in A grade. Phill’s best range was at 500 with a 50.5 (8th) finishing in 13th position for the Rolf scoring 341.35. Among Mark’s highlights were 75.7 (1st) at 600 and 75.10 (1st) finishing 4thwith 344.38.

Angus and Tim

Angus and Tim

Now to the highlight results for the Queen’s series in my opinion. Angus Martin shone in C grade after a “warm-up” first day. His 50.6, 49.7, 50.6 and 2nd day Agg 149.19 netted two firsts and a second for the ranges and 1st for the day. He was 2nd on the last day and ended the Queen’s in 2nd place two points behind the winner. Well done!

His school mate Tim in his first shoot away from Hornsby range and first competition got a 3rd on the last range leaving him in a creditable 7th place. Hope you both can come for the lead-up as well next year.

Andrew joined our other two F Class shooters choosing to compete in FTR. An interesting choice after so little shooting due to injury and family commitments. His best score was a creditable 58.4 at 700 gaining 11th place. Shows how tough this relatively new grade is. More practice will help, but a good effort non-the-less.

Robert’s best score of 59.4 at 700 gained 5th, with four 60’s ahead of him. Allan’s best was 59.1 at 800 also for 5th, just 3 X’s away from the leader.

Mike finished the 1st day with 139.6 for 6th. Three 49’s on the second day (the last at 800 for a range 3rd) and 3rd for the daily aggregate. This moved him up the board to 2nd for the two days at 286.18. Equipment failure in the final day’s only range killed the dream of winning, and a new barrel as the prize.

The A grade competition was fierce with 90 competitors.

To give an idea how hard this grade was, Tim’s 48.3 at 300 and 49.4 at 700 gained only 63rd and 69th!

Phill’s best scores were three 50’s on the second day (50.7, 50.7 and 50.6, 18th, 11th and 9th) giving him 4th that day. He ended 33rd for the Queen’s and 15th for the Grand Aggregate.

Phill's Rolf Badge

Phill’s Rolf Badge

Mark was our best performer. His possibles at 300 (16th), both 800’s (5th& 16th) were all great shoots. He ended with Queen’s badge 6th and 2nd in the Grand. Well done Marcus!

Mark's prize

Mark’s prize

Roseville entered one TR team in the Tiverton Cup with Mark, Phill, Angus and Tim the firers and Mike coaching the first shooter, Mark coached the rest. Our scores were Mark 50.2, Phill 48.4, Angus 48.1 & Tim 46.4, which was reasonable but no match for a very strong West Wallsend, who won with a fine score of 198.21/200! We finished in 5th place on 192.11. Special comment must be made of Angus’s  performance in the team. He was a late inclusion, this and the fact it was a very prestigious match, didn’t faze him and he shot extremely well under pressure with his score of  48/50!

Finally, thanks to all our attendees. Thanks for all you friendship, advice and companionship. It’s a great part of our club.

Uncle Mike

Rob and Mike dominate B-Grade at the 2014 NSDRA Open Prize Meeting

Seventy nine (79) competitors took part in this year’s NSDRA Open Prize Meeting on Sunday 2nd November, with shooters coming from as far afield as the NSW North Coast and Central West. Roseville was well represented with 10 members competing in Target Rifle and F-Standard categories. Once again Roseville performed strongly, especially in B-Grade and C-Grade Target Rifle.

Mark, Phil, Dmitri, Jon, Rob, Mike, Angus, Alan, Gary and Michael all took part in this annual event on home soil.

The day started at 500m with Dmitri posting 50.5, Mark with 49.4, Jon with 49.3, Phil 48.3 in A-Grade and Rob coming second in B-Grade with 48.3, followed by Mike who took third place with 47.4. Angus Martin took second place in C-Grade posting a strong 50.1.





Alan shot very well, posting 59.5 in the first match to take out third place in F Std A-Grade.

The second match at 600m saw Mark score 50.4 narrowly missing a place. Rob and Mike dominated B-Grade with 49.2 and 46.3 respectively and Angus took out third place in C-Grade with 46.2.

Phil scored a very strong 50.7, however just missed out on 3rd place on count back in A-Grade on the last match of the day at 700m. Mike took first place with an excellent 50.5 and Rob with 49.4 to take second place in B-Grade.

Gary and Michael redeemed themselves in the last match at 700m and took first and second place in F Std A-Grade posting 60.4 and 60.3 respectively as well as winning the pairs.





The final placings for the day’s aggregate saw Mark take 5th position with 148.12 in A-Grade Target Rifle. Rob won B-Grade with 146.9 and Mike came second with 143.12, together with Angus who came in 3rd in C-Grade with 141.4.

Alan shot consistently high scores throughout the day and came 4th in F Std A- Grade with 174.10, only just missing out on 3rd place by one super centre and first place by one point.

Michael Cuda

Mark wins the 2014 Gosford OPM

Roseville members showed another strong performance at the recent Gosford OPM on Sunday 19th Oct. There were 8 shooters from our strong club. Allan, Bob, Dmitri (after driving non-stop from Brisbane), Fernando, Gary, Mark, Phill and Rob contested in this annual event close to home.

Mark, Dmitri, Phill and Rob started the first 500m strongly with all posting 50’s, Mark came second on the range with his 50.7!





In the second 500m Mark again shot a 50.7 to win that range, Rob continued his fine form to win B Grade with his score of 50.6! Bob shot very well in the conditions to score a third place in F Std B Grade with a 57.5! The conditions were mild, mostly coming from the right with subtle wind changes which could catch the shooter out if they weren’t paying attention. By the last match, also at 500m a 15 shot, the wind had changed direction and was predominately coming from the left to down the range.





Mark finished strong and shot another clean target posting a 75.9 to come second in that match and also win the day with a total of 175.23! Well done Marcus Victorious!! Dmitri and Phill were unlucky not to get 75 also, they finished with 74.12 and 74.11 respectively. Rob was trying to catch a consistent Gail Roberts from Gosford RC who was shooting very well, she finished with a wonderful score of 75.4, Rob did his best and scored a 72.7 to finish second for the days agg on 172.17 only one point behind Gail. Good try Rob!





Gary shot the third best score with 88.9 in F Std A Grade  and also finished third for the agg with 205.18! Well done Gary. The final placings were, Mark 1st, Phill 3rd, Dmitri 6th, Fernando 9th, Rob 2nd, Gary 3rd, Alan 8th and Bob 5th!

The link to Gosford OPM shooting plots can be found HERE

It was a great Prize Meeting and it was excellent to see so many members attending and doing their best.

North Shore District Rifle Association Mid Range Championship 2014

Sponsored by Roseville, North Sydney, Hornsby RSL, Manly, Hornsby, Gosford and 18th Battalion Rifle Clubs

Sunday 2nd November 2014 at Hornsby Rifle Range

2+10 shots at 500, 600 and 700m

To be shot on the HEXTA-2 electronic target system

Shooting commence at 09:00 hrs, Entries open Sunday 08:30, close at 10:15

Come and practice with us Saturday afternoon 1300 – 1630 @ 600m

This Championship is open to all TR A, B and C Grade competitors.

“F” Class Open and “F” Class Standard A and B, “F-TR” and Military Bolt competition.

Entry Fee remains at $30 for all Grades.

Masters Match (TR, FS, FO), Teams Match, Pairs match, Ladies, Veterans, Tyro and School Shooter Trophies

Food and refreshments will be available

Aggregate Bullion Badges will be allocated in all Grades and Disciplines. Due to late inclusion of F-TR there will be no Bullion Badges for “F-TR”.

Limited accommodation with hot showers available on range – book early

This Open Prize Meeting will be conducted under the Standard Shooting Rules 2014 and as amended/approved by NRAA. The committee reserves the right to vary the program and/or prize list if circumstances warrant

Prize Money will be allocated in proportion to the number of entries received.

Contact for further details: Cathy Burnitt Hon Secretary 0418 248807, e-mail:

2014 138th NSW Queen’s

Roseville members showed up in force at this years NSW Queen’s. 5 members shot the McIntosh Lead-up Shoot, Mark, Phill, Alan, Gary and Rob and a huge 9 members shot the Queen’s, Mark, Phill, Alan, Gary, Rob, Michael, Fernando, Mike and Tim, which makes it a record from recent National Shoots.

Both Rob and Gary shone out on the first day of the Lead-up. Rob in B Grade received a 2nd and 1st for 300m and 700m with scores of 49.4 and 49.6 respectively and 5th for overall with 365.24 for the Lead-up! Gary in F Std A Grade received a 3rd place, 1st and 2nd for 300m 58.4, 600m 58.2 and 700m 57.3 respectively, he also got 3rd for the 2nd days AG and 3rd overall with 450.21 for the Lead-up! Mark got 9th badge for the Ag with 390.31, Phill finished 17th on 385.35 and Alan finished with 420.13 for 9th position.

Sargard score boardMark started off strongly on the first day of the Queen’s with a pair of 50.8’s to get 3rd and 1st places respectively. Rob shot very well in the 15 shot match at 600m to record the 3rd best score of 73.3, and finished 3rd in the days Ag! Well done Rob. 

Roseville fielded one team in TR for the Sargard Teams Match which is shot after the first day of the Queen’s with 15 shots @ 600m, the shooters were Mark, Phill, Rob and Tim, with Mike and Mark coaching.They didn’t disgrace themselves, and with only one team to go they were sitting in 2nd position! But the late finishing Pacific team  from Qld stole the show only dropping 3 points to steal victory. Our team scores were, Mark 74.6, Phill 73.7, Rob 73.6 and Tim 75.3 for a total of 295.22  and in 3rd position. Well done to Rob with his fine score and competing in his first Sargard, and also to Tim with his excellent possible. We tried to field an F Class team but unfortunately couldn’t find a 4th member to help us, hopefully next year a team can compete.

Day 2 saw some light drizzle in the morning and the organizers stopped the shoot for about 20 minutes until that cleared. The top Roseville results were Mark 1st at the second 300m with a 50.9 and Rob 2nd at the first 300m with 50.5! Well done guys. The day 2 Ag was highlighted by Mark finishing clean on 200.26 for 2nd place, Tim finished 25th with 198.18, and Rob also 2nd place with 193.15!

 Gary  Rob  Mark


Day 3, the last, competitors were greeted with sunny and more still conditions that they hadn’t had during the previous days of competition. Soon after the shoot started the wind changed around and started coming from the left, the ocean side, this normally means the wind is more steady and reliable but you still have to be vigilant and watch for quick drop offs and increases.Phill

Mark and Phill took control of these conditions and both posted near perfect scores of 50.9! This won the range for Mark and Phill got counted out for 3rd position, it’s hard at the top! Rob shot well also, and posted a 50.5 to receive a Silver medal for his achievement. Gary got a Bronze with his score of 59.5! In the last shoot of the Queen’s, a 15 shot match at 800m, Phill shot another possible 75.10, which only gaAlanave him 7th place. Proving that perseverance pays off, Michael shot a magnificent score of 88.9 in his first Queen’s and got 4th place for that and he had the highest X count in F Class A Grade! Well done Michael. The Day 3 Ag saw Gary get another Bronze medal with 147.11, and Phill narrowly missing out on a medal for 4th place with 125.19!

Now to the Queen’s and Grand Aggregate scores. Mark finished the Queen’s on 497.68 in 6th place and was unlucky not to get 3rd, he finished the Grand in 5th position on 887.96! Phill was also unlucky, he missed out on a Queen’s badge by one place with 492.61 in 31st position and he got 15th badge for the Grand with 877.96. Fernando came 34th, Tim 54th, Rob 3rd for the Queen’s and 5th for the Grand! Well done Rob, great shooting. Mike 17th, Gary 6th for the Queen’s and 5th for the Grand, well done Gary! Michael 19th and Alan 20th for the Queen’s and 9th for the Grand. There was a very special guest presenting all the prizes in the auditorium, none other than Roseville member and newly elected Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Well done to all the Roseville competitors, I’m sure they learned a lot and enjoyed the comradeship. All the results can be found at


Tim’s Speaking Notes for the 100th Anniversary Luncheon.

Notes for 100 Year Anniversary Presentation.

Welcome to 100th Anniversary of Roseville Rifle Club. Welcome to special guests:

Councillor Robert Browne of Hornsby City Council
Mister Gary Bryant of the Firearms Safety Council
Senator David Leyonhjelm
Former Captains Bill Roger and Phil Rocks

100th anniversary celebrations are rare events. However, since June 2013, and counting tonight’s occasion, I have attended 3 such events. They have all been celebrating the Centenaries of rifle clubs: Lyndhurst Rifle Club, Canberra Rifle Club and Roseville Rifle Club. Canberra Rifle Club is the city’s oldest surviving sporting body.

I have some Questions:

  • Why were these rifle clubs formed?
  • Why have they lasted so long?
  • Are they still relevant today?

A Brief History.

Most rifle clubs were formed either immediately before or during World War I. Rifle clubs operated as an adjunct to the reserve military forces and were generally under military control. They were intended to provide basic military training and develop marksmanship. Roseville Rifle club was formed in or about October 1914. At the end of December 1914, the club had 83 members and by the end of January 1915 it had grown to 200. Members undertook drills twice a week at Lindfield public school and at other locations in the area. One of Roseville’s founding members Ernest Tebbutt, lived in Shirley Road, Roseville, and was instrumental in setting up a 300 yard range at the bottom of Shirley Road. Access was by way of a track known as the Rifle Way running between what is now the Pacific Highway and Shirley Road. It is still there today. In about January 1915, John Jenkins, a well-known Roseville resident, offered his land at Fullers Road, Chatswood for use as a 600 yard rifle range. UTS Kuring-gai campus now sits above the area where the stop butt would have been. On Thursday, 29 April 1915, just days after the Gallipoli landings, the Sydney Morning Herald noted that the Roseville club had about 350 members divided into Roseville and Chatswood companies. On 14 October 1918, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that on 9 October 1918 Roseville Rifle Club’s Roll of Honour was unveiled at the club room and that the roll contained the names of 43 members of whom 11 did not survive the wall. That Honour Roll is over there.

Given the horrific nature of World War I, it is understandable that interest in shooting dropped at the end of the war. Minutes from the AGM of 1924 suggest that membership dropped to less than 20. Nevertheless, efforts were made to build up the club and at its meeting on 13 January 1925 the committee agreed to build club hut on Chatswood Rifle Range. In 1928 it was agreed to hold quarterly social meeting to distribute prizes, discuss general business and “propositions for the welfare of the club and spending a social evening together in harmony”. Faulty ammunition was a problem in 1930 as the club was still being issued with 1916 ammunition and competitors were allowed another shot for every shot that failed to go off! They were called “double bungers”. During World War II the shortage of .303 ammunition led to the club to form a miniature or small bore club which shot at 25, 50 and 100 yards.

By 1946, the use of 303’s had stopped and the club had gone into recess. Nevertheless, a meeting agreed to reform the club and visit Victoria Barracks with a view to obtaining rifles and ammunition.

It seems that 4 members of the club were killed during the war. At least 3 of these were members of RAF Bomber Command and the prevalence of our RAAF membership may be explained by the proximity of the RAAF base at Bradfield Park, west of Lindfield. Bradfield Park was once a suburb which has since been absorbed into West Lindfield. After the war. It served as a refugee hostel, and immigrant hostel. As a boy who grew up in Lindfield, I remember we never liked to play soccer against the tough English boys from Bradfield Park! I remember that some wore rings in their ears! That was pretty far out in 1957! In 1957, the supervisor arrived ranges directed that all club huts on Chatswood range were to be removed by the end of March that year as the Chatswood range was to be closed. After considering the cost of removing Roseville’s hut to Hornsby Rifle Range, it was decided to advertise it for sale, but as it was not sold by the end of March it had to be abandoned. During the 1960’s membership was limited as ammunition was hard to come by and in addition a number of members resigned to move to clubs located at Anzac Rifle Range, Liverpool.

Major changes to the rifle movement took place in 1966 when it was announced that the Anzac Rifle Range at Liverpool would close in 1967, and due to shortage of.303 ammunition, there would be a change in calibre to 7. 62 millimetres. These were years of uncertainty for the rifle movement as the availability of.303 ammunition had become critical and confusion existed regarding what type of rifle would be approved for use with the new ammunition. In addition, Anzac Rifle Range at Liverpool, one of the finest ranges in the world, was to close. Fortunately, a strong committee of Gordon Marquette, Roger Le Moy and Alf and Dennis Rae had taken shape within Roseville Rifle Club. Money was raised for a new clubhouse. Gordon was also president of the North Shore District Rifle Association and a modern toilet block was built on the range. By 1969, the use of rifles that could be used with 7.62mm ammunition was becoming clearer and the approval of the Omark 7.62 target rifle, which sold for about $70, was to breathe new life into the rifle shooting movement. It was at the end of 1969 that I purchased an Omark rifle for $69 and a Central site for $28. I commenced shooting in January 1970 with Mosman-Neutral Bay Rifle Club.

On 15 August 1970, the new club hut was opened by Lieutenant-Colonel Ernie Green. Throughout the seventies and eighties, it seems that the club membership was around 40 to 50 members with regular attendance by 15 to 20 members. Significantly, Mark Buchanan joined Roseville in 1987. Mark already had 2 Queen’s prizes under his belt at that stage and was to go on to become one of most of Australia’s most successful target rifle shooters. Mark’s influence and example was to lead to a change of culture in Roseville Rifle Club. In those days, shooters on Hornsby range were content with club shooting and rarely travelled to prize meetings or Queen’s prizes. Roseville members were the same then.

Mark’s Dad, Jack Buchanan, had transferred to Roseville some years earlier, and Mark and Jack travelled all the Queens and prize meetings. In time, they were joined by Barry O’Donnell, Mike and Phill Hodder, Ian Palmer, Dennis and Keirin McCamley and myself. This trend has grown and our new shooters, such as, Dmitri, the Martins, Fernando, Gary Faulkner and Rob Trodden regularly attend prize meetings. Even Michael Cuda has attended a prize meeting at Mudgee! The club has made meetings such as Mudgee, Wingham and Lithgow, regular features of their annual calendar. Only last week, at least 6 shooters attended the Wingham shoot, Mark coming fifth and Gary fading at the last range, to just lose the championship.

Roseville is now the strongest club on Hornsby range. Only yesterday, Mark won the target rifle Champion of Champions shoot and Graham Coote won F Standard. Last season, our Number 1 TR team won the Arn Hammond, by a huge margin, with the Number 2 team just missing out on second place. Our F Standard Team also won their event. Last month, Mark won the Lead Up and Grand Championship at Townsville, whilst in April, our former member, Kieren McCamley, won the lead up and Grand Championship at Bendigo. A remarkable achievement.

In 2011, Roseville was the first club to start using the Hexta electronic target on Hornsby range. The Hexta target was developed by Roseville member Dmitri Kazakov and it has since been installed on Hornsby range, West Broken Hill range, Gosford range, Narromine – Dubbo range, Mount Barker range, Orange range, and Wingham range. Currently, the Hexta system is being trialled by the QRA in Queensland and is generally acknowledged to be the finest electronic target system in the world.

Why have they lasted so long?

The role of rifle clubs has evolved from being a part of the Defence Forces to become simply the facilitator of competitive and recreational target rifle shooting over a number of disciplines. Survival of Roseville Rifle Club and every other rifle club has only taken place due to the abiding interest of community members to partake in shooting competitions and the willingness of club members to voluntarily participate in the management and administration of both the individual clubs and State and National Rifle Associations. It takes many people making many contributions over many years to keep a club like Roseville running. Looking back at just the last 50 or so years, Alf and Dennis Rae, Gordon Marquette, Roger Le Moy, Ed Strom, Ian Palmer, Barry O’Donnell, Jan Wikstrom have all made major contributions. Two years ago, we celebrated at Andrew and Anne Martin’s house, over 50 years of service by Roger Le Moy. Although he no longer holds any office officially, Roger still works tirelessly for the club.

In my view people two people have been mainly responsible for the survival and success of Roseville rifle club over the last 60 years. Roger Le Moy and Gordon Marquette. Without their untiring efforts over that period, the club would not be where it is today. Would you please join me in a round of applause for Gordon Marquette and Roger Le Moy

Are they still relevant today?

The participation in competitive sporting pursuits and membership of a social group is, in my view, healthy for both the individuals involved and the community in general. Rifle shooting is unique in that it is a sport in which old and young, male and female, can compete on equal terms. The sport of rifle shooting is also unique in that as it is possible to compete from a very young age to a more mature age, lifelong friendships are made and enjoyed. We look forward to seeing more young people as members of the club. I would like to propose a toast to Roseville Rifle Club and all its members, past, present and future.

Roseville 100th anniversary luncheon, 2014

Roseville 100th anniversary luncheon, 2014

Tim Walter.

Club Captain 15 June 2014

2014 Arn Hammond

You are probably getting bored  hearing this (we’re not getting bored telling you), but both the Roseville TR #1 and F Class Teams were victorious again in the 2013-2014 Arn Hammond teams event.

Team #1 had a large buffer going into the last range, 800m, and in the end secured victory over Hornsby #1 by a whopping 51 points!! Conditions seemed mild before the shoot but all coaches found the wind very tricky and hard to keep in check. Roseville TR #2 shot well during the year but unfortunately had some hiccups along the way, they were unlucky not to get 2nd place in the Handicap competition by one point!

Members for the Team #1 consisted of Mark, Phill, James, Mr. T, Dmitri and Hutcho. Team #2 were Tim, Jon, Alex, Fernando, Paul and Andrew.

Roseville F Class were coming in first place before the final stage from HRSL Blue. They showed tremendous strength and ability to not only take the day by 15 points but also win the year by a massive 35 points from HRSL Blue!! Congratulations to all the team for another great win. The F Class team consisted of Allan, Mike, Don, Graham, Gary and Matt.

Final results for 2013-2014 years

Mark wins leadup and Grand Aggregate at NQRA at Townsville

Mark and Tim traveled up to Townsville to attend the NQRA Championships from 14 to 18 May 2014.

This was the first time the NQRA Championships had been held at Townsville since 1969, as it was held at Mackay until 2013.

Townsville 016cBruce Scott, Bob Kennedy and their team had worked long and hard to establish the new rifle range at Townsville and have it in tip top order for the shoot, 14 targets going back to 900m.

In the lead up Wilson Aggregate Mark won the second range at 600m with 50.8 and took out the First Stage Aggregate with 150.21.

The next day, Mark again won the second range at 800m with 50.7, the third range at 900m with 50.4 and the Second Stage Aggregate with 150.17. This of course gave Mark the Wilson Aggregate with a perfect score of 300.38, three points ahead of Trevor Deed in second place.

Tim somehow found the easy conditions difficult and had difficulty getting on target at the final 900m staring with a 1 to ruin an otherwise reasonable score at that range and to finish last in A Grade!

Mark started the Queens with a 49.7 at 500m with Tim scoring a nightmare 43.1. Mark was back in the 50.4 at the next range at 600m, and Tim with 47.2. The final range at 600m saw Mark shoot a 50.1, perhaps showing that conditions were often not perfect, with Tim scoring 45.4, taking some heart in shooting 4 V’s in a row, but otherwise thinking of retirement!

The arrival of Lindsay Mawbey, Jim Bailey and Tim Berry for the Queens, had an immediate impact, with those shooters taking the first  three place in the First Stage  Aggregate with 150.19, 150.18 and 150.16 respectively, followed by the redoubtable Bruce Scott in 4th place with 150.14 and Mark in 5th place with 149.12. Tim posted a record low start to a Queens with 135.7!

Stage 2 saw Mark and Tim miscalculating the time from breakfast to the range arriving 3 minutes before the start at 700m (despite hitting 190k in an attempt to catch up!) and with Tim second down. Fortunately, Tim scored a 50.4, but Mark dropped a shot to score a 49.6.

At the next range, 800m, Tim dropped a shot which he challenged unsuccessfully to score 49.3 while Mark dropped a couple to finish with 48.4.  At 900m, Tim shot in a beautiful patch to shoot a 50.5, just missing the V with his last shot. This was unfortunate, as both Mawbey and Bailey also shot 50.5, both counting Tim out for him to finish in third place for the range.  But Tim was happy with that and with 6th place in the Second Stage Aggregate with 149.12.  Mark finished 900 with a 46.5 with two strange “birds” included, to finish the second stage with 143.15.

Stage 3 saw Mark return to the possible with a 50.6 at 800m followed by a 48.3 at 900m to finish the day with 98.9. Tim could not find his Day 2 form in the misty and wet conditions and fired a 47.4 and a 46.0 respectively.

Jim Bailey shot 100.9 to win the Queens with 399.45. Mark finished 9th on 390.36 and Tim 28th with 377.23.

Mark thought he had blown his chances of winning the Grand Aggregate, but at the end of the day he finished with 690.74, with Trevor Deed second with 690.59.

Congratulations Jim Bailey on a fine win for your 7th Queens Prize!

Congratulations Mark in winning the Wilson lead Up and the Grand Aggregate!

Tim Walter, Captain